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Joint effects of clouds and rain on Ka-band earth observation data downlink systems 1-gen-2015 LUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLO
Preliminary Statistics from the NASA Alphasat Beacon Receiver in Milan, Italy 1-gen-2015 LUINI, LORENZORIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPE +
Radio Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling for Earth–Space Systems. Chapter 8 - Impact of Clouds from Ka Band to Optical Frequencies 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZONEBULONI, ROBERTO CARLO +
Improving the Accuracy in Predicting Water-Vapor Attenuation at Millimeter-Wave for Earth-Space Applications 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZORIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPE
Satellite Communication and Propagation Experiments Through the Alphasat Q/V Band Aldo Paraboni Technology Demonstration Payload 1-gen-2016 RIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPELUINI, LORENZO +
A Combined Rain and Cloud Attenuation Field Simulator and its Application to Gateway Diversity Analysis at Ka, Q and V bands 1-gen-2016 EMILIANI, LUIS DAVIDLUINI, LORENZO
The Alphasat Propagation Experiment: Interim Results from ASI and NASA Ground Stations 1-gen-2016 RIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPELUINI, LORENZONEBULONI, ROBERTO CARLO +
Joint Effects of Clouds and Rain on EHF Satellite Communication Systems 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLO
Synthesis of Attenuation Time Series based on Synthetic Rain Fields Evolving in Time 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLO
Monte Carlo Model of Cloud Scattering of Solar Radiation for VLC Aircraft Systems 1-gen-2016 TAGLIAFERRI, DARIONEBULONI, ROBERTO CARLOLUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLO
Preliminary results from the ASI and NASA Alphasat experimental equipment 1-gen-2016 RIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPELUINI, LORENZONEBULONI, ROBERTO CARLO +
Impact of Scattering Model on Disdrometer Derived Attenuation Scaling 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZORIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPE +
Statistical analysis of instantaneous frequency scaling factor as derived from optical disdrometer measurements at K/Q bands 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZORIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPE +
Worst-month tropospheric attenuation prediction: Application of a new approach 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLO +
Alphasat Aldo Paraboni payload IOT campaign and status after the first year of operation 1-gen-2016 RIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPELUINI, LORENZO +
Investigation of the path reduction factor on terrestrial links for the development of a physically-based rain attenuation model 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZO +
Scaling Cloud Attenuation Statistics With Link Elevation in Earth-Space Applications 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLO
Wind intensity inferred from the Alphasat Ka- and Q-band beacon measurements 1-gen-2016 RIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPELUINI, LORENZO +
Time evolution of synthetic rain cells for the synthesis of attenuation time series 1-gen-2016 CAPSONI, CARLOLUINI, LORENZO +
Modeling and synthesis of 3-d water vapor fields for em wave propagation applications 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZO
Modeling rain fields for earth space propagation applications by an autoregressive modeling approach 1-gen-2016 FORMENTIN, SIMONELUINI, LORENZOCAPSONI, CARLONEBULONI, ROBERTO CARLOLIBERATI, DIEGO
Development of a rain attenuation model for terrestrial links using a physically-based approach 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZO +
Validation of ground infrastructure in the framework of the ASI Q/V-band program 1-gen-2016 RIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPELUINI, LORENZO +
Using NWP Reanalysis Data for Radiometric Calibration in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Experiments 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZO +
Modeling statistics of rain attenuation affecting FSO links: A case study 1-gen-2016 LUINI, LORENZONEBULONI, ROBERTO CARLOCAPSONI, CARLO +
Ka-to-W Band EM Wave Propagation: Tropospheric Effects and Countermeasures 1-gen-2017 Luini, LorenzoNebuloni, RobertoRiva, Carlo
Time diversity and linear combining gain obtainable during rain at Ka band in the Alphasat slant path in Spino d’Adda 1-gen-2017 E. MatriccianiC. RivaL. LuiniR. Nebuloni +
A physically based rain attenuation model for terrestrial links 1-gen-2017 Luini, L. +
Statistics of attenuation due to rain affecting hybrid FSO/RF link: Application for 5G networks 1-gen-2017 Luini, L.Nebuloni, R. +
Communication: Attenuation induced by water vapor along Earth-space links: Selecting the most appropriate prediction method 1-gen-2017 Luini, LorenzoRiva, Carlo +
Rainfall Rate Prediction for Propagation Applications: Model Performance at Regional Level over Ireland 1-gen-2017 LUINI, LORENZORIVA, CARLO GIUSEPPE +
A Simplified Model to Predict Oxygen Attenuation on Earth-space Links 1-gen-2017 Luini, LorenzoRiva, Carlo
Improved scaling factor for long-term rain attenuation statistics as a function of link elevation 1-gen-2017 Capsoni, C.Luini, L.MACHADO TOMAZ, LUCIANO +
A comprehensive methodology to assess tropospheric fade affecting earth-space communication systems 1-gen-2017 Luini, Lorenzo
Improvement of Ka-band satellite link availability for real-time IP-based video contribution 1-gen-2017 Luini, L.Riva, C. +
Decrypting XPD-CPA beacon measurements through a physical simulator 1-gen-2017 REGONESI, ERICCapsoni, CarloNebuloni, RobertoRiva, CarloLuini, Lorenzo
Impact of rain attenuation on 5G millimeter wave communication systems in equatorial Malaysia investigated through disdrometer data 1-gen-2017 Luini, L. +
Investigating EM wave depolarization due to rain using a physically-based model 1-gen-2018 E. RegonesiL. Luini
EM Wave Propagation Experiment at E Band and D Band for 5G Wireless Systems 1-gen-2018 L. LuiniC. Riva +
Radio wave satellite propagation in Ka/Q band 1-gen-2018 Riva, CarloLuini, Lorenzo +
Ka-Band Signal Statistics Derived from a Commercial VSAT 1-gen-2018 Luini L. +
Three years of atmospheric characterization at Ka/Q-band with the NASA/POLIMI alphasat receiver in milan, Italy 1-gen-2018 Luini L.Riva C. +
Assessment of a gateway switching algorithm for Q/V-band smart diversity systems in the Q/V-LIFT project 1-gen-2018 Nebuloni R.Riva C.Luini L. +
Model for the prediction of rain attenuation affecting free space optical links 1-gen-2018 Luini L.Nebuloni R. +
Numerical weather prediction models for the estimate of clear-sky attenuation level in Alphasat beacon measurement 1-gen-2018 Luini, LorenzoRiva, Carlo +
EM wave propagation experiment at E band and D band for 5G wireless systems: Preliminary results 1-gen-2018 Luini, L.Riva, C. +
The QV-Lift Project: a Ground Segment for the Future Q/V Band Satellite Systems 1-gen-2018 C. RivaL. LuiniR. Nebuloni +
Validation of ground technologies for future Q/V band satellite systems: The QV - LIFT project 1-gen-2018 Luini, LorenzoRiva, Carlo +
Calibration and use of microwave radiometers in multiple-site EM wave propagation experiments 1-gen-2018 Luini, L.Riva, C. +
Using the Q/V-Band Aldo Paraboni Payload to Validate Future Satellite Systems: Test Campaign and Preliminary Results of the QV-LIFT Project 1-gen-2018 Riva, C.Luini, L. +
Mostrati risultati da 101 a 150 di 220
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