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Motori ad accensione comandata alimentati ad idrogeno 1-gen-2004 FERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
Thermo-fluid dynamic modeling of S.I. engines under steady and transient conditions 1-gen-2004 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
Kinetic Modelling Study of Octane Number and Sensitivity of Hydrocarbon Mixtures in CFR Engines 1-gen-2005 MEHL, MARCOFARAVELLI, TIZIANORANZI, ELISEO MARIAD'ERRICO, GIANLUCALUCCHINI, TOMMASOONORATI, ANGELO +
An Integrated Simulation Model for the Prediction of GDI Engine Cylinder Emissions and Exhaust After-Treatment System Performance 1-gen-2005 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Modello di autoaccensione per prevedere la detonazione in un motore ad accensione comandata 1-gen-2005 FERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
Motore Diesel per autovettura: simulazione dei processi termofluidodinamici 1-gen-2005 FERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Modeling of a S.I. Engine Exhaust System for the Prediction of Warm-Up and Emissions Conversion during a NEDC Cycle 1-gen-2005 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
Prediction of S.I. Engine Performance in Steady and Transient Conditions 1-gen-2005 FERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a High Performance Lamborghini V12 S.I. Engine 1-gen-2005 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO +
Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Investigation of a Turbocharged Common Rail DI Diesel Engine 1-gen-2005 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
Experimental Analysis and 1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a High Performance Lamborghini V10 S.I. Engine 1-gen-2005 CERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO +
A Computational Investigation of the Hydrodynamics and the Soot Deposition Mechanism on the Channel Walls of a Diesel Particulate Filter 1-gen-2005 ONORATI, ANGELOPISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Experimental and kinetic modeling study of octane number and sensitivity of hydrocarbon mixtures in CFR engines 1-gen-2005 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFARAVELLI, TIZIANOGIAVAZZI, FABIOLUCCHINI, TOMMASOMEHL, MARCOONORATI, ANGELORANZI, ELISEO MARIA +
1D fluid dynamic simulation of Lamborghini S.I. engines for the prediction of silencer performances and radiated exhaust noise 1-gen-2006 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO +
Effetti d'onda nei motori a combustione interna 1-gen-2006 ONORATI, ANGELO +
Simulazione delle prestazioni di un motore a c.i. in condizioni stazionarie ed in transitorio 1-gen-2006 FERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
Integrated 1D-multiD fluid dynamic models for the simulation of internal combustion engines 1-gen-2006 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELOPISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Kinetic modeling of knock properties in internal combustion engines 1-gen-2006 MEHL, MARCOFARAVELLI, TIZIANORANZI, ELISEO MARIALUCCHINI, TOMMASOONORATI, ANGELOGIAVAZZI, FABIO +
Prediction of the attenuation characteristics of I.C. engine silencers by 1-D and multi-D simulation models 1-gen-2006 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
A 1D unsteady thermo-fluid dynamic approach for the simulation of Diesel particulate filters 1-gen-2006 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELOPISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Simulazione del comportamento fluidodinamico dei filtri per il particolato Diesel 1-gen-2006 FERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
1D thermo-fluid dynamic modelling of de-NOx SCR systems for diesel engine exhaust gas after-treatment 1-gen-2006 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Thermo-fluid dynamic modelling of a six-cylinder SI engine with a secondary air injection system 1-gen-2006 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Thermo-fluid dynamic simulation of a S.I. single-cylinder H2 engine and comparisons with experimental data 1-gen-2006 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
1D engine simulation of a small HSDI Diesel engine applying a predictive combustion model 1-gen-2006 CERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO +
Impact of Ultra Low Thermal Inertia Manifolds on Emission Performance 1-gen-2007 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
Influence of manifold thermal inertia on emission conversion: modelling and experiments 1-gen-2007 FERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
A 1D Unsteady Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Approach for the Simulation of the Hydrodynamics of Diesel Particulate Filters 1-gen-2007 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAPISCAGLIA, FEDERICOFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO +
1D Modeling of the Hydrodynamics and of the Regeneration mechanism in Continuous Regenerating Traps 1-gen-2007 FERRARI, GIANCARLOPISCAGLIA, FEDERICOONORATI, ANGELO
Development and implementation of Diesel combustion models into an opensource CFD Platform 1-gen-2007 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCALUCCHINI, TOMMASOONORATI, ANGELO
Quasi-D and CFD modeling of combustion in a turbocharged common rail DI Diesel engine 1-gen-2007 CERRI, TARCISIOLUCCHINI, TOMMASOONORATI, ANGELO
Development and experimental validation of a combustion model with detailed chemistry for knock predictions 1-gen-2007 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFARAVELLI, TIZIANOLUCCHINI, TOMMASOMEHL, MARCOONORATI, ANGELORANZI, ELISEO MARIA +
1D/Multi-D intake system modeling for acoustic-fluid dynamic analysis 1-gen-2007 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Impact of ultra low thermal inertia manifolds on emission performance 1-gen-2007 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELOPISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Simulation of a hydrogen internal combustion engine with cryogenic mixture formation 1-gen-2007 ONORATI, ANGELO +
A multizone approach to the detailed kinetic modeling of HCCI Combustion 1-gen-2007 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFARAVELLI, TIZIANOLUCCHINI, TOMMASOMEHL, MARCOONORATI, ANGELORANZI, ELISEO MARIA +
Integrated 1D-multiD Fluid Dynamic Models for the Simulation of I.C.E. Intake and Exhaust Systems 1-gen-2007 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELOPISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Fundamental and Applied Studies of Detailed Chemistry Based Models for Diesel Combustion 1-gen-2008 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCALUCCHINI, TOMMASOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELOETTORRE, DANIELE
Development of Open-Source CFD Tools for the Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Diesel Particulate Filters. 1-gen-2008 FERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTORFANO, ANDREAONORATI, ANGELO
Mixed-Mode HCCI-DI Combustion on Common-Rail Diesel Engines: Experimental Characterization and Detailed Kinetic Modeling 1-gen-2008 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCALUCCHINI, TOMMASOONORATI, ANGELO +
Development of Open-Source CFD Tools for the Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Diesel Particulate Filters 1-gen-2008 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICOMONTORFANO, ANDREAFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO
1D Engine Simulation of a Small HSDI Diesel Engine Applying a Predictive Combustion Model 1-gen-2008 CERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO +
1D thermo-fluid dynamic modelling of an S.I. single-cylinder H2 engine with cryogenic port injection 1-gen-2008 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
Modeling of silencers for internal combustion engines: 1D-3D coupling, network of 1D elements and a generic 3D cell approach 1-gen-2009 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO +
Effetti d’onda nei motori turbodiesel. La velocità di modelli 0-D assieme all’accuratezza dei modelli 1-D 1-gen-2009 ONORATI, ANGELO +
Multidimensional approach to predict the performances of I.C engine silencers 1-gen-2009 ETTORRE, DANIELEFERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Development of an Open Source C++ Toolkit for Full-ScaleDiesel Particulate Filter Simulation 1-gen-2009 PISCAGLIA, FEDERICOFERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTORFANO, ANDREAONORATI, ANGELO +
A Coupled 1D-multiD Nonlinear Simulation of I.C. Engine Silencers with Perforates and Sound-Absorbing Material 1-gen-2009 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Analysis of Mass Conservation Problems Appearing in Numerical Methods when Solving Thermal Contact Discontinuities in 1-D Gas Dynamic Calculations 1-gen-2009 ONORATI, ANGELOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCA +
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