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Effect of chirality and lipophilicity in the functional activity of evodiamine and its analogues at TRPV1 channels 1-gen-2014 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Asymmetric Ugi 3CR on isatin-derived ketimine: Synthesis of chiral 3,3-disubstituted 3-aminooxindole derivatives 1-gen-2014 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Productivity Improvement of the Bioreduction of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes by Coupling of the In Situ Substrate Feeding Product Removal (SFPR) Strategy with Isolated Enzymes 1-gen-2015 BRENNA, MARIA ELISABETTAGATTI, FRANCESCO GILBERTOPARMEGGIANI, FABIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Simple and efficient strategy to synthesize PEG-aldehyde derivatives for hydrazone orthogonal chemistry 1-gen-2015 MAURI, EMANUELEROSSI, FILIPPOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO
Multicomponent Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a Piperazine-Based Dopamine Receptor Ligand Library 1-gen-2015 Sacchetti A. +
Substrate-engineering approach to the stereoselective chemo-multienzymatic cascade synthesis of Nicotiana tabacum lactone 1-gen-2015 BRENNA, MARIA ELISABETTAGATTI, FRANCESCO GILBERTOPARMEGGIANI, FABIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Complementary isonitrile-based multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of diversified cytotoxic hemiasterlin analogues 1-gen-2015 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Spectroscopic, Structural, and Computational Characterization of Three Bispidinone Derivatives, as Ligands for Enantioselective Metal Catalyzed Reactions 1-gen-2016 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Tunable drug delivery using chemoselective functionalization of hydrogels 1-gen-2016 MAURI, EMANUELEROSSI, FILIPPOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO
Organocatalytic Asymmetric Biginelli-like Reaction Involving Isatin 1-gen-2016 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Hydrogel supported chiral imidazolidinone for organocatalytic enantioselective reduction of olefins in water 1-gen-2016 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDROROSSI, FILIPPOROSSETTI, ARIANNAMAURI, EMANUELE +
Comparison between two different click strategies to synthesize fluorescent nanogels for therapeutic applications 1-gen-2016 MAURI, EMANUELEMAGAGNIN, LUCAMASI, MAURIZIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDROROSSI, FILIPPO +
Organocatalytic vinylogous Mannich reaction of trimethylsiloxyfuran with isatin-derived benzhydryl-ketimines 1-gen-2016 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Synthesis of RGD-functionalized hydrogels as a tool for therapeutic applications 1-gen-2016 MAURI, EMANUELESACCHETTI, ALESSANDROROSSI, FILIPPO
A new three dimensional biomimetic hydrogel to deliver factors secreted by human mesenchymal stem cells in spinal cord injury 1-gen-2016 ROSSI, FILIPPOMAURI, EMANUELESACCHETTI, ALESSANDROPERALE, GIUSEPPE +
Modulation of electrostatic interactions to improve controlled drug delivery from nanogels 1-gen-2017 MAURI, EMANUELEMAGAGNIN, LUCASACCHETTI, ALESSANDROROSSI, FILIPPO +
Double conjugated nanogels for selective intracellular drug delivery 1-gen-2017 MAURI, EMANUELESACCHETTI, ALESSANDROROSSI, FILIPPO
Rapid access to reverse-turn peptidomimetics by a three-component Ugi reaction of 3,4-dihydroisoquinoline 1-gen-2017 Rossetti, AriannaSacchetti, AlessandroPUGLIESE, ANDREA +
Chemoselective functionalization of nanogels for microglia treatment 1-gen-2017 MAURI, EMANUELESACCHETTI, ALESSANDROROSSI, FILIPPO +
Biocatalysed olefin reduction of 3-alkylidene oxindoles by baker's yeast 1-gen-2017 Rossetti, AriannaSacchetti, AlessandroBONFANTI, MARTA +
Application of chiral bi- and tetra-dentate bispidine-derived ligands in the copper(ii)-catalyzed asymmetric Henry reaction 1-gen-2018 Arianna RossettiGreta Colombo DugoniAlessandro Sacchetti +
Highly Dynamic and Tunable Behavior of 1D Coordination Polymers Based on the Bispidine Ligand 1-gen-2018 Rossetti, AriannaLIPPI, MARTINAMartí-Rujas, JavierSacchetti, AlessandroCametti, Massimo
Design of Multifunctional Polysaccharides for Biomedical Applications: A Critical Review 1-gen-2018 Peneda Pacheco, DanielaMarcello, ElenaSacchetti, AlessandroBrenna, ElisabettaPetrini, Paola +
Deep Eutectic Solvents: Promising Media for advanced hydrometallurgical processes for actinides separation 1-gen-2018 G. Colombo DugoniM. FerroA. SacchettiE. MacerataE. MossiniM. MarianiA. Mele +
Design, synthesis, and conformational analysis of 3-: Cyclo -butylcarbamoyl hydantoins as novel hydrogen bond driven universal peptidomimetics 1-gen-2018 Frigerio, M.Sacchetti, A.Volonterio, A. +
