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Micro and sub-micron surface structuring of AZ31 by laser re-melting and dimpling 1-gen-2015 FURLAN, VALENTINADEMIR, ALI GOKHANPREVITALI, BARBARA
Laser surface structuring affects polymer deposition, coating homogeneity, and degradation rate of Mg alloys 1-gen-2015 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANFURLAN, VALENTINAPREVITALI, BARBARA +
Conventional and novel methods in laser microcutting of biodegradable Mg alloys 1-gen-2016 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANAGUNG, PURNAMAPREVITALI, BARBARA
Surface oxidation by laser soft-melting treatment to change degradation behaviour of a magnesium alloy 1-gen-2016 FURLAN, VALENTINADEMIR, ALI GOKHANMANTOVANI, DIEGOPREVITALI, BARBARA +
Laser micro-polished stainless steel surfaces with improved bacteria removal capability 1-gen-2016 DE GIORGI, CHIARAFURLAN, VALENTINADEMIR, ALI GOKHANTALLARITA, ELENACANDIANI, GABRIELEPREVITALI, BARBARA
Remote laser cutting of Mg alloy with a ps-pulsed laser 1-gen-2016 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANAGUNG, PURNAMAPREVITALI, BARBARA
Finishing of laser-machined coronary stents by plasma electrolytic polishing 1-gen-2016 PREVITALI, BARBARADEMIR, ALI GOKHAN +
Laser surface texturing of PVD coatings applied to sheet forming dies for stainless steel 1-gen-2016 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANLECIS, NORA FRANCESCA MARIAPREVITALI, BARBARA +
Evaluation of Self-Mixing Interferometry Performance in the Measurement of Ablation Depth 1-gen-2016 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANCOLOMBO, PAOLONORGIA, MICHELEPREVITALI, BARBARA
Dross-free submerged laser cutting of AZ31 Mg alloy for biodegradable stents 1-gen-2016 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANPREVITALI, BARBARA
Densification mechanism for different types of stainless steel powders in Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2016 CACACE, STEFANIADEMIR, ALI GOKHANSEMERARO, QUIRICO
Novel Zn-based alloys for biodegradable stent applications: Design,development and in vitro degradation 1-gen-2016 MOSTAED, EHSANSIKORA-JASINSKA, MALGORZATA URSZULALOFFREDO, SERGIODEMIR, ALI GOKHANPREVITALI, BARBARAVEDANI, MAURIZIO +
L'additive manufacturing sale in quota 1-gen-2017 Grasso, M.Demir A. G.Colosimo B. M.Previtali B.Sala G.Chiozzini, C.
Additive manufacturing e finitura superficiale: impatto sulle prestazioni del componente finale 1-gen-2017 ANILLI, MARCODemir AGPrevitali B
Coaxial Laser Metal Wire Deposition of stainless steel: process characterization 1-gen-2017 MOTTA, MAURIZIODemir AGPrevitali B +
A study on selective laser melting (SLM) to produce a compact motorcycle heat exchanger 1-gen-2017 RAFFAELLI, DAVIDEDemir AGColombo PPrevitali BGuagliano M
Comparative Costs of Additive Manufacturing vs. Machining: The Case Study of the Entire Annual Production of Forming Dies for Tube Bending 1-gen-2017 B. PrevitaliA. G. DemirBUCCONI, MARCO +
Effect of pulsed and continuous wave emission on the densification behaviour in Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2017 CAPRIO, LEONARDODemir AGPrevitali B
Additive manufacturing of pure Zn by selective laser melting: improving process stability for porosity reduction 1-gen-2017 L. MonguzziA. G. DemirB. Previtali
Multi-material selective laser melting of Fe/Al-12Si components 1-gen-2017 Demir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Sub-micrometric surface texturing of AZ31 Mg-alloy through two-beam direct laser interference patterning with a ns-pulsed green fiber laser 1-gen-2017 Furlan, ValentinaDemir, Ali GökhanPariani, GiorgioPrevitali, BarbaraBianco, Andrea +
From pulsed to continuous wave emission in SLM with contemporary fiber laser sources: effect of temporal and spatial pulse overlap in part quality 1-gen-2017 DEMIR, ALI GOKHANCOLOMBO, PAOLOPREVITALI, BARBARA
Investigation of remelting and preheating in SLM of 18Ni300 maraging steel as corrective and preventive measures for porosity reduction 1-gen-2017 Demir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Online process monitoring of SLM with multiple coaxial sensors 1-gen-2017 Demir AGDe Giorgi CPrevitali B +
