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Project Management standards of Governmental Development Agencies 1-gen-2010 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Entrepreneurial Effectiveness of European Universities: An empirical assessment of antecedents and trade-offs 1-gen-2011 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Developing technology in the vicinity of science: Do firms benefit? An overview and empirical assessment on the level of Italian provinces 1-gen-2011 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Innovating innovation policy: The role of innovation prizes and other emerging tools 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, GABRIELELANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO
Strategies of Value Creation and Appropriation Supporting Growth: the Case of the Creative Knowledge-Intensive Business Services 1-gen-2011 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO
Open Innovation or Open Business Models? An assessment of the impact on the technological performance of EU regions 1-gen-2011 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Evaluating the efficiency of research in academic departments: an empirical analysis in an Italian Region 1-gen-2011 AGASISTI, TOMMASOLANDONI, PAOLOSALERNO, MARIO +
R&D networks: an evaluation framework 1-gen-2011 SALA, ALESSANDROLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO
Innovations through firm-nonprofit engagements: a shared value perspective 1-gen-2011 BAZZANO, ALICECONTRI, ANNA MARIAMACCARRONE, PAOLOLANDONI, PAOLO
Management of International Development projects: towards a standard approach or differentiation? 1-gen-2011 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Innovations through Firm-NGO Engagements in Developing Countries 1-gen-2011 CONTRI, ANNA MARIALANDONI, PAOLOMACCARRONE, PAOLO +
Cooperazione non governativa e efficacia: principi, pratiche e condizioni abilitanti 1-gen-2011 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Il Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Nuova Bovisa e il progetto del Centro servizi per l’innovazione 1-gen-2011 BARTEZZAGHI, EMILIOLANDONI, PAOLO
The Role of publicly-funded collaborative projects in implementing Open Innovation 1-gen-2012 LANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
International Development Projects By Non-Governmental Organizations: Peculiarities And Methodologies 1-gen-2012 LANDONI, PAOLO +
How to attract knowledge workers at international level: evidence from researchers moving out of a host country 1-gen-2012 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Organizing a portfolio of innovation services: evidence from European Science Parks 1-gen-2012 LANDONI, PAOLOBARTEZZAGHI, EMILIO +
Living Labs: a new approach to involve users for innovation 1-gen-2012 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLO
Motivations of scientific international mobility: the role of non-economic factors 1-gen-2012 Baruffaldi S.LANDONI, PAOLO
Evaluating the performance of academic departments: an analysis of research-related output efficiency 1-gen-2012 AGASISTI, TOMMASOCATALANO, GIUSEPPE PASQUALE ROBERTOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO
Return mobility and scientific productivity of researchers working abroad: The role of home country linkages 1-gen-2012 Stefano H. BaruffaldiLANDONI, PAOLO
Adoption of project management practices: the impact on international development projects of Non-Governmental Organizations 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Inclusive business: exploring the social impact of different value chain configurations 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLODELL'ERA, CLAUDIO
Managing International Development Projects 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
International development projects: peculiarities and managerial approaches 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
The adoption of Logical Framework in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
New motives of new scientific international mobility 1-gen-2013 Baruffaldi S.LANDONI, PAOLO
Organizational structures of Knowledge Transfer Offices: an analysis of the different alternatives 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Evaluation of national science park systems: a theoretical framework and its application to the Italian and Spanish systems 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Managing International Development Projects: Evidences From An International Survey 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Design contribution to the competitive performances of SMEs: The role of design innovation capabilities 1-gen-2014 LANDONI, PAOLODELL'ERA, CLAUDIOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Clusters Governance: A Model Based On The Characteristics Of The Clusters 1-gen-2014 LANDONI, PAOLOSALA, ALESSANDROCOLETTI, MICHELE
International mobility: foreign researchers productivity and motivations behind the creation of collaboration networks 1-gen-2014 Baruffaldi SLANDONI, PAOLO
Science or graduates: How do firms benefit from the proximity of universities? 1-gen-2014 LANDONI, PAOLO +
International Development Projects by Non-Governmental Organizations: an evaluation of the need for specific project management and appraisal tools 1-gen-2014 Landoni P. +
Living Lab: A Methodology between User-Centred Design and Participatory Design 1-gen-2014 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLO
Contratti di rete: le prestazioni delle imprese lombarde 1-gen-2015 BARTEZZAGHI, EMILIOCARAGLIU, ANDREA ANTONIOLANDONI, PAOLO
Moving beyond the myth of crowdsourcing – The contribution of circles in the development of radically-new meanings 1-gen-2015 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
From creative individuals to creative capital: Value creation and appropriation strategies of creative knowledge-intensive business services 1-gen-2015 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO
Scientific yield from collaboration with industry: The relevance of researchers' strategic approaches 1-gen-2015 LANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Performance Measurement of Collaborative Research and Development: an Exploratory Analysis 1-gen-2015 FRANZO', SIMONECHIARONI, DAVIDECHIESA, VITTORIOFRATTINI, FEDERICOLANDONI, PAOLO +
Moving beyond the myth of crowdsourcing - The contribution of circles in the development of radically-new meanings 1-gen-2015 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Developing Innovative Visions through Collaboration with Radical Circles: Slow Food as a Platform for Envisioning New Meanings 1-gen-2015 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Determinants of loan repayment performance among borrowers of microfinance institutions: Evidence from India 1-gen-2016 CARAGLIU, ANDREA ANTONIODI MAIO, GIORGIOLANDONI, PAOLO +
Mobility Intentions of Foreign Researchers: The Role of Non-economic Motivations 1-gen-2016 Baruffaldi, StefanoLandoni, Paolo
Understanding Virtual Knowledge Brokers and their differences with Traditional Ones 1-gen-2016 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOFRATTINI, FEDERICOLANDONI, PAOLO +
Design Contribution to the Competitive Performance of SMEs: The Role of Design Innovation Capabilities 1-gen-2016 LANDONI, PAOLODELL'ERA, CLAUDIOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Developing radically new meanings through the collaboration with radical circles: Slow Food as a platform for envisioning innovative meanings 1-gen-2017 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOLANDONI, PAOLOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Determinants of PhD holders' use of social networking sites: An analysis based on LinkedIn 1-gen-2017 Stefano BaruffaldiGiorgio Di MaioPaolo Landoni
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