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Beta-blockade and A1-adenosine receptor agonist effects on atrial fibrillatory rate and atrio-ventricular conduction in patients with atrial fibrillation 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Non-linear regularity of arterial blood pressure variability in patient with Atrial Fibrillation in tilt-test procedure. 1-gen-2014 CERUTTI, SERGIOCORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
HRV Regularity during Persistent Atrial Fibrillation: a Parametric Assessment using Sample Entropy 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Statistical Modeling of Atrioventricular Nodal Function During Atrial Fibrillation Focusing on the Refractory Period Estimation 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Non-invasive Evaluation of the Effect of Metoprolol on the AV node during Permanent Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Atrial Impulses at the Atrioventricular Node: Arrival versus Conduction during Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2014 IOZZIA, LUCACORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Modification of Atrioventricular Node Conduction Increases RR Variability but not RR Irregularity in Atrial Fibrillation Patients 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Non-invasive evaluation of the effect of Metoprolol on the Atrioventricular Node during Permanent Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Atrial fibrillatory rate in the clinical context: natural course and prediction of intervention outcome 1-gen-2014 CORINO, VALENTINA +
Analysis of T-Wave Alternans in ambulatory recordings using the ADTWA index 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Noninvasive Assessment of Atrioventricular Nodal Function: Effect of Rate-control Drugs during Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Reduced Irregularity of Ventricular Response During Atrial Fibrillation and Long-term Outcome in Patients With Heart Failure 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Circadian variation of variability and irregularity of heart rate in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation: Relation to symptoms and rate-control drugs 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINA +
Non-invasive assessment of the effect of beta blockers and calcium channel blockers on the AV node during permanent atrial fibrillation 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Noninvasive characterization of atrioventricular conduction in patients with atrial fibrillation 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Assessment of QT-RR Intervals Relation in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2015 IOZZIA, LUCAMAINARDI, LUCACORINO, VALENTINA +
Rate-control drugs affect variability and irregularity measures of rr intervals in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation 1-gen-2015 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Robust Statistical Modeling of the Atrioventricular Node during Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2016 CORINO, VALENTINA +
A Statistical Atrioventricular Node Model Accounting for Pathway Switching During Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2016 CORINO, VALENTINA +
Beat-to-beat analysis of P waves in patient with atrial fibrillation history 1-gen-2016 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Clinical Use And Limitations Of Non-Invasive Electrophysiological Tests In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2016 CORINO, VALENTINAMAINARDI, LUCA +
Stability assessment of first order statistics features computed on ADC maps in soft-tissue sarcoma 1-gen-2017 Bologna, MarcoMontin, ErosCorino, Valentina D. A. +
Identification of atrial fibrillation episodes using a camera as contactless sensor 1-gen-2017 Corino V. D. A.Iozzia L.MARIANI, ANDREAD'ALESSANDRO, GIACOMOD'ETTORRE, CLAUDIACerina L.Mainardi L. +
Autonomic influence on atrial fibrillatory process: Head-up and head-down tilting 1-gen-2017 CORINO, VALENTINA +
Detection of atrial fibrillation episodes using a wristband device 1-gen-2017 Corino, Valentina D. A.LAUREANTI, RITAMainardi, Luca +
Modeling and Analysis of Ventricular Response in Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2018 Valentina D. A. CorinoLuca Mainardi +
Concealed abnormal atrial phenotype in patients with Brugada syndrome and no history of atrial fibrillation 1-gen-2018 Mainardi, LucaCorino, Valentina D. A. +
Use of apparent diffusion coefficient images to predict response to induction chemotherapy in sinonasal cancer 1-gen-2018 Bologna M.Montin E.Corino V. D. A.Mainardi L. +
Histological group identification in sinonasal cancer with diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging 1-gen-2018 Marco BolognaEros MontinValentina CorinoLuca Mainardi +
Assessment of Stability and Discrimination Capacity of Radiomic Features on Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Images 1-gen-2018 Bologna M.Corino V. D. A.Montin E.Mainardi L. +
Radiomic analysis of soft tissues sarcomas can distinguish intermediate from high-grade lesions 1-gen-2018 Corino, Valentina D. A.Montin, ErosMainardi, Luca +
ECG-derived Respiratory Rate in Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2019 Corino, Valentina D A +
Technical Note: Virtual phantom analyses for preprocessing evaluation and detection of a robust feature set for MRI-radiomics of the brain 1-gen-2019 Bologna M.Corino V.Mainardi L.
Assessment of the effect of intensity standardization on the reliability of T1-weighted MRI radiomic features: Experiment on a virtual phantom 1-gen-2019 Bologna MCorino VMainardi L
Cardiac Tachyarrhythmia Detection by Poincaré PlotBased Image Analysis 1-gen-2019 G. García IslaV. D. A. CorinoL. Mainardi
An In-Silico Study of the Effects of Conductance Variation on the Regionally Based Action Potential Morphology 1-gen-2019 Elliott, JordanMainardi, LucaCorino, ValentinaRodriguez Matas Jose . +
Assessment of the Effect of Fibrillatory Waves in the Analysis of Spatial Heterogeneity of Ventricular Repolarization 1-gen-2019 Saiz-Vivo, JavierCorino, ValentinaMainardi, Luca +
Beat-to-beat P-wave Variability Increases from Paroxysmal to Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2020 Laureanti, RCorino, VMainardi, L +
Baseline mri-radiomics can predict overall survival in non-endemic ebv-related nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients 1-gen-2020 Bologna M.Corino V.Mainardi L. +
Sex-related electrocardiographic differences in patients with different types of atrial fibrillation: Results from the SWISS-AF study 1-gen-2020 Laureanti, RitaCorino, Valentina D. A.Mainardi, Luca +
Remote health diagnosis and monitoring in the time of COVID-19 1-gen-2020 Corino V. +
Response to "Electrocardiographic sexual differences in patients with atrial fibrillation" 1-gen-2020 Laureanti, RitaCorino, Valentina D AMainardi, Luca +
Assessment of spatial heterogeneity of ventricular repolarization after multi-channel blocker drugs in healthy subjects 1-gen-2020 Corino, V.Mainardi, L +
Relevance of apparent diffusion coefficient features for a radiomics-based prediction of response to induction chemotherapy in sinonasal cancer 1-gen-2020 Bologna M.Montin E.Corino V.Mainardi L. +
A simple model to detect atrial fibrillation via visual imaging 1-gen-2020 V CorinoL IozziaL Mainardi +
Heart Rate Variability Triangular Index as a Predictor of Cardiovascular Mortality in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2020 Corino V.Laureanti R.Mainardi L. +
Unsupervised Classification of Atrial Fibrillation Triggers Using Heart Rate Variability Features Extracted from Implantable Cardiac Monitor Data 1-gen-2020 Saiz-Vivo, JavierCorino, ValentinaMainardi, Luca +
Atrial fibrillation detection using photoplethysmographic signal: The effect of the observation window 1-gen-2020 V, CorinoL, Mainardi +
Methodology and technology for the development of a prognostic MRI-based radiomic model for the outcome of head and neck cancer patients 1-gen-2020 Bologna, MarcoCorino, ValentinaMainardi, Luca +
ECG Morphological Decomposition for Automatic Rhythm Identification 1-gen-2020 Garcia Isla, G.Laureanti, RCorino, VMainardi, L
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