Strategies for porosity correction in selective laser melting of 18Ni300 maraging steel 1-gen-2017 Ali Gökhan DemirChiara De GiorgiBarbara Previtali +
Use of Sheet Material for Rapid Prototyping of Cardiovascular Stents 1-gen-2017 CATALANO, GUENDALINADemir, Ali GökhanFurlan, ValentinaPrevitali, Barbara
Selective laser melting of pure Zn with high density for biodegradable implant manufacturing 1-gen-2017 Demir, Ali GökhanMONGUZZI, LORENZOPrevitali, Barbara
Cold Spray Deposition of Freestanding Inconel Samples and Comparative Analysis with Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2017 Bagherifard, SaraROSCIOLI, GIANLUCAZUCCOLI, MARIA VITTORIAHADI, MEHDID'ELIA, GAETANODemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, BarbaraGuagliano, Mario +
Process development and monitoring in stripping of a highly transparent polymeric paint with ns-pulsed fiber laser 1-gen-2017 Demir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara +
Processability of pure Zn and pure Fe by SLM for biodegradable metallic implant manufacturing 1-gen-2017 MONTANI, MARCODEMIR, ALI GOKHANMOSTAED, EHSANVEDANI, MAURIZIOPREVITALI, BARBARA
Additive manufacturing of cardiovascular CoCr stents by selective laser melting 1-gen-2017 Demir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Laser micropolishing of AISI 304 stainless steel surfaces for cleanability and bacteria removal capability 1-gen-2017 DE GIORGI, CHIARAFURLAN, VALENTINADEMIR, ALI GOKHANTALLARITA, ELENACANDIANI, GABRIELEPREVITALI, BARBARA
Self-mixing interferometry as a diagnostics tool for plasma characteristics in laser microdrilling 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, PAOLODEMIR, ALI GOKHANNORGIA, MICHELEPREVITALI, BARBARA
The effect of electrospark nickel interlayer thickness on the characteristics of Niobium to 410 stainless steel dissimilar laser welding 1-gen-2017 Previtali, BarbaraGokhan Demir, AliMapelli, CarloBarella, Silvia +
Optical characterization of laser coloured titanium under different processing atmospheres 1-gen-2017 Demir, Ali GökhanVitali, LuigiFustinoni, DamianoNiro, AlfonsoPrevitali, Barbara +
Laser microcutting of sheet metal for prototyping expandable stent-like structures in permanent and biodegradable alloys 1-gen-2017 Catalano, GuendalinaDemir, Ali GokhanFurlan, ValentinaPrevitali, Barbara
Selective Laser Melting di componenti in rame puro per applicazioni ad alta conducibilità termica ed elettrica 1-gen-2018 Colopi MCaprio LDemir AGPrevitali B
Global sensitivity analyses of a selective laser melting finite element model: influential parameters identification 1-gen-2018 Bruna-Rosso, ClaireDemir, Ali GökhanVedani, MaurizioPrevitali, Barbara
High-speed imaging and process characterization of coaxial laser metal wire deposition 1-gen-2018 Motta, MaurizioDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Innovative metallic solutions for alpine ski bases 1-gen-2018 Ripamonti, FrancescoFurlan, ValentinaDemir, Ali G.Previtali, BarbaraCheli, FedericoOssi, Paolo M. +
Selective laser melting finite element modeling: Validation with high-speed imaging and lack of fusion defects prediction 1-gen-2018 Bruna-Rosso, ClaireDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Laser metal deposition employing scanning optics 1-gen-2018 Demir, A. G.Previtali, B.
Coaxial laser triangulation for height monitoring in laser metal deposition 1-gen-2018 Donadello, SimoneMotta, MaurizioDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Micro laser metal wire deposition for additive manufacturing of thin-walled structures 1-gen-2018 Demir, Ali Gökhan
In situ monitoring of selective laser melting of zinc powder via infrared imaging of the process plume 1-gen-2018 Grasso, M.Demir, A. G.Previtali, B.Colosimo, B. M.
Comparative study between CW and PW emissions in selective laser melting 1-gen-2018 Caprio, LeonardoDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Selective laser melting of pure Cu with a 1 kW single mode fiber laser 1-gen-2018 COLOPI, MATTEOCAPRIO, LEONARDODemir, A. G.Previtali, B.
Probing multipulse laser ablation by means of self-mixing interferometry 1-gen-2018 DONADELLO, SIMONEDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
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