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Rendezvous Maneuvers of multiple spacecraft using differential drag under J2 perturbation 1-gen-2008 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Quasi-Optimal Control for Path Constrained Relative Spacecraft Maneuvers Based on Dynamic Programming 1-gen-2008 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Exact analytic solution for the rotation of a rigid body having spherical ellipsoid of inertia and subjected to a constant torque 1-gen-2008 ROMANO, MARCELLO
Control of Satellites with Minimum Number of Control Actuators 1-gen-2008 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Flight testing of multiple-spacecraft control on SPHERES during close-proximity operations 1-gen-2009 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Ad hoc wireless networking and shared computation for autonomous multirobot systems 1-gen-2009 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Novel Three-Axis Attitude Control System for CubeSats with High Agility and Pointing Accuracy Requirements, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences 1-gen-2009 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Online generation of quasi-optimal spacecraft rendezvous trajectories 1-gen-2009 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
A ballistic-pendulum test stand to characterize small cold-gas thruster nozzles 1-gen-2009 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Optimization of a Spacecraft Maneuver to Dock with a Tumbling Object 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Multiple spacecraft rendezvous maneuvers by differential drag and low thrust engines 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Detumbling and nutation canceling maneuvers with complete analytic reduction for axially symmetric spacecraft 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO
Autonomous Distributed Control of Simultaneous Multiple Spacecraft Proximity Maneuvers 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Laboratory Experimentation of Guidance and Control of Spacecraft During On-Orbit Proximity Maneuvers, Mechatronic Systems Simulation Modeling and Control 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Decoupled-natural-dynamics Model for the Relative Motion of two Spacecraft without and with J2 Perturbation 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Spacecraft proximity navigation and autonomous assembly based on augmented state estimation: analysis and experiments 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Quaternion feedback regulator for large angle maneuvers of underactuated spacecraft 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Active Attitude Control System for Small Spacecraft 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Spacecraft Docking Interface Mechanism 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Lyapunov-based thrusters' selection for spacecraft control: analysis and experimentation 1-gen-2010 ROMANO, MARCELLO +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 58
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