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Detection and mitigation of the eclipse attack in chord overlays 1-gen-2016 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITAVERTICALE, GIACOMO +
An overview on networked music performance technologies 1-gen-2016 Rottondi C.Sarti A. +
Enabling Privacy in a Distributed Game-Theoretical Scheduling System for Domestic Appliances 1-gen-2016 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITABARBATO, ANTIMOVERTICALE, GIACOMO +
Gamified approaches for Water Management Systems: an Overview 1-gen-2017 A. CastellettiA. CominolaM. GiulianiP. FraternaliORTIZ HERRERA, SANTIAGOC. PasiniA. E. RizzoliC. Rottondi +
DROP and FUNERGY: Two gamified learning projects for water and energy conservation 1-gen-2017 Fraternali, PieroRizzoli, Andrea-EmilioRottondi, Cristina +
Modelling spectrum assignment in a two-service flexi-grid optical link with imprecise continuous-time Markov chains 1-gen-2017 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITAVERTICALE, GIACOMO +
EnCOMPASS - An integrative approach to behavioural change for energy saving 1-gen-2017 Fraternali, PieroHERRERA GONZALEZ, SERGIO LUISRizzoli, Andrea EmilioRottondi, CristinaCellina, Francesca +
Evaluating the effects of social interactions on a distributed demand side management system for domestic appliances 1-gen-2017 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITAVERTICALE, GIACOMO +
Differentially private queries in crowdsourced databases for net neutrality violations detection 1-gen-2017 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITAVERTICALE, GIACOMO +
Routing, Modulation Format, Baud Rate and Spectrum Allocation in Optical Metro Rings with Flexible Grid and Few-Mode Transmission 1-gen-2017 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITABOFFI, PIERPAOLOMARTELLI, PAOLOTORNATORE, MASSIMO
The Role of Smart Meters in Enabling Real-Time Energy Services for Households: The Italian Case 1-gen-2017 PITI', ALESSANDROVERTICALE, GIACOMOROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITACAPONE, ANTONIO +
A privacy-friendly gaming framework in smart electricity and water grids 1-gen-2017 ROTTONDI, CRISTINA EMMA MARGHERITAVERTICALE, GIACOMO
Modulation Format, Spectrum and Core Assignment in a Multicore Flexi-Grid Optical Link 1-gen-2018 C. RottondiP. MartelliP. BoffiL. BarlettaM. Tornatore
A survey on the design of gamified systems for energy and water sustainability 1-gen-2018 Piero FraternaliSergio HerreraChiara PasiniRIZZOLI, ANDREA EMILIOCristina Rottondi +
An Inter-Modal-Coupling-Aware Heuristic Algorithm for Routing, Spectrum and Mode Assignment in Few-Mode Optical Networks 1-gen-2018 Rottondi, CristinaTornatore, Massimo
BlAsT: Blockchain-Assisted Key Transparency for Device Authentication 1-gen-2018 Cristina RottondiGiacomo Verticale +
Secure and Differentially Private Detection of Net Neutrality Violations by means of Crowdsourced Measurements 1-gen-2018 Maria Silvia Abba LegnazziCristina RottondiGiacomo Verticale
Machine-learning method for quality of transmission prediction of unestablished lightpaths 1-gen-2018 Rottondi, CristinaBarletta, LucaTornatore, Massimo +
Securing the mobile edge through named data networking 1-gen-2018 Rottondi, CristinaVerticale, Giacomo +
Imprecise Markov Models for Scalable and Robust Performance Evaluation of Flexi-Grid Spectrum Allocation Policies 1-gen-2018 Rottondi, CristinaVerticale, Giacomo +
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 76
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