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On residual stresses and homeostasis: An elastic theory of functional adaptation in living matter 1-gen-2016 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Mathematical Modeling of Morphogenesis in Living Materials 1-gen-2016 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
On the morphological stability of multicellular tumour spheroids growing in porous media 1-gen-2016 GIVERSO, CHIARACIARLETTA, PASQUALE
Tumour angiogenesis as a chemo-mechanical surface instability 1-gen-2016 GIVERSO, CHIARACIARLETTA, PASQUALE
Emerging morphologies in round bacterial colonies: comparing volumetric versus chemotactic expansion 1-gen-2016 GIVERSO, CHIARAVERANI, MARCOCIARLETTA, PASQUALE
Morphology of residually stressed tubular tissues: Beyond the elastic multiplicative decomposition 1-gen-2016 CIARLETTA, PASQUALETAFFETANI, MATTEO +
Special issue on 'active behavior in soft matter and mechanobiology'€™ 1-gen-2017 Ciarletta, Pasquale +
Rayleigh-Taylor instability in soft elastic layers 1-gen-2017 RICCOBELLI, DAVIDECIARLETTA, PASQUALE
A New Restriction for Initially Stressed Elastic Solids 1-gen-2017 Pasquale Ciarletta +
Patterning through instabilities in complex media: Theory & applications 1-gen-2017 CIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Mechanobiology and morphogenesis in living matter: a survey 1-gen-2017 AMBROSI, DAVIDE CARLOCIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
Solid Tumors Are Poroelastic Solids with a Chemo-mechanical Feedback on Growth 1-gen-2017 AMBROSI, DAVIDE CARLOPEZZUTO, SIMONERICCOBELLI, DAVIDECIARLETTA, PASQUALE +
A multiscale modeling approach to transport of nano-constructs in biological tissues 1-gen-2017 Davide AmbrosiPasquale CiarlettaDANESI, ELENACarlo de FalcoMatteo TaffetaniPaolo Zunino
A Cahn-Hilliard-type equation with application to tumor growth dynamics 1-gen-2017 Agosti, AbramoAntonietti, Paola FrancescaCiarletta, PasqualeGrasselli, MaurizioVerani, Marco
A computational framework for the personalized clinical treatment of glioblastoma multiforme 1-gen-2018 Agosti, ACiarletta, P +
Shape transitions in a soft incompressible sphere with residual stresses 1-gen-2018 Riccobelli, DCiarletta, P
Morpho-elastic model of the tortuous tumour vessels 1-gen-2018 Riccobelli, D.Ciarletta, P.
Matched asymptotic solution for crease nucleation in soft solids 1-gen-2018 Ciarletta, P.
The constitutive relations of initially stressed incompressible Mooney-Rivlin materials 1-gen-2018 Agosti, ACiarletta, P +
A personalized mathematical tool for neuro-oncology: A clinical case study 1-gen-2018 Agosti, AbramoStamm, AymericCiarletta, Pasquale +
On the existence of elastic minimizers for initially stressed materials 1-gen-2019 Riccobelli, D.Agosti, A.Ciarletta, P.
Soft Nucleation of an Elastic Crease 1-gen-2019 Ciarletta P. +
Mechano-biological model of glioblastoma cells in response to osmotic stress 1-gen-2019 Pozzi G.Ciarletta P. +
Mathematics of Mechanobiology 1-gen-2020 Pasquale Ciarletta
Learning patient-specific parameters for a diffuse interface glioblastoma model from neuroimaging data 1-gen-2020 Agosti A.Ciarletta P. +
Elastic fingering of a bonded soft disc in traction: Interplay of geometric and physical nonlinearities 1-gen-2020 Ciarletta P. +
Modelling cancer cell budding in-vitro as a self-organised, non-equilibrium growth process 1-gen-2020 Agosti A.Ciarletta P. +
Faraday waves in soft elastic solids: Faraday waves in soft elastic solids 1-gen-2020 Bevilacqua G.Ciarletta P. +
On the controllability of a creasing singularity in a nonlinear elastic circular sector 1-gen-2020 Ciarletta P.
Experimental observation of Faraday waves in soft gels 1-gen-2020 Bevilacqua, G.Ciarletta, P. +
Mechano-biological features in a patient-specific computational model of glioblastoma 1-gen-2021 Agosti A.Ciarletta P. +
Physical principles of morphogenesis in mushrooms 1-gen-2021 Ciarletta, P. +
In silico mathematical modelling for glioblastoma: A critical review and a patient-specific case 1-gen-2021 Agosti A.Ciarletta P. +
Morphomechanical model of the Torsional c-looping in the embryonic heart 1-gen-2021 Bevilacqua G.Ciarletta P.Quarteroni A.
Partial differential model of lactate neuro-energetics: analytic results and numerical simulations 1-gen-2021 Miranville A.Rocca E.Ciarletta P. +
T cell therapy against cancer: A predictive diffuse-interface mathematical model informed by pre-clinical studies 1-gen-2022 Pozzi G.Zunino P.Ciarletta P. +
Coupling solid and fluid stresses with brain tumour growth and white matter tract deformations in a neuroimaging-informed model 1-gen-2022 P. Ciarletta +
A toy model of misfolded protein aggregation and neural damage propagation in neurodegenerative diseases 1-gen-2022 Sampaoli S.Agosti A.Pozzi G.Ciarletta P.
The Föppl–von Kármán equations of elastic plates with initial stress 1-gen-2022 Ciarletta, P.Pozzi, G.Riccobelli, D.
A coupled 3D-1D multiscale Keller-Segel model of chemotaxis and its application to cancer invasion 1-gen-2022 Bubba, FedericaCiarletta, PasqualeZunino, Paolo +
A toy model of misfolded protein aggregation and neural damage propagation in neurodegenerative diseases 1-gen-2022 G. PozziP. Ciarletta +
Tunable morphing of electroactive dielectric-elastomer balloons 1-gen-2023 Su, YipinRiccobelli, DavideCiarletta, Pasquale +
Mathematics meets the fashion industry on path to product innovation and sustainability 1-gen-2023 Magri, M.Ciarletta, P.
Morphogenesis in space offers challenges and opportunities for soft matter and biophysics 1-gen-2023 Ciarletta, Pasquale +
Flattened and Wrinkled Encapsulated Droplets: Shape Morphing Induced by Gravity and Evaporation 1-gen-2023 Davide RiccobelliPierangelo MetrangoloPasquale CiarlettaDominic Vella +
Geometric control by active mechanics of epithelial gap closure 1-gen-2024 Pozzi, G.Ciarletta, P.
Mostrati risultati da 51 a 96 di 96
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