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Dispersions of fluorinated polymers 1-gen-2003 TURRI, STEFANO +
Polyurethanes having a low friction coefficient 1-gen-2003 TURRI, STEFANO +
Novel glass fiber reinforced composites having a UV and peroxy curable fluoropolymer matrix 1-gen-2003 TURRI, STEFANO +
Tof-SIMS and XPS surface characterization of novel-perfluoropolyether-uretane ionomers from acqueous dispersions 1-gen-2003 TURRI, STEFANO +
Novel branched fluorinated oligourethane cationomers for low surface tension treatments 1-gen-2003 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA +
Fluorinated UV-cured coatings for plastics: improvement of adhesion by surface functionalization assisted Ar plasma 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Evaluation of water permeation and barrier properties of new waterborne fluorinated polyurethane ionomers by EIS 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Structure and surface properties of some model fluorinated polyurethane cationomers 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Compositions for coatings based on (per)fluoropolyethers 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Adesione su plastiche di coatings UV-reticolati ad alto contenuto di fluoro, pitture e vernici 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Comparison of viscoelastic properties of some low Tg fluoroelastomers for high performance seal materials 1-gen-2004 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Use of Ar plasma to obtain adhesion between fluorinated coatings and polyolefins 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Synthesis of new perfluoropolyether oligomers for high performance coatings for plastics 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Scaffolds by sintered polymer microspheres and inorganic nanocrystals for bone tissue engineering 1-gen-2004 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Vicat softening and dynamic-mechanical properties in a series of filled isotactic polypropylene compounds 1-gen-2004 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Synthesis, structure and dynamic properties of some POSS-based nanocomposite materials 1-gen-2004 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO
Effect of thickness of some physico-mechanical properties of LLDPE films for packaging 1-gen-2004 CLERICI, GIGLIOLALEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO
Controlling the shrinkage of polymers for customized shoe sole manufacturing 1-gen-2004 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Process design of fluorinated polyurethane-urea aqueous dispersions 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA +
Waterborne anionomeric polyurethane-ureas from functionalized fluoropolyethers 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA +
UV-cured fluorinated coatings for plastics: effect of the photoinitiator and of the substrate filler on adhesion 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Fourier transform infrared studies on deblocking and crosslinking mechanisms of some fluorine containing monocomponent polyurethanes 1-gen-2004 TURRI, STEFANO +
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium polycondensation process of segmented poly-perfluoro(oxymethylene-ran-oxyethylene)-carbonates 1-gen-2004 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO
Acrylamide-agarose copolymers: improved resolution of high-molecular-mass proteins in 2d electrophoresis 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA +
Copolimeri nanostrutturati a base metacrilica contenenti oligomeri poliedrici silsesquiossanici-POSS 1-gen-2005 LEVI, MARINELLAMOLINA, DIEGOTURRI, STEFANO
Rivestimenti nanocompositi a base acquosa: poliuretani ionomerici contenenti oliogomeri poliedrici silsesquiossani 1-gen-2005 LEVI, MARINELLAMOLINA, DIEGOTURRI, STEFANO
Utilizzo delle proprietà meccanico-dinamiche nello studio della struttura e mobilità molecolare: processi di reticolazione 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANO
Nanocompositi sol-gel da matrice perfluoropolietere caricata con oligomeri poliedrici silsesquiossanici 1-gen-2005 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANOVALSECCHI, ROBERTOVIGANO', MARCO
Nanocompositi a matrice elastomerica da SBR e fillosilicati stratificati organomodificati 1-gen-2005 MARANO, CLAUDIARINK SUGAR, MARTA ELISABETHTURRI, STEFANO +
Comparison between preparation methods of fluoroelastomer/ layered silicate nanocomposites 1-gen-2005 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANOVALSECCHI, ROBERTOVIGANO', MARCO
Fluorinated segmented polyurethane anionomers for water-oil repellent surface treatments of cellulosic substrates 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANO +
Rheological properties and thermal transitions in millable polyurethane fluoroelastomers 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA +
Acrylamide-Agarose Copolymers: Improved Resolution of High Molecular Mass Proteins in 2D Electrophoresis 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA +
Wettability of POSS nanostructured surfaces 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA
Structure, dynamic properties and surface behaviour of nanostructured ionomeric polyurethanes from reactive polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes 1-gen-2005 TURRI, STEFANOLEVI, MARINELLA
Scaffolds for bone tissue engineering; sintered poly lactic-co glycolic acid microspheres reinforced with hydroxy-apatite nanocrystals 1-gen-2006 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANOBOSCHETTI, FEDERICA +
Novel functional polymeric coatings for DNA microarrays fabrication 1-gen-2006 LEVI, MARINELLASURIANO, RAFFAELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Process for the preparation of polyurethane nanocomposite fibers or films having an enhanced dyeability and UV resistance 1-gen-2006 LEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Copolimeri nanostrutturati a base metacrilica contenenti oligomeri poliedrici silsesquiossanici (POSS) 1-gen-2006 LEVI, MARINELLAMOLINA, DIEGOTURRI, STEFANO
DNA microarrays from blocked isocyanates 1-gen-2006 LEVI, MARINELLASURIANO, RAFFAELLATURRI, STEFANOVIGANO', MARCO
Dip-pen nanolithography: influence of gold surface roughness and contamination 1-gen-2006 BASERGA, ANDREABOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOLEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANOVIGANO', MARCO
Dynamic mechanical and rheological behaviour of fluoroelastomer-organoclay nanocomposites obtained from different preparation methods 1-gen-2006 VALSECCHI, ROBERTOVIGANO', MARCOLEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO
Surface Behaviour and Molecular Recognition in DNA Microarrays from N,N-Dimethylacrylamide Terpolymers with Activated Esters as Linking Groups 1-gen-2006 SURIANO, RAFFAELLALEVI, MARINELLATURRI, STEFANO +
Vernici - Materiali Tecnologie Proprietà 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANO
Tecnologia delle vernici in polvere 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANO
Proprietà superficiali di polimeri termoplastici modificati con additivi a segmento perfluoropolietereo 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANOVALSECCHI, ROBERTO +
Durabilità e degrado 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANO +
Nanocompositi a matrice epossidica 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANO
Struttura e reattività dei leganti 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANO
Design application and testing of now UV-curable waterborne urethane-acrylic coatings 1-gen-2007 TURRI, STEFANO +
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