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Virtual Factory: an Integrated Framework for Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis 1-gen-2013 TOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIATERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO +
Design of flexible transfer lines: A case-based reconfiguration cost assessment 1-gen-2013 TOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIAURGO, MARCELLO
A Markovian Approach for Stochastic Scheduling in Manufacturing-to-Order Production Systems to Support Due Date Quoting 1-gen-2013 URGO, MARCELLO
Stochastic Scheduling with General Distributed Activity Durations Using Markov Activity Networks and Phase-Type Distributions 1-gen-2014 URGO, MARCELLO
Ontology-based modeling of production systems for design and performance evaluation 1-gen-2014 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
Analysis of activity networks with phase type distributions by Kronecker algebra 1-gen-2014 URGO, MARCELLO +
A Virtual factory data model as a support tool for the simulation of manufacturing systems 1-gen-2014 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
A Robust scheduling approach for a single machine to optimize a risk measure 1-gen-2014 URGO, MARCELLO +
Innovative flexibility-oriented business models and system configuration approaches: An industrial application 1-gen-2015 COPANI, GIACOMOURGO, MARCELLO
Project scheduling for aggregate production scheduling in make-to-order environments 1-gen-2015 ALFIERI, ARIANNAURGO, MARCELLO
Critical Components Evaluation in Manufacturing-To-Order Processes 1-gen-2015 MANZINI, MASSIMOURGO, MARCELLO
Makespan estimation of a production process affected by uncertainty: Application on MTO production of NC machine tools 1-gen-2015 MANZINI, MASSIMOURGO, MARCELLO
A virtual factory approach for in situ simulation to support production and maintenance planning 1-gen-2015 TERKAJ, WALTERTOLIO, TULLIO ANTONIO MARIAURGO, MARCELLO
An integrated framework for combined designing dematerialised machine tools and production systems enabling flexibility-oriented business models 1-gen-2015 COPANI, GIACOMOLEONESIO, MARCOMOLINARI TOSATTI, LORENZOPELLEGRINELLI, STEFANIAURGO, MARCELLOVALENTE, ANNA
Development of a project-oriented and transnational master course for training the engineering competencies required in an increasingly demanding work-life in Europe 1-gen-2016 Marcello UrgoTullio Tolio +
Scheduling a single resource using a B&B approach to limit the total tardiness under uncertainty 1-gen-2016 URGO, MARCELLO
An onto-based interoperability framework for the connection of PLM and production capability tools 1-gen-2016 TERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLOCOLLEDANI, MARCELLO +
Design and management of reconfigurable assembly lines in the automotive industry 1-gen-2016 COLLEDANI, MARCELLOURGO, MARCELLO +
Calculating the joint distribution of n batch delivery spans in a stochastic permutation flow shop 1-gen-2016 ANGIUS, ALESSIOURGO, MARCELLO +
A Concept for a Pallet Configuration Approach Using Zero-point Clamping Systems 1-gen-2016 PELLEGRINELLI, STEFANIATERKAJ, WALTERURGO, MARCELLO
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 78
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