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Algorithm for power allocation in localization processes 1-gen-2013 BYBORDI, SALARREGGIANI, LUCA
A Review on suboptimal power allocation schemes for WSN localization 1-gen-2014 BYBORDI, SALARREGGIANI, LUCA
Hybrid Fingerprinting-EKF Based Tracking Schemes for Indoor Passive Localization 1-gen-2014 BYBORDI, SALARREGGIANI, LUCA
Impact of real ranging on algorithms for power allocation in localization processes 1-gen-2014 BYBORDI, SALARREGGIANI, LUCA
Design of Interference-Resilient Medium Access for High Throughput WLANs 1-gen-2015 REGGIANI, LUCAGOLA, ANDREA +
Phase Noise Suppression in MIMO LoS Systems for High Capacity Backhauling 1-gen-2015 REGGIANI, LUCADOSSI, LAURA FRANCA MARIA +
Design of RSSI based fingerprinting with reduced quantization measures 1-gen-2016 MIZMIZI, MAROUANREGGIANI, LUCA
Resource allocation with interference information sharing in multi-carrier networks 1-gen-2016 BARZEGAR, HAMID REZAREGGIANI, LUCA +
Sistema di Radiofaro 1-gen-2017 L. ReggianiD. Piazza +
Performance Evaluation of LoS MIMO Microwave Radio Systems Over Frequency Selective Multipath Fading Channels 1-gen-2017 REGGIANI, LUCA +
LDPC encoding for partial-duplex wireless communication 1-gen-2017 H. R. BarzegarL. Reggiani
Binary fingerprinting-based indoor positioning systems 1-gen-2017 M. MizmiziL. Reggiani
Study on communication reliability in VANETs 1-gen-2017 BAHRANI BALOCH, NATASHAL. Reggiani
Hybrid power control for multi-carrier systems 1-gen-2017 ELGARHY, OSAMA MOHAMED MOSTAFAL. Reggiani +
Computation of information rates by means of discrete states density recursion 1-gen-2017 REGGIANI, LUCA +
Extending the range of full-duplex radio with multi-carrier partial overlapping 1-gen-2017 H. R. BarzegarL. ReggianiL. Dossi
RADIO BEACON SYSTEM 1-gen-2018 L. Reggiani +
Robust and Flexible Tracking of Vehicles Exploiting Soft Map-Matching and Data Fusion 1-gen-2018 M. MizmiziL. Reggiani +
Impact of Power Allocation on Device-to-Device Discovery Processes 1-gen-2018 O. ElgarhyL. Reggiani +
Increasing efficiency of resource allocation for D2D communication in NB-IoT context 1-gen-2018 O. ElGarhyL. Reggiani
Upper and lower bounds to the information rate transferred through the Pol-Mux channel 1-gen-2018 Spalvieri, ArnaldoReggiani, LucaDossi, Laura
Extended Kalman Filter for MIMO Phase Noise Channels with Independent Oscillators 1-gen-2018 Reggiani, LucaDossi, LauraBarletta, LucaSpalvieri, Arnaldo
Application of the Water Filling Algorithm to the Sum Rate Problem with Minimum Rate and Power Constraint 1-gen-2018 O. ElgarhyL. Reggiani
Hybrid retransmission scheme for QoS-defined 5G ultra-reliable low-latency communications 1-gen-2018 L. ReggianiM. Magarini +
Capacity gain and design trade-offs for partial-duplex OFDM wireless communications 1-gen-2018 H. R. BarzegarL. Reggiani +
A Study of Channel Model Parameters for Aerial Base Stations at 2.4 GHz in Different Environments 1-gen-2018 Sharma, NMagarini, MDossi, LReggiani, LNebuloni, R
Device-to-Device Discovery and Localization Assisted by UAVs in Pervasive Public Safety Networks 1-gen-2019 N. SharmaD. ScazzoliL. ReggianiM. Magarini +
Radio Resource Management in NB-IoT Systems: Empowered by Interference Prediction and Flexible Duplexing 1-gen-2019 L. Reggiani +
A Study on Beamforming for Coverage of Emergency Areas from UAVs 1-gen-2019 D. ScazzoliL. ReggianiM. Magarini +
Channel characterization at 2.4 GHz for aerial base station 1-gen-2019 Sharma N.Magarini M.Reggiani L.Alam M. M.
Channel coding for multi-carrier wireless partial duplex 1-gen-2019 H. R. BarzegarL. Reggiani
Binary Fingerprinting-Based Positioning Systems with Uncertainty Regions 1-gen-2019 M. MizmiziL. Reggiani +
Adaptive Mobile Business Process Monitoring Service with Enhanced NFV MANO 1-gen-2019 g. meronim. mizmizip. plebanil. reggiani
Analysis of space labeling through binary fingerprinting 1-gen-2019 MIZMIZI, MAROUANL. Reggiani
A Configurable Radio Jamming Prototype for Physical Layer Attacks against Malicious Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 1-gen-2020 Scazzoli D.Reggiani L.Magarini M.Alam M. M. +
A Primer On Public Safety Communication in the Context of Terror Attacks: The NATO SPS "COUNTER-TERROR" Project 1-gen-2020 M. MagariniL. Reggiani +
Improving mobile business process monitoring with enhanced NFV MANO: A method to elicit connectivity requirements from process models 1-gen-2020 Meroni G.Mizmizi M.Plebani P.Reggiani L.
A Low Latency Decoder Architecture for Short Polar Codes 1-gen-2020 M. KhalelL. Reggiani +
Surveying pervasive public safety communication technologies in the context of terrorist attacks 1-gen-2020 Scazzoli D.Reggiani L.Magarini M. +
Q-learning based joint energy-spectral efficiency optimization in multi-hop device-to-device communication 1-gen-2020 Reggiani L.Magarini M. +
A deep learning approach for LoS/NLoS identification via PRACH in UAV-assisted public safety networks 1-gen-2020 Scazzoli D.Magarini M.Reggiani L. +
Rate-Latency Optimization for NB-IoT With Adaptive Resource Unit Configuration in Uplink Transmission 1-gen-2020 O. ElgarhyL. Reggiani +
Tracking the pol-mux channel by a particle filter 1-gen-2021 A. SpalvieriL. ReggianiL. Dossi
ProSe Direct Discovery: Experimental Characterization and Context-Aware Heuristic Approach to Extend Public Safety Networks Lifetime 1-gen-2021 Reggiani L.Scazzoli D.Magarini M. +
Experimental UAV-Aided RSSI Localization of a Ground RF Emitter in 865 MHz and 2.4 GHz Bands 1-gen-2022 Moro, StefanoTeeda, VineethScazzoli, DavideReggiani, LucaMagarini, Maurizio
Mostrati risultati da 51 a 95 di 95
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