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A chemoenzymatic-RCM strategy for the enantioselective synthesis of new dihydroxylated 5-hydroxymethyl-indolizidines and 6-hydroxymethyl-quinolizidines 1-gen-2007 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Synthesis and conformational analysis of benzimidazole-based reverse turn mimics 1-gen-2008 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
A new spirocyclic proline-based lactam as efficient type II' b-turn inducing peptidomimetic 1-gen-2008 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Inhibitors of tubulin polymerization: Synthesis and biological evaluation of hybrids of vindoline, anhydrovinblastine and vinorelbine with thiocolchicine, podophyllotoxin and baccatin III. 1-gen-2008 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
New chiral diamino ligands as sparteine analogues. Application to the palladium-catalyzed kinetic oxidative resolution of 1-phenyl ethanol 1-gen-2008 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Tetrahydroisoquinoline-based spirocyclic lactam as a type II' .beta.-turn inducing peptide mimetic. 1-gen-2009 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Olefin Metathesis Based Approach to Diversely Functionalized Pyrrolizidines and Indolizidines; Total Synthesis of (+)-Monomorine 1-gen-2009 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Grignard Addition to Imines Derived from Isatine: A Method for the Asymmetric Synthesis of Quaternary 3-Aminooxindoles. 1-gen-2009 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Synthesis of 3-Heteroaryloxindoles through t-BuOCl-Mediated Oxidation of 3-Heteroarylindoles 1-gen-2010 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
The spiropiperidine-3,3 '-oxindole scaffold: a type II beta-turn peptide isostere 1-gen-2010 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Biocatalytic enantioselective approach to 3-aryl-2-nitropropanols: Synthesis of enantioenriched (R)-5-methoxy-3-aminochroman, a key precursor to the antidepressant drug Robalzotan 1-gen-2010 FUGANTI, CLAUDIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO
Total synthesis of 275A lehmizidine frog skin alkaloid (or of its enantiomer) 1-gen-2010 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Phe-Ala-Based Diazaspirocyclic Lactam as Nucleator of Type II ' beta-Turn 1-gen-2011 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Critical survey covering the year 2010: total synthesis of natural products 1-gen-2011 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Addition of TMSCN to chiral ketimines derived from isatin. Synthesis of an oxindole-based peptidomimetic and a bioactive spirohydantoin 1-gen-2011 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDROGATTI, FRANCESCO GILBERTO +
Productivity enhancement of C=C bioreductions by coupling the in situ substrate feeding product removal technology with isolated enzymes. 1-gen-2012 BRENNA, MARIA ELISABETTAGATTI, FRANCESCO GILBERTOPARMEGGIANI, FABIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Preparation and Luminescence Thermochromism of Tetranuclear Copper(I)–Pyridine–Iodide Clusters 1-gen-2012 PARMEGGIANI, FABIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO
Ugi 4-CR/Pictet–Spengler reaction as a short route to tryptophan-derived peptidomimetics 1-gen-2012 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and conformational investigation of endomorphin-2 hybrid analogues 1-gen-2012 SACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Cascade Coupling of Ene Reductases with Alcohol Dehydrogenases: Enantioselective Reduction of Prochiral Unsaturated Aldehydes 1-gen-2012 BRENNA, MARIA ELISABETTAGATTI, FRANCESCO GILBERTOPARMEGGIANI, FABIOSACCHETTI, ALESSANDRO +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 119
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