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Pursuing Environmental and Social Objectives through Trade Agreements 1-gen-2023 Miriam Manchin +
Panel dataset on non-trade policy outcome indicators (v2) 1-gen-2021 Miriam Manchin
EU trade agreements and non-trade policy objectives, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. RSC 2021/48 1-gen-2021 Miriam Manchin +
Sector and importer determinants of prices for traded intermediates 1-gen-2020 Manchin M. +
Market power in distribution and pass-through for consumers and producers 1-gen-2019 Manchin, Miriam +
Regulatory bindings, policy uncertainty, and market access in services 1-gen-2019 Manchin M. +
Social networks and the intention to migrate 1-gen-2018 MANCHIN, MIRIAM +
Tomorrow's Silk Road: Assessing an EU-China Free Trade Agreement 1-gen-2016 M. Manchin +
Trade costs, quality and the skill premium 1-gen-2016 Manchin, Miriam +
Services Linkages and the Value Added Content of Trade 1-gen-2015 Manchin, Miriam +
Non-tariff barriers, integration and the transatlantic economy 1-gen-2015 Manchin, Miriam +
Protection and Performance 1-gen-2014 Manchin, Miriam +
Market structure in multisector general equilibrium models of open economies 1-gen-2013 Manchin, Miriam +
Institutions, Infrastructure, and Trade 1-gen-2013 Manchin, Miriam +
Outward Migration and Inward FDI: Factor Mobility between Eastern and Western Europe 1-gen-2012 Manchin, Miriam +
Import prices, income, and inequality 1-gen-2012 Manchin, Miriam +
The European Union: economics and policies 1-gen-2011 Miriam Manchin +
Border effects in the enlarged EU area: Evidence from imports to accession countries 1-gen-2009 Manchin, Miriam +
The role of transport infrastructure, logistics, and trade facilitation in Asian trade 1-gen-2009 Miriam Manchin +
Regional Integration in Asia: The Role of Infrastructure 1-gen-2009 Miriam Manchin +
Clothes without an Emperor: Analysis of the preferential tariffs in ASEAN 1-gen-2008 Manchin, Miriam +
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions and the role of trade costs 1-gen-2008 Manchin, Miriam +
Making EU Trade Agreements Work 1-gen-2007 miriam manchin +
Rules of Origin and the Web of East Asian Free Trade Agreements 1-gen-2007 Miriam Manchin +
Preference erosion and multilateral trade liberalization 1-gen-2006 Manchin, Miriam +
Preference utilisation and tariff reduction in EU imports from ACP countries 1-gen-2006 Manchin, Miriam
The European experience of economic integration 1-gen-2004 Manchin, Miriam +
Making EU trade agreements work: The role of rules of origin 1-gen-2003 Manchin, Miriam +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 28 di 28
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