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Automated Security Analysis of Dynamic Web Applications through Symbolic Code Execution 1-gen-2012 AGOSTA, GIOVANNIBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO +
Exploiting Bit-level Parallelism in GPGPUs: a Case Study on KEELOQ Exhaustive Key Search Attack 1-gen-2012 AGOSTA, GIOVANNIBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO
A Code Morphing Methodology to Automate Power Analysis Countermeasures 1-gen-2012 AGOSTA, GIOVANNIBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO
Injection Technologies for Fault Attacks on Microprocessors 1-gen-2012 BARENGHI, ALESSANDROBREVEGLIERI, LUCA ODDONEPELOSI, GERARDO +
Method of Processing Information to be Confidentially Transmitted 1-gen-2013 PELOSI, GERARDO +
Enhancing Passive Side-Channel Attack Resilience through Schedulability Analysis of Data-Dependency Graphs 1-gen-2013 AGOSTA, GIOVANNIBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDOSCANDALE, MICHELE
Supporting Concurrency and Multiple Indexes in Private Access to Outsourced Data 1-gen-2013 PELOSI, GERARDO +
Compiler-based Side Channel Vulnerability Analysis and Optimized Countermeasures Application 1-gen-2013 AGOSTA, GIOVANNIBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO +
A Fault Induction Technique Based on Voltage Underfeeding with Application to Attacks against AES and RSA 1-gen-2013 BARENGHI, ALESSANDROBREVEGLIERI, LUCA ODDONEPELOSI, GERARDO +
Secure and Efficient Design of Block Cipher Implementations on Microcontrollers 1-gen-2013 BARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDOTERRANEO, FEDERICO
Distributed Shuffling for Preserving Access Confidentiality 1-gen-2013 PELOSI, GERARDO +
Drop-In Control Flow Hijacking Prevention through Dynamic Library Interception 1-gen-2013 BARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO +
Security Analysis of Building Automation Networks: Threat Model and Viable Mitigation Techniques 1-gen-2013 ANTONINI, ALESSIOBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO
Design Time Engineering of Side Channel Resistant Cipher Implementations 1-gen-2013 BARENGHI, ALESSANDROBREVEGLIERI, LUCA ODDONEPALOMBA, ANDREAPELOSI, GERARDO +
Extending the Design Space for Secure Embedded System Design 1-gen-2014 AGOSTA, GIOVANNIBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO +
Automated Methodology Integrating Security and Privacy in the Design Process of Medical Devices 1-gen-2014 PELOSI, GERARDOAGOSTA, GIOVANNI +
Authentication Method 1-gen-2014 PELOSI, GERARDO +
Security Challenges in Building Automation and SCADA 1-gen-2014 ANTONINI, ALESSIOBARENGHI, ALESSANDROPELOSI, GERARDO +
Preface of the Proceedings of the First Workshop on Cryptography and Security in Computing Systems (CS2 2014) 1-gen-2014 PELOSI, GERARDO +
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 141
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