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A two-stage algorithm for structure identification of polynomial NARX models 1-gen-2006 SPINELLI, WILLIAMPIRODDI, LUIGILOVERA, MARCO
Non redundant siphon control in ordinary Petri nets 1-gen-2007 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Siphon Classification for Deadlock Prevention in Petri Nets 1-gen-2007 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
An Incremental Petri Net-Based Approach to the Modeling of Production Sequences in Manufacturing Systems 1-gen-2007 CASTELNUOVO, ADAMOFERRARINI, LUCAPIRODDI, LUIGI
Step response classification for model-based autotuning via polygonal curve approximation 1-gen-2007 PIRODDI, LUIGILEVA, ALBERTO
A cluster selection approach to polynomial NARX identification 1-gen-2007 PULECCHI, TIZIANOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Finite-precision implementation issues in narrowband active control 1-gen-2007 MAGGIO, MARTINALEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
On the parameterisation of simple process models for the autotuning of industrial regulators 1-gen-2007 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Feedback and feedforward active vibration control schemes for a turbomolecular vacuum pump 1-gen-2007 PIRODDI, LUIGILEVA, ALBERTO +
Real-time identification of tire-road friction conditions 1-gen-2008 TANELLI, MARAPIRODDI, LUIGISAVARESI, SERGIO MATTEO +
Modeling and control of fluid transportation operations in production plants with Petri nets 1-gen-2008 FERRARINI, LUCAPIRODDI, LUIGI
Simulation error minimization methods for NARX model identification 1-gen-2008 PIRODDI, LUIGI
FPGA-based implementation of an active vibration controller 1-gen-2008 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Jordan Recurrent Neural Network versus IHACRES in modelling daily streamflows 1-gen-2008 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
NARX model identification using a forward-regression orthogonal estimator with error filtering 1-gen-2008 PIRODDI, LUIGILOVERA, MARCO
Adaptive temperature control in a freezer with on-off actuation 1-gen-2008 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI +
Closed-versus open-loop active vibration control in the presence of finite precision arithmetic 1-gen-2008 MAGGIO, MARTINALEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Selective Siphon Control for Deadlock Prevention in Petri Nets 1-gen-2008 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Some convergence properties of multi-step prediction error identification criteria 1-gen-2008 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI
A resource decoupling approach for deadlock prevention in FMS 1-gen-2009 PIRODDI, LUIGIFERRARINI, LUCA +
Efficient deadlock prevention in Petri nets through the generation of selected siphons 1-gen-2009 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Real-time identification of tire-road friction conditions 1-gen-2009 TANELLI, MARAPIRODDI, LUIGISAVARESI, SERGIO MATTEO
Simulation Error Minimization-Based Identification of Polynomial Input­-Output Recursive Models 1-gen-2009 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Combined Siphon and Marking Generation for Deadlock Prevention in Petri Nets 1-gen-2009 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Polynomial NARX Model Identification: a Wiener–Hammerstein Benchmark 1-gen-2009 PIRODDI, LUIGIFARINA, MARCELLOLOVERA, MARCO
A multirate autotuning PI with improved static performance 1-gen-2009 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Nonlinear active noise control using NARX model structure selection 1-gen-2009 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
A two-step approach to aircraft conflict resolution combining optimal deterministic design with Monte Carlo stochastic optimization 1-gen-2009 PRANDINI, MARIAPIRODDI, LUIGI +
Forecasting peak air pollution levels using NARX models 1-gen-2009 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI +
Active Noise Control of Impulsive Noise Using Online Estimation of an Alpha-Stable Model 1-gen-2010 BERGAMASCO, MARCOPIRODDI, LUIGI
A pseudo-multirate implementation of digital systems for improved performance 1-gen-2010 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
NARX model selection based on simulation error minimization and LASSO 1-gen-2010 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
LASSO-enhanced simulation error minimization method for NARX model selection 1-gen-2010 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
An iterative algorithm for simulation error based identification of polynomial input-output models using multi-step prediction 1-gen-2010 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI
A reachability graph partitioning technique for the analysis of deadlock prevention methods in bounded Petri nets 1-gen-2010 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Adaptive model selection for polynomial NARX models 1-gen-2010 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Convergence properties of an iterative prediction approach to nonlinear SEM parameter estimation 1-gen-2010 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Adaptive relay-based control of household refrigerators/freezers with on-off actuators 1-gen-2010 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI +
Approximate SEM identification of polynomial input-output models 1-gen-2010 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI
A geometric approach to air traffic complexity evaluation for strategic trajectory management 1-gen-2010 PIRODDI, LUIGIPRANDINI, MARIA
Nonlinear active noise control with NARX models 1-gen-2010 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Monitor Optimization in Petri Net Control 1-gen-2011 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
Active control of impulsive noise with on-line outlier detection 1-gen-2011 BERGAMASCO, MARCODELLA ROSSA, FABIOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Environmental Over-Threshold Event Forecasting using NARX Models 1-gen-2011 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI +
A nonlinear active noise control scheme with on-line model structure selection 1-gen-2011 DELVECCHIO, DIEGOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Simulation error minimization identification based on multi-stage prediction 1-gen-2011 FARINA, MARCELLOPIRODDI, LUIGI
Toward air traffic complexity assessment in new generation air traffic management systems 1-gen-2011 PRANDINI, MARIAPIRODDI, LUIGI +
FPGA-based implementation of high-speed active noise and vibration controllers 1-gen-2011 LEVA, ALBERTOPIRODDI, LUIGI
A self-recovery approach to the probabilistic invariance problem for stochastic hybrid systems 1-gen-2012 PRANDINI, MARIAPIRODDI, LUIGI
Maximally permissive deadlock avoidance for sequential resource allocation systems using disjunctions of linear classifiers 1-gen-2012 PIRODDI, LUIGI +
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