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High-Resolution Spectroscopy of the 39K Transitions at 770 nm and 13C2H2 Saturated Lines by a Solid-State Laser at 1.54 um: Toward an Accurate Frequency Standard in the Optical Communication Band 1-gen-2002 SVELTO, CESAREGALZERANO, GIANLUCABAVA, ELIOMARANO, MARCELLO +
Frequency stabilized laser source at around 2.09 um by locking to H79Br and CO2 transitions 1-gen-2002 GALZERANO, GIANLUCALAPORTA, PAOLOMARANO, MARCELLOOTTOBONI, ROBERTOSVELTO, CESARE
Optical spectroscopy and diode-pumped laser characteristics of codoped Tm-Ho:YLF and Tm-Ho:BaYF: a comparative analysis 1-gen-2002 MARANO, MARCELLOTACCHEO, STEFANOGALZERANO, GIANLUCALAPORTA, PAOLO +
Dispersive propertis of quasi-phase-matched optical parametric amplifiers 1-gen-2002 LAPORTA, PAOLOLONGHI, STEFANOMARANO, MARCELLO
Amplitude and Frequency Stabilization of a Tm-Ho:YAG Laser for Coherent Lidar Applicatios at 2.1 um 1-gen-2002 LAPORTA, PAOLOMARANO, MARCELLOTACCHEO, STEFANO +
Stabilizzazione in frequenza di laser a 2 um rispetto ad assorbimenti molecolari 1-gen-2002 BAVA, ELIOGALZERANO, GIANLUCALAPORTA, PAOLOMARANO, MARCELLOSVELTO, CESARE +
Frequency stabilization of a 1.54 µm Er-Yb laser against Doppler-free 13C2H2 lines 1-gen-2002 GALZERANO, GIANLUCASVELTO, CESAREMARANO, MARCELLOBAVA, ELIO +
Optical frequency standard at 194 369 569.4(5) MHz by solid-laser locked against P(16) line of 13C2H2 1-gen-2002 BAVA, ELIOGALZERANO, GIANLUCAMARANO, MARCELLOSVELTO, CESARE +
Stabilization of a 2.1 um diode-pumped Tm-Ho:YAG laser against linear transitions of CO2 1-gen-2003 BAVA, ELIOGALZERANO, GIANLUCALAPORTA, PAOLOMARANO, MARCELLOSVELTO, CESARE
Quantum-mechanical analogy of beam propagation in waveguides with a bent axis: dynamic-mode stabilization and radiation-loss suppression 1-gen-2003 JANNER, DAVIDE LUCALAPORTA, PAOLOLONGHI, STEFANOMARANO, MARCELLO
2.1 - μm lasers frequency stabilized against CO_2 lines: comparison between fringe-side and frequency-modulation locking methods 1-gen-2003 G. GalzeranoMARANO, MARCELLOTACCHEO, STEFANOLAPORTA, PAOLO
Frequency stabilized 2.1 um lasers against CO2 lines: comparison between fringe-side and FM methods 1-gen-2003 GALZERANO, GIANLUCAMARANO, MARCELLOTACCHEO, STEFANOLAPORTA, PAOLO
Superluminal pulse propagation in linear and nonlinear photonic grating structures 1-gen-2003 LONGHI, STEFANOMARANO, MARCELLOLAPORTA, PAOLO +
Single- and dual-wavelength pulse train generation in frequency-modulated Er-Yb lasers up to 20 GHz 1-gen-2003 LONGHI, STEFANOMARANO, MARCELLOLAPORTA, PAOLOSVELTO, ORAZIO
Sub-100-ps amplitude-modulation mode-locked Tm HoBaY2F8 laser at 2.06 micron 1-gen-2003 GALZERANO, GIANLUCAMARANO, MARCELLOLONGHI, STEFANOLAPORTA, PAOLO +
Frequency Stabilized Tm-Ho:YAG Laser by Locking to H79Br and CO2 Transitions at Around 2.09 um 1-gen-2004 MARANO, MARCELLOGALZERANO, GIANLUCASVELTO, CESARELAPORTA, PAOLO
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 36 di 36
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