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On the Mode of Baker's Yeast Reduction of C-7 --- C-10 2-Alken-4-Olides 1-gen-1993 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
Oxidation of ketones by ferric perchlorate in the presence of conjugated dienes to hexahydrofuro[2,3-b]furans and 1,6-dioxaspiro[4,4]nonanes 1-gen-1993 CITTERIO, ATTILIOCACERES, MAGALYMELE, ANDREASEBASTIANO, ROBERTO +
Asymmetric Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure 4'-Fluoroalkyl-2',3'-Dideoxy Nucleosides 1-gen-1994 MELE, ANDREA +
On the mechanism of baker's yeast mediated synthesis of (R) S-benzyl thioglycerate. Experiments in deuterated water 1-gen-1994 MELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
On the Asymmetric Dihydroxylation of (2S,3R) 5-Phenylpent-4-en-2,3-diol Derivatives 1-gen-1994 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
One-Dimentional Inverse-Detected Methods for Measurement of Long-Range Proton-Carbon Coupling Constants. Applications to Saccharides 1-gen-1994 MELE, ANDREA +
Synthesis, Absolute Configuration, Conformational Analysis and Binding Affinity Properties of Enantiomeric Forms of DAU 5750, a novel M1-M3 Muscarinic Receptor Antagonist 1-gen-1994 MELE, ANDREA +
Baker's Yeast Mediate Preparation of Ester of (R) and (S) Ethyl-2-Formyl-3-Hydroxy-2- Methylpropionate 1-gen-1994 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMALPEZZI, LUCIANAMELE, ANDREA +
On the Mechanism of Baker's Yeast Mediated Synthesis of (R) S-Benzyl Thioglycerate. Experiments in Deuterated Water 1-gen-1994 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
Induced Homolysis if Dimethyldioxirane By Alkanes and Alkyl Radicals in Oxidation Process. The Dramatic Role of Molecular Oxygen and Radical Inhibitors 1-gen-1995 MELE, ANDREA +
Synthesis of 4'-Fluoroalkyl Nucleoside Analogues 1-gen-1995 MELE, ANDREA +
A stereoselective and Preparative Entry to 1,2-Anhydrosugars through Oxidation of Glycals with Perfluoro-cis-2,3-dialkyloxaziridine 1-gen-1995 MELE, ANDREARESNATI, GIUSEPPE +
Detection of 1/1 adducts of Piroxicam Adducts with β-Cyclodextrin or with Maltohexaose by FAB-MS 1-gen-1995 MELE, ANDREA +
On the Mechanism of Baker's Yeast Mediated Synthesis of S-Benzyl (R)-Thioglycerate. Experiments with C3 Precursors 1-gen-1995 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREASERVI, STEFANO +
A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Method for the Determination of the Purity of Commercial Dequalinium Chloride 1-gen-1995 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
1H-NMR and Molecular Modeling Study on the -Cyclodextrin-Indomethacin Inclusion Complex 1-gen-1996 MELE, ANDREA +
Penicillin Acylase Mediated Synthesis of 2-Acethyl-1-pyrroline and of 2-Propionyl-1-pyrroline, Key Roast-Smelling Odorants in Food. Inclusion Complexes with β-Cyclodextrin and their NMR and MS Characterization 1-gen-1996 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOMELE, ANDREA +
Through-Space 7JHF and 6JCF Spin-Spin Couplings in 2',3'-dideoxy-4'-fluoroalkylnucleosides. The Role of Sugar Ring Conformation and Solvent Effect 1-gen-1997 MELE, ANDREA +
Synthesis of 2-oxy-3-(pyridinium-1'-yl)-1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives by iodine or hydrogen peroxide oxidation of 1,4-naphthoquinones in the presence of substituted pyridines. 1-gen-1997 CITTERIO, ATTILIOSEBASTIANO, ROBERTOMELE, ANDREA +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 311
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