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A multidomain approach for automatic home environmental sound classification 1-gen-2010 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Heterogeneous Sensor Database in Support for Human Behavior Analysis in Unrestricted Environments: The Audio Part 1-gen-2010 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
A practical system for acoustic surveillance of hazardous situations 1-gen-2011 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Automatic Recognition of an Unknown and Time-Varying Number of Simultaneous Environmental Sound Sources 1-gen-2011 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Probabilistic novelty detection for acoustic surveillance under real-world conditions 1-gen-2011 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Detection of human activities in natural environments based on their acoustic emissions 1-gen-2012 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Modeling the temporal evolution of acoustic parameters for speech emotion recognition 1-gen-2012 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Acoustic Detection of Human Activities in Natural Environments 1-gen-2012 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Audio Surveillance 1-gen-2012 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS
An HMM-based change detection method for intelligent embedded sensors 1-gen-2012 ALIPPI, CESARENTALAMPIRAS, STAVROSROVERI, MANUEL
A Novel Holistic Modeling Approach for Generalized Sound Recognition 1-gen-2013 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS
Rock collapse forecasting: A novel approach based on the classification of micro-acoustic signals in the wavelet domain 1-gen-2013 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROSROVERI, MANUEL
Automatic analysis of a whale song 1-gen-2013 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Model ensemble for an effective on-line reconstruction of missing data in sensor networks 1-gen-2013 ALIPPI, CESARENTALAMPIRAS, STAVROSROVERI, MANUEL
A Cognitive Fault Diagnosis System for Distributed Sensor Networks 1-gen-2013 ALIPPI, CESARENTALAMPIRAS, STAVROSROVERI, MANUEL
Temporal/spatial model-based fault diagnosis vs. Hidden Markov models change detection method: Application to the Barcelona water network 1-gen-2013 ALIPPI, CESARENTALAMPIRAS, STAVROSROVERI, MANUEL +
Automatic bird sound detection in long real-field recordings: Applications and tools 1-gen-2014 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
On predicting the unpleasantness level of a sound event 1-gen-2014 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
PROMETHEUS: heterogeneous sensor database in support of research on human behavioral patterns in unrestricted environments 1-gen-2014 NTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Evaluating the Resilience of Critical Infrastructures Assessing Interdependencies and Economic Impact: The Role of Inventories 1-gen-2014 GALBUSERA, LUCANTALAMPIRAS, STAVROS +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 60
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