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A closed Form expression for the apodisation loss 1-gen-1986 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE
Input admittance of periodic uniform overlap split-fingers SAW transducers 1-gen-1986 POLITI, MARCOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPESTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA
Program eases selection of SAW matching circuits 1-gen-1986 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEPOLITI, MARCOSTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA +
A computer procedure for analysis and design of bandpass post-coupled rectangular waveguide filters 1-gen-1986 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPESTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA +
Numerical Analysis of various configurations of slab-lines 1-gen-1986 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEPOLITI, MARCO +
A Model for Computer-Aided Design of Broad-Band Stripline Circulators17th European Microwave Conference, 1987 1-gen-1987 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE +
Accuracy of equations for coupled slab-lines 1-gen-1987 STRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTAMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEPOLITI, MARCO +
Interpolating formulas for an equivalent circuit of posts in rectangular waveguide 1-gen-1987 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPESTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA +
Accurate computer analysis and design of stepped-impedance comb-line filters 1-gen-1988 POLITI, MARCOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPESTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA
Fast computation of static capacitance for periodic SAW transducers 1-gen-1988 POLITI, MARCOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPESTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA
A High Power Waveguide Diplexer in Ku-Band for Satellite Ground Station19th European Microwave Conference, 1989 1-gen-1989 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE +
Graphical Tools for designing low noise microwave amplifiers with requirements on the input WSWR 1-gen-1990 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEPOLITI, MARCO
An Equivalent Circuit for the Design of E-Plane Metal-Insert Filters in Millimeter-Wave Applications20th European Microwave Conference, 1990 1-gen-1990 POLITI, MARCOSTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTAMELLONI, ANDREA IVANOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEGENTILI, GIAN GUIDO
Accurate Modelling of Lange Couplers for CAD Applications21st European Microwave Conference, 1991 1-gen-1991 GENTILI, GIAN GUIDOSTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTAMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEPOLITI, MARCO +
Computation of Propagation Parameters of Modes in a Circular Waveguide Loaded with a Ring-Shaped Dielectric21st European Microwave Conference, 1991 1-gen-1991 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPESTRACCA, GIOVANNI BATTISTAGENTILI, GIAN GUIDOPOLITI, MARCO
Analysis of the Discontinuity Between Ridged and Rectangular Waveguide by an Efficient Mode-Matching Technique21st European Microwave Conference, 1991 1-gen-1991 GENTILI, GIAN GUIDOPOLITI, MARCOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEMELLONI, ANDREA IVANO +
Field Design of TE011-Mode Wavegude Passband Filters22nd European Microwave Conference, 1992 1-gen-1992 MELLONI, ANDREA IVANOPOLITI, MARCOGENTILI, GIAN GUIDOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE
Design Criteria for multistage Microwave Amplifiers with Match Requirements at Input and Output 1-gen-1993 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE +
A precise equivalent circuit for TM mode dielectric resonators in circular waveguide below cutoff 1-gen-1993 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPEPOLITI, MARCO +
On the choice of basis functions in quasistatic spectral-domain analysis of stripline-like transmission lines 1-gen-1993 GENTILI, GIAN GUIDOMACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE
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