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Experimental investigation of the unsteady aerodynamics of FOWT through PIV and hot-wire wake measurements 1-gen-2018 Bayati, I.Bernini, L.Zanotti, A.Belloli, M.Zasso, A.
Design of a Generic Rotor Noise Source for Helicopter Fuselage Scattering Tests 1-gen-2018 Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G.Vigevano, L. +
Wind-tunnel measurements of the airflow pattern above the collector of different shielded and unshielded precipitation gauges 1-gen-2019 E. BrambillaD. RocchiA ZanottiG. CampanardiD. Grassi +
PIV characterization of a separated flow controlled by a DBD actuator 1-gen-2019 Campanardi, G.Zanotti, A.Belan, M. +
Wind Tunnel Investigation of a Helicopter Model in Shipboard Operations 1-gen-2019 Taymourtash, N.Zagaglia, D.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G.Quaranta, G.
Towards a Wind Tunnel Testing Environment for Rotorcraft Operations Close to Obstacles 1-gen-2019 Taymourtash, N.Zagaglia, D.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G.Quaranta, G.
Dynamic Stall Inducted by Blade Vortex Interaction in Helicopter Descending Flight 1-gen-2019 Gibertini, G.Zanotti, A.COLLI, ANDREA
Mid-Fidelity Analysis of Unsteady Interactional Aerodynamics of Complex VTOL Configurations 1-gen-2019 Montagnani, D.Tugnoli, M.Fonte, F.Zanotti, A. +
Experimental-Numerical Investigation of Rotor-Rotor Aerodynamic Interactions for eVTOL Aircraft Configurations 1-gen-2020 Tugnoli, M.Zanotti, A. +
Wind tunnel testing of a wind turbine in complex terrain 1-gen-2020 Yilmazlar, KutayZanotti, AlexCroce, Alessandro +
Stall control by plasma actuators: Characterization along the airfoil span 1-gen-2020 Belan M.Zanotti A.Campanardi G. +
Simulation of Tiltrotor Maneuvers by a Coupled Multibody-Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Solver 1-gen-2020 Cocco, A.Savino, A.Montagnani, D.Tugnoli, M.Zanoni, A.Zanotti, A.Muscarello, V. +
Numerical Investigation of the Rotor-Rotor Aerodynamic Interaction for eVTOL Aircraft Configurations 1-gen-2020 Zanotti, Alex +
Analysis of the Interactional Aerodynamics of the Vahana eVTOL Using a Medium Fidelity Open Source Tool 1-gen-2020 Montagnani, D.Tugnoli, M.Zanotti, A. +
A Coupled Multibody - Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Tool for the Simulation of Tiltrotor Manoeuvres 1-gen-2021 A. SavinoA. CoccoA. ZanoniA. ZanottiV. Muscarello
Experimental Study of the Aerodynamic Interaction between Side-by-Side Propellers in eVTOL Airplane Mode through Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry 1-gen-2021 Zanotti, Alex
Evaluation of Acoustic Shielding Effects from a Generic GARTEUR Helicopter Configuration 1-gen-2021 Vigevano, L.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G. +
Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamic Interaction of Side-by-Side Propellers 1-gen-2021 A. Zanotti
Helicopter Noise in Urban Flight 1-gen-2021 Gibertini, G.Zanotti, A. +
Experimental study of a helicopter model in shipboard operations 1-gen-2021 Taymourtash, NedaZanotti, AlexMuscarello, VincenzoGibertini, GiuseppeQuaranta, Giuseppe +
Coupled Multibody-Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Solver for Tiltrotor Aeroelastic Simulation 1-gen-2021 Cocco, A.Savino, A.Zanotti, A.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P.Muscarello, V.
Coupling Mid-Fidelity Aerodynamics and Multibody Dynamics for the Aeroelastic Analysis of Rotary-Wing Vehicles 1-gen-2021 Savino, AlbertoCocco, AlessandroZanotti, AlexMasarati, PierangeloMuscarello, Vincenzo +
Mid-fidelity approach to aerodynamic simulations of unconventional VTOL aircraft configurations 1-gen-2021 Zanotti, Alex +
Assessment of a Mid-Fidelity Numerical Approach for the Investigation of Tiltrotor Aerodynamics 1-gen-2021 A. ZanottiA. SavinoM. TugnoliV. Muscarello +
Mid-Fidelity Numerical Approach to Tiltrotor Aerodynamics 1-gen-2021 Zanotti, A.Savino, A.Muscarello, V. +
Numerical Investigation of the Rotor-Rotor Aerodynamic Interaction of EVTOL Configurations by a Mid-Fidelity Approach 1-gen-2021 Zanotti, A. +
Experimental Investigation of Unsteady Inflow for a Helicopter Model in Shipboard Operations 1-gen-2021 Taymourtash, N.Gibertini, G.Quaranta, G.Zanotti, A.
