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Multi-Pulse-Width-Modulated Control of a Large Flexible Structure 1-gen-1999 BERNELLI ZAZZERA, FRANCODOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Applications of a Hard Real-Time Support in Digital Control of Complex Aerospace Systems 1-gen-1999 BIANCHI, EMANUELEDOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO +
RTAI: Real-Time Application Interface 1-gen-2000 MANTEGAZZA, PAOLODOZIO, LORENZO +
Some Experiencies in Fast Hard Real-Time Control in User Space with RTAI-LXRT 1-gen-2000 BIANCHI, EMANUELEDOZIO, LORENZO
Multi-Pulse-Width-Modulated Control of a Large Flexible Structure 1-gen-2000 BERNELLI ZAZZERA, FRANCODOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Advanced Controllers for Vibration and Noise Suppression of a Smart Structure 1-gen-2001 BIANCHI, EMANUELEDOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Adaptive Control of a Large Space Structure Using Lattice Filters 1-gen-2001 BERNELLI ZAZZERA, FRANCODOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Active Noise Control Headsets Using RTAI 1-gen-2001 BIANCHI, EMANUELEDOZIO, LORENZO
Experimental Analysis of the Multi-Pulse-Width Modulation Control of a Large Space Structure Using On/Off Jet Thrusters 1-gen-2002 BERNELLI ZAZZERA, FRANCODOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Numerical Analysis of an Adaptive Predictive Flutter Suppression System for a Wing Model with Two Control Surfaces 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLOTOSO, ALESSANDRO +
CACSD under RTAI Linux with RTAI-Lab 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZO +
Generalized Predictive Vibro-Acoustic Control of a Thin Plate 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCAMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Reduction of Vibrations Transmitted to Helicopter Air Frames Using Active Gearbox Struts 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOBIANCHI, EMANUELEGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCAMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Active Vibration Control of a Helicopter Gearbox Support Beam 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOBIANCHI, EMANUELEGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCATOSO, ALESSANDRO
Application of a Predictive Controller to Active Vibration Suppression of Thin Plates 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCATOSO, ALESSANDRO
Flexible Digital Control Systems for Multiple Fatigue Tests 1-gen-2003 VIGONI, EDOARDOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCADOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Linux Real Time Application Interface (RTAI) in Low Cost High Performance Motion Control 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Real Time Distributed Control Systems Using RTAI 1-gen-2003 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Rapid Control Prototyping with Scilab/Scicos and Linux/RTAI 1-gen-2004 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO +
Hybrid Feedback/Embedded Feedforward Predictive Control of Sound Radiation from Vibrating Panels 1-gen-2004 DOZIO, LORENZOCORBETTA, WALTERGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
A Study on Geometrical Layout of Independent Feedback Loops for Radiated Noise Control of Rectangular Plates 1-gen-2004 DOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Discussion on Real Time Implementation of Active Noise and Vibration Controllers Using General Purpose Hardware 1-gen-2004 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Sisifo: a Flexible System for Control of Multiple Fatigue Tests 1-gen-2005 VIGONI, EDOARDODOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCAMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Software Architecture Design of Palamede Microsatellite 1-gen-2005 DOZIO, LORENZOMALNATI, FABIO UMBERTO +
Preliminary Testing of Cabin Noise Reduction in Helicopters Using Active Gearbox Struts 1-gen-2006 DOZIO, LORENZOFORGHIERI, ALESSANDROGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA +
Experimental Results of Active Longitudinal Vibration Control on a Helicopter Gearbox Strut 1-gen-2006 DOZIO, LORENZOFORGHIERI, ALESSANDROGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Active Solutions for Reduction of the Transmission of Structure-Borne Noise to the Cabin Structure on a A109 Mockup 1-gen-2006 DOZIO, LORENZOCORBETTA, WALTERVIGONI, EDOARDOFORGHIERI, ALESSANDROGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA +
Deadbeat Predictive Control on a Space Truss Structure 1-gen-2006 DOZIO, LORENZO
Spatial Compensation Design Techniques with Distributed Sensors for Active Structural Control 1-gen-2007 DOZIO, LORENZO +
Recent Results in Active Control of Structure-Borne Noise on a Helicopter Mockup 1-gen-2007 TOSO, ALESSANDROCORBETTA, WALTERVIGONI, EDOARDOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCADOZIO, LORENZO
Application of FXLMS Algorithm to Active Control of Vibration in Thin Plates 1-gen-2007 TOSO, ALESSANDROCORBETTA, WALTERVIGONI, EDOARDOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCADOZIO, LORENZO
RTAI-Linux: un Sistema Real-Time Distribuito per Applicazioni di Motion Control 1-gen-2007 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Electronic Ground Support Equipment for Palamede Software and Hardware Test 1-gen-2007 MALNATI, FABIO UMBERTOBERNELLI ZAZZERA, FRANCODOZIO, LORENZO
RTAI-Lab e HMI-Lab: Strumenti di Ausilio Alla Prototipazione Rapida di Controllori in Tempo Reale Stretto 1-gen-2007 DOZIO, LORENZOSPINELLI, WILLIAM
General-Purpose Processors for Active Vibro-Acoustic Control: Discussion and Experiences 1-gen-2007 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Active Gearbox Isolation Systems for Helicopter Quieter Cabin Environment 1-gen-2007 TOSO, ALESSANDROCORBETTA, WALTERVIGONI, EDOARDODOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Comparison of Feedback and Feedforward Strategies for Active Structural-Acoustic Control of Broadband Sound Transmission into a Cavity 1-gen-2007 DOZIO, LORENZOTOSO, ALESSANDROCORBETTA, WALTERVIGONI, EDOARDOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Active Control of Helicopter's Gearbox Vibrations and Effects on the Cabin Noise 1-gen-2008 CORBETTA, WALTERVIGONI, EDOARDOTOSO, ALESSANDROGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCADOZIO, LORENZO +
Experiments on Active Vibration and Noise Reduction of a Panel Using Predictive Techniques 1-gen-2008 DOZIO, LORENZOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Active Control of Helicopter Gearbox Supports and Effects on Cabin Acoustic Field 1-gen-2008 CORBETTA, WALTERTOSO, ALESSANDROVIGONI, EDOARDOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCADOZIO, LORENZO +
Noise Control of Plates Featuring Periodic Arrays of Shunted Piezoelectric Patches 1-gen-2009 DOZIO, LORENZO +
Linux-Rtai in Active Noise and Vibration Control Systems 1-gen-2009 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO
Beams and Plates Vibroacoustic Energy Diffusion Optimization by Mean of Distributed Shunted Piezoelectric Patches 1-gen-2009 DOZIO, LORENZO +
Free Vibration Analysis of Ribbed Plates by a Combined Analytical-Numerical Method 1-gen-2009 DOZIO, LORENZORICCIARDI, MASSIMO
Load Reduction in Lead-Lag Dampers by Speed-Scheduled Aperture and Modulated Control of a By-Pass Valve 1-gen-2010 BOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICACCIOLA, STEFANOCROCE, ALESSANDRODOZIO, LORENZO
RTAI-Linux per Applicazioni di Motion Control 1-gen-2010 MANTEGAZZA, PAOLODOZIO, LORENZO
Periodic Shunted Arrays for the Control of Noise Radiation in an Enclosure 1-gen-2010 DOZIO, LORENZO +
Free In-Plane Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Plates with Arbitrary Elastic Boundaries 1-gen-2010 DOZIO, LORENZO
Broadband Vibration Control Through Periodic Arrays of Resonant Shunts: Experimental Investigation on Plates 1-gen-2010 DOZIO, LORENZO +
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