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A Systematic Method for Preprocessing and Analyzing Electrodermal Activity 1-gen-2019 Barbieri R. +
Dose-Optimization of Respiratory-Gated Auricular Vagal Afferent Nerve Stimulation (RAVANS) for Blood Pressure Modulation in Hypertensive Patients 1-gen-2019 Sclocco R.Barbieri R. +
Development and preliminary evaluation of a novel adaptive staircase procedure for automated speech-in-noise testing 1-gen-2019 Zanet M.Polo E. M.Rocco G.Paglialonga A.Barbieri R.
Assessment of the Autonomic Response to Sensory Stimulation in Autism Spectrum Disorder 1-gen-2019 Cavinato L.Barbieri R. +
Resting State Neural Correlates of Cardiac Sympathetic Dynamics in Healthy Subjects 1-gen-2019 Barbieri R. +
The influence of respiration on brainstem and cardiovagal response to auricular vagus nerve stimulation: A multimodal ultrahigh-field (7T) fMRI study 1-gen-2019 Sclocco, RobertaBarbieri, Riccardo +
The central autonomic network at rest: Uncovering functional MRI correlates of time-varying autonomic outflow 1-gen-2019 Sclocco R.Barbieri R. +
Analyzing Transitions in Anesthesia by Multimodal Characterization of Autonomic State 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
The role of waveform monitoring in Sepsis identification within the first hour of Intensive Care Unit stay 1-gen-2020 Mollura M.Barbieri R. +
Improved tracking of sevoflurane anesthetic states with drug-specific machine learning models 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Prediction of Septic Shock Onset in ICU by Instantaneous Monitoring of Vital Signs 1-gen-2020 Mollura M.Barbieri R. +
Assessing an Automatic Procedure of Extraction of Physiological Parameters from Skin using Video Photoplethysmography 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R.Levi R.Mollura M.Marsella I.Cerina L.Mainardi L. +
Multiscale Eigen Analysis on EEG and Heartbeat Dynamics: a Pilot study 1-gen-2020 Abry P.Barbieri R. +
Point process temporal structure characterizes electrodermal activity 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Analysis of physiological and non-contact signals for the assessment of emotional components in consumer preference 1-gen-2020 Laureanti R.Barbieri R.Cerina L.Mainardi L. T.
Assessing Autonomic Function from Electrodermal Activity and Heart Rate Variability During Cold-Pressor Test and Emotional Challenge 1-gen-2020 Barbieri, Riccardo +
Advanced signal processing algorithms for cardiorespiratory monitoring in the neonatal intensive care unit 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R.
Instantaneous Brain-to-Heart Functional Assessment using Inhomogeneous Point-process Models: a Proof of Concept Study 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Stimulus frequency modulates brainstem response to respiratory-gated transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation 1-gen-2020 Sclocco R.Barbieri R. +
Altered Autonomic Response in Patients with Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness during Simulated Vertical Self-Motion 1-gen-2020 Indovina I.Barbieri R. +
Intrinsic Complexity of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Dynamics from HRV series: A Preliminary Study on Postural Changes 1-gen-2020 Citi L.Barbieri R. +
Quantifying Functional Links between Brain and Heartbeat Dynamics in the Multifractal Domain: A Preliminary Analysis 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R.Abry P. +
Characterization of Eye Gaze and Pupil Diameter Measurements from Remote and Mobile Eye-Tracking Devices 1-gen-2020 Lolatto R.Rocco G.Barbieri R. +
Frequency dependent functional brain reorganization in anesthesia is specific to drug concentration 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Detecting Loss and Regain of Consciousness during Propofol Anesthesia using Multimodal Indices of Autonomic State 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Validation of Sympathetic Activity Index from Heart Rate Variability series: A Preliminary Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity Study 1-gen-2020 Citi L.Barbieri R. +
Modulatory Effects of Respiratory-Gated Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation on Cardiovagal Activity in Hypertension 1-gen-2020 Sclocco R.Barbieri R. +
A Point Process Framework for the Characterization of Fetal Sleep States 1-gen-2020 Pini N.Lucchini M.Barbieri R. +
An Inhomogeneous Point-process Model for the Assessment of the Brain-to-Heart Functional Interplay: A Pilot Study 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Multimodal vs Unimodal Estimation of Sympathetic-Driven Arousal States 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Impact of sex and depressed mood on the central regulation of cardiac autonomic function 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Effects of Respiratory-Gated Auricular Vagal Afferent Nerve Stimulation (RAVANS) in Hypertensive Patients during the Handgrip experiment 1-gen-2020 Fidone I.Sclocco R.Barbieri R. +
Uncovering complex central autonomic networks at rest: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study on complex cardiovascular oscillations 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
Irregularity Analysis of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Activity Indices from HRV: A Pilot Study on Postural Changes 1-gen-2020 Citi L.Barbieri R. +
Frequency-Dependent Effects of Exhalatory-Gated Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Cardiac Autonomic Regulation in Hypertension 1-gen-2020 Sclocco R.Barbieri R. +
Towards Disentangling the Contribution of Different Pathways for the Regulation of Cardiac Activity: A Pilot Study 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R. +
An automated speech-in-noise test for remote testing: Development and preliminary evaluation 1-gen-2020 Paglialonga A.Polo E. M.Zanet M.Rocco G.Barbieri R. +
Wavelet-based Multifractal Analysis of Heartbeat Dynamics: Non-Gaussian Expansion vs. Cumulants 1-gen-2020 Barbieri R.Abry P. +
Assessment of Heart Rate Variability Derived from Blood Pressure Pulse Recordings in Intensive Care Unit Patients 1-gen-2020 Mollura M.Polo E. M.Barbieri R. +
Preliminary Evaluation of a Novel Language Independent Speech-in-Noise Test for Adult Hearing Screening 1-gen-2021 Polo E. M.Zanet M.Paglialonga A.Barbieri R.
Development and Evaluation of a Novel Method for Adult Hearing Screening: Towards a Dedicated Smartphone App 1-gen-2021 Polo E. M.Zanet M.Barbieri R.Paglialonga A. +
A novel artificial intelligence based intensive care unit monitoring system: using physiological waveforms to identify sepsis 1-gen-2021 Maximiliano MolluraRiccardo Barbieri +
Quantitative assessment of the relationship between behavioral and autonomic dynamics during propofol-induced unconsciousness 1-gen-2021 Barbieri R. +
Assessment of Sepsis in the ICU by Linear and Complex Characterization of Cardiovascular Dynamics 1-gen-2021 Maximiliano MolluraRiccardo Barbieri +
An AI-based cardiovascular monitoring tool for sepsis identification in ICU 1-gen-2021 Maximiliano MolluraRiccardo Barbieri +
Integral pulse frequency modulation model driven by sympathovagal dynamics: Synthetic vs. real heart rate variability 1-gen-2021 Barbieri R. +
Advanced computation in cardiovascular physiology: New challenges and opportunities 1-gen-2021 Barbieri R. +
Functional brain-heart interplay extends to the multifractal domain 1-gen-2021 Barbieri R.Abry P. +
Emotion recognition from multimodal physiological measurements based on an interpretable feature selection method 1-gen-2021 Polo E. M.Mollura M.Lenatti M.Zanet M.Paglialonga A.Barbieri R.
Time-Resolved Brain-to-Heart Probabilistic Information Transfer Estimation Using Inhomogeneous Point-Process Models 1-gen-2021 Barbieri R. +
Mostrati risultati da 101 a 150 di 194
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