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Human and Spatial Synergies: the case of Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture" In corso di stampa N. Tzortzi +
The Living Concrete Experiment: Cultivation of Photosynthetically Active Microalgal on Concrete Finish Blocks 1-gen-2024 Tzortzi NerantziaHasbini Rola +
Preliminary investigation on the combined use of vertical greenery and the exploitation of energy from photovoltaic panels in building facades in Scandinavian Countries 1-gen-2023 Ozge OgutN. TzortziG. Lobaccaro +
Deserti urbani e giardini-oasi: micro-geografia verde per i centri storici 1-gen-2023 N. TzortziM. S. Lux
Monitoring and performance evaluation of a green wall in a semi-arid Mediterranean climate 1-gen-2023 Nerantzia Tzortzi +
The contribution of