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Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria of Highly Nonideal Mixtures - the Case of Chloroaromatic Mixtures On Zeolite 1-gen-1987 STORTI, GIUSEPPECARRA', SERGIOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Mathematical-modeling of Potential Consequences of Industrial Hazards Involving Explosion .2. Confined and Vented Explosions 1-gen-1987 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMOCARRA', SERGIO +
Optimal Catalyst Activity Profiles In Pellets .6. Optimization of the Isothermal Fixed-bed Reactor With Multiple Zones 1-gen-1987 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
On Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria of Xylene Mixtures On Zeolites 1-gen-1987 STORTI, GIUSEPPECARRA', SERGIOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Thermodynamic Aspects of Multicomponent Adsorption Processes On Zeolites 1-gen-1987 CARRA', SERGIOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO
Steady-state Multiplicity Behavior of An Isothermal Axial-dispersion Fixed-bed Reactor With Nonuniformly Active Catalyst 1-gen-1987 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Parametric Sensitivity and Runaway In Chemical Reactors 1-gen-1987 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Optimal Catalyst Activity Profiles In Pellets .7. the Case of Arbitrary Reaction-kinetics With Finite External Heat and Mass-transport Resistances 1-gen-1987 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Parametric Sensitivity In Tubular Polymerization Reactors 1-gen-1987 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Parametric Sensitivity In Fixed-bed Reactors - Interparticle and Intraparticle Resistance 1-gen-1987 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Modelli matematici per la previsione delle conseguenze di incidenti coinvolgenti esplosioni - Parte III: esplosioni non confinate 1-gen-1988 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Kinetics of Ethylene Hydrogenation On Supported Platinum - Analysis of Multiplicity and Nonuniformly Active Catalyst Particle Behavior 1-gen-1988 MASI, MAURIZIOCARRA', SERGIOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Generalized statistical model for multicomponent adsorption equilibria on zeolites 1-gen-1988 ROTA, RENATOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Lumped Kinetic-model For Propene-butene Mixtures Oligomerization On A Supported Phosphoric-acid Catalyst 1-gen-1988 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Analysis and Simulation of A Fe-zno Recovery Process From Leaching Residuals 1-gen-1988 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Adsorption Separation Processes - Countercurrent and Simulated Countercurrent Operations 1-gen-1988 STORTI, GIUSEPPEMASI, MAURIZIOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMOCARRA', SERGIO +
Emulsion Polymerizations .2. Kinetics, Molecular-weight Distributions, and Polymer Microstructure of Emulsion Copolymers 1-gen-1988 STORTI, GIUSEPPEMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
A Generalized Criterion For Parametric Sensitivity - Application To Thermal-explosion Theory 1-gen-1988 MORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Emulsion Polymerizations .1. A Novel-approach To the Evaluation of the Molecular-weight Distributions 1-gen-1988 STORTI, GIUSEPPEMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
Kinetics of Multimonomer Emulsion Polymerization - the Pseudo-homopolymerization Approach 1-gen-1989 STORTI, GIUSEPPECARRA', SERGIOMORBIDELLI, MASSIMO +
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