Simulation and Testing of Helicopter-Ship Aerodynamic Interaction 1-gen-2021 Taymourtash, N.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G.Quaranta, G.
Parallel Blade-Vortex Interaction on Pitching Airfoil 1-gen-2021 Colli, A.Gibertini, G.Zanotti, A. +
Numerical Investigation of Wing-Propeller Aerodynamic Interaction Through a Vortex Particle-Based Aerodynamic Solver 1-gen-2022 Savino, A.Cocco, A.Zanotti A. +
A Non-Linear Unsteady Vortex Lattice Method for Aeroelastic Rotor Loads Evaluation 1-gen-2022 Cocco, A.Colli, A.Savino, A.Masarati, P.Zanotti, A.
Stochastic Simulation of Ship Airwake in Helicopter Shipboard Operation 1-gen-2022 Taymourtash, N.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G.Quaranta, G.
Experimenting Rotorcraft Flight in Complex Environmental Conditions Using the Wind Tunnel: Helicopter Ship Landing Case 1-gen-2022 Taymourtash, N.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G.Quaranta, G.
MONNALISA: Modelling Nonlinear Aerodynamics of Lifting Surfaces 1-gen-2022 Auteri F.Gibertini G.Gori G.Guardone A.Rausa A.Zanotti A. +
Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamic Interaction Between Overlapping Propellers in Tandem for eVTOL Airplane-Mode Flight Conditions 1-gen-2022 Zanotti, A.Grassi, D.Riccobene, L. +
Infrared Thermography Measurements over a Tail-Plane Model of a Large Passenger Aircraft 1-gen-2022 Zanotti, A.Rausa, A.Grassi, D.Riccobene, L.Gibertini, G.Guardone, A.Auteri, F.
Rotor / Rotor Aerodynamic Interactions – a GARTEUR Action Group 1-gen-2022 Colli, A.Gibertini, G.Zanotti, A. +
Unsteady load assessment of a scaled-helicopter model in a ship airwake 1-gen-2022 Taymourtash N.Zanotti A.Gibertini G.Quaranta G.
Multi-Fidelity Assessment of the Aerodynamic Performances of Unconventional Aircraft Tail Configurations 1-gen-2022 Rausa, A.Gori, G.Guardone, A.Zanotti, A.Auteri, F.
Rotary Wing Aerodynamics 1-gen-2022 Zanotti, Alex
Design and Optimization of Innovative Tiltrotor Wing Control Surfaces Through Coupled Multibody - Mid-Fidelity Aerodynamics Simulations 1-gen-2022 Savino, A.Cocco, A.Zanoni, A.De Gaspari, A.Zanotti, A. +
Editorial of the Special Issue: Rotary Wing Aerodynamics 1-gen-2022 Zanotti, Alex
Aerodynamic interaction between tandem overlapping propellers in eVTOL airplane mode flight condition 1-gen-2022 Zanotti, Alex +
Experimental evaluation of the aerodynamic performance of a large-scale high-lift morphing wing 1-gen-2022 Auteri, FrancoSavino, AlbertoZanotti, AlexGibertini, Giuseppe +
Bayesian calibration of a low order aerodynamic model for the design of unconventional tail empennages 1-gen-2023 Gori, GiulioRausa, AndreaZanotti, AlexAuteri, FrancoGuardone, Alberto +
Multi-Fidelity Numerical Approach to Aeroacoustics of Tandem Propellers in eVTOL Airplane Mode 1-gen-2023 Caccia, FrancescoAbergo, LucaSavino, AlbertoGori, GiulioZanotti, AlexGibertini, GiuseppeVigevano, LuigiGuardone, Alberto +
Infrared Thermography Measurements over an eVTOL Full-Scale Wing Section Equipped with Propellers Mounted on a Boom 1-gen-2023 Riccobene L.Zanotti A.Grassi D. +
Acoustic and Aerodynamic Evaluation of DLR Small-Scale Rotor Configurations within Garteur AG26 1-gen-2023 Zanotti, A.Abergo, L.Caccia, F.Guardone, A. +
Aerodynamic Evaluation 1-gen-2023 Auteri, F.Savino, A.Zanotti, A.Gibertini, G. +
Experimental Investigation of Helicopter Noise While Approaching an Elevated Helipad 1-gen-2023 Gibertini G.Zanotti A. +
Mostrati risultati da 51 a 100 di 106
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