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Removal of Water Pollutants by Lemna gibba 1-gen-1994 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
Validation and Updating of Detailed Kinetic Mechanisms: the Case of Ethane Oxidation 1-gen-1994 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria of Highly Non Ideal Mixtures - the Case of Dimethylnaphthalene Isomers 1-gen-1994 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Simulation of short duration gas releases 1-gen-1995 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Dynamic Modeling of Waste-water Treatment Plants Based On Lemna-gibba 1-gen-1995 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
Removal of Water Pollutants By Lemna-gibba (vol 54, Pg B41, 1994) 1-gen-1995 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
Application of SBR Technology to the Treatment of Waste-Water from Printing Industry 1-gen-1996 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Adsorption equilibria of dimethylnaphthalene isomers 1-gen-1996 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Experimental study and kinetic analysis of light hydrocarbon mixtures oxidation 1-gen-1996 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMOCARRA', SERGIO +
Modeling of the reburning process 1-gen-1997 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMOCARRA', SERGIO +
Analysis of painting booths: Experiments and CFD Simulations 1-gen-1997 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
SBR Strategy Development for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater 1-gen-1997 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Lactic acid production by electrodialysis .2. Modelling 1-gen-1997 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
Lactic acid production by electrodialysis .1. Experimental tests 1-gen-1997 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
Combustion kinetics of light hydrocarbons in the presence of nitrogen oxide 1-gen-1998 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMOCARRA', SERGIO
Advances in modeling the flash-fire phenomenon 1-gen-1998 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Experimental analysis of the combustion of mixtures of C1-C2 hydrocarbons 1-gen-1999 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMOCARRA', SERGIO +
Parametric sensitivity in fixed-bed catalytic reactors with reverse-flow operation 1-gen-1999 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Effect of dissolved metals on the organic load removal efficiency of Lemna gibba 1-gen-1999 ROTA, RENATONANO, GIUSEPPE +
Problematiche connesse con l'utlizzo dei conbustibili fossili 1-gen-1999 ROTA, RENATO
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 326
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