Evaluation of RGD functionalization in hybrid hydrogels as 3D neural stem cell culture systems 1-gen-2018 Emanuele MauriAlessandro SacchettiFilippo Rossi +
Deep Eutectic Solvents: Un’innovativa classe di estraenti per il processo di separazione di attinidi. 1-gen-2018 G. Colombo DugoniM. FerroA. SacchettiE. MacerataE. MossiniM. MarianiA. Mele +
Microwave-assisted synthesis of TEMPO-labeled hydrogels traceable with MRI 1-gen-2018 Mauri E.Rossetti A.Melone L.RIMONDO, STEFANOPunta C.Rossi F.Sacchetti A. +
Multicomponent Approach to Libraries of Substituted Dihydroorotic Acid Amides 1-gen-2019 Sacchetti A.Volonterio A. +
Design of polymer-based antimicrobial hydrogels through physico-chemical transition 1-gen-2019 Mauri, EmanueleRossetti, AriannaGriffini, GianmarcoMasi, MaurizioSacchetti, AlessandroRossi, Filippo +
Sistema composito comprendente idrogelo e nano-particella/e per il contenimento, la veicolazione e il rilascio multiplo di farmaco/i e cellula/e 1-gen-2019 F. RossiM. MasiD. MoscatelliA. Sacchetti +
Stereoselectivity switch in the reduction of α-Alkyl-β-arylenones by structure-guided designed variants of the ene reductase OYE1 1-gen-2019 Crotti M.Parmeggiani F.Gatti F. G.Sacchetti A.Brenna E. +
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel Chiral 2-Amino-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]pyridine Derivatives 1-gen-2019 Rossetti A.Bono N.Candiani G.Sacchetti A. +
Chemical Engineering Greetings to Prof. Laura Annamaria Pellegrini 1-gen-2020 Laura RivaCarlo PuntaAlessandro Sacchetti
Effects of primary amine-based coatings on microglia internalization of nanogels 1-gen-2020 Mauri, EmanueleROSSETTI, ARIANNAMariani, AlessandroSacchetti, AlessandroRossi, Filippo +
Selective Modulation of A1 Astrocytes by Drug-Loaded Nano-Structured Gel In Spinal Cord Injury 1-gen-2020 Veneruso V.Mauri E.Rossetti A.Sponchioni M.Moscatelli D.Sacchetti A.Rossi F. +
Combined structural and theoretical investigation on differently substituted bispidine ligands: predicting the properties of their corresponding coordination polymers 1-gen-2020 Martina LippiAntonino FamulariAlessandro SacchettiJavier Martí-RujasMassimo Cametti +
Is nanoparticle functionalization a versatile approach to meet challenges of drug and gene delivery? 1-gen-2020 Filippo PinelliAlessandro SacchettiFilippo Rossi +
Structural properties of the chelating agent 2,6-bis(1-(3-hydroxypropyl)-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine: a combined XRD and DFT structural study 1-gen-2020 Colombo Dugoni, GretaBaggioli, AlbertoFamulari, AntoninoSacchetti, AlessandroMartí-Rujas, JavierMariani, MarioMacerata, ElenaMossini, ErosMele, Andrea
Deep eutectic solvent as solvent and catalyst: One-pot synthesis of 1,3-dinitropropanes via tandem Henry reaction/Michael addition 1-gen-2020 G. Colombo DugoniA. SacchettiA. Mele
Ecdysteroid Derivatives that Reverse P-Glycoprotein-Mediated Drug Resistance 1-gen-2020 Sacchetti A. +
Co-Polymeric Nanosponges from Cellulose Biomass as Heterogeneous Catalysts for amine-catalyzed Organic Reactions 1-gen-2020 Riva L.Punta C.Sacchetti A.
Ester coupling of ibuprofen in hydrogel matrix: A facile one-step strategy for controlled anti-inflammatory drug release 1-gen-2020 Emanuele MauriArianna RossettiAlessandro SacchettiAlberto RainerFilippo Rossi +
Influence of the Core Formulation on Features and Drug Delivery Ability of Carbamate-Based Nanogels 1-gen-2020 Filippo PinelliFabio PizzettiAlessandro MarchettiArianna RossettiAlessandro SacchettiFilippo Rossi +
Synthesis and characterization of carbomer-based hydrogels for drug delivery applications 1-gen-2020 Rossetti A.Pizzetti F.Rossi F.Mauri E.Sacchetti A. +
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for sensing 1-gen-2021 Sacchetti, AlessandroRossetti, AriannaMartí-Rujas, Javier
Effect of surface decoration on properties and drug release ability of nanogels 1-gen-2021 Pinelli F.Pizzetti F.Rossetti A.Masi M.Sacchetti A.Posocco P.Rossi F. +
Plasmonic control of drug release efficiency in agarose gel loaded with gold nanoparticle assemblies 1-gen-2021 Moretti L.Mazzanti A.Rossetti A.Schirato A.Sacchetti A.Cerullo G.Della Valle G.Rossi F.Maiuri M. +
Lipase-Catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Alcohols as Intermediates for the Synthesis of Heart Rate Reducing Agent Ivabradine 1-gen-2021 Morandini, AnnaRossetti, AriannaSacchetti, Alessandro
Functionalization of nylon 6,6 with polyetheramine improves wettability and antibacterial properties 1-gen-2021 Rossi F.Sacchetti A.Masi M. +
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