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CABA2L a Bliss Predictive Composition Assistant for AAC Communication Software 1-gen-2006 GATTI, NICOLAMATTEUCCI, MATTEO
Alternating-Offers Bargaining underOne-Sided Uncertainty on Deadlines 1-gen-2006 DI GIUNTA, FRANCESCOGATTI, NICOLA
Reinforcement Learning in Extensive Form Games with Incomplete Information: the Bargaining Case Study 1-gen-2007 GATTI, NICOLALAZARIC, ALESSANDRORESTELLI, MARCELLO +
A formal framework for connective stability of highly decentralized cooperative negotiations 1-gen-2007 AMIGONI, FRANCESCOGATTI, NICOLA
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Determining Efficient Patrolling Strategies for Mobile Robots 1-gen-2008 AMIGONI, FRANCESCOGATTI, NICOLA +
Game Theoretic Analysis of Wireless Access Network Selection: Models, Inefficiency Bounds, and Algorithms 1-gen-2008 CESANA, MATTEOGATTI, NICOLAMALANCHINI, ILARIA
Bargaining in Markets with One-Sided Competition: Model and Analysis 1-gen-2008 GATTI, NICOLA
Game Theoretical Insights in Strategic Patrolling: Model and Algorithm in Normal-Form 1-gen-2008 GATTI, NICOLA
Multiagent Technology Solutions for Planning in Ambient Intelligence 1-gen-2008 GATTI, NICOLAAMIGONI, FRANCESCO +
Towards Automated Bargaining in Electronic Markets: a Partially Two-Sided Competition Model 1-gen-2008 GATTI, NICOLALAZARIC, ALESSANDRORESTELLI, MARCELLO
Alternating-Offers Bargaining with One-Sided Uncertain Deadlines: an Efficient Algorithm 1-gen-2008 GATTI, NICOLA +
A Study of Central Auction Based Wholesale Electricity Markets 1-gen-2009 CEPPI, SOFIAGATTI, NICOLA
Finding the Optimal Strategies for Robotic Patrolling with Adversaries in Topologically-Represented Environments 1-gen-2009 AMIGONI, FRANCESCOBASILICO, NICOLAGATTI, NICOLA
Extending Algorithms for Mobile Robot Patrolling in the Presence of Adversaries to More Realistic Settings 1-gen-2009 BASILICO, NICOLAGATTI, NICOLACEPPI, SOFIAAMIGONI, FRANCESCO +
Computing Bayes-Nash equilibria through support enumeration methods in Bayesian two-player strategic-form games 1-gen-2009 CEPPI, SOFIAGATTI, NICOLABASILICO, NICOLA
Capturing augmented sensing capabilities and intrusion delay in patrolling-intrusion games 1-gen-2009 BASILICO, NICOLAGATTI, NICOLA +
On Spectrum Selection Games in Cognitive Radio Networks 1-gen-2009 MALANCHINI, ILARIACESANA, MATTEOGATTI, NICOLA
On the Efficiency of a game theoretic approach to sparse regenerator placement in WDM networks 1-gen-2009 LUCERNA, DIEGOGATTI, NICOLAMAIER, GUIDO ALBERTOPATTAVINA, ACHILLE
A Mechanism Design Approach to the Stabilization of Networked Dynamical Systems 1-gen-2009 GALBUSERA, LUCAGATTI, NICOLAROMANI, CARLO
Developing a Deterministic Patrolling Strategy for Security Agents 1-gen-2009 BASILICO, NICOLAGATTI, NICOLAAMIGONI, FRANCESCO
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 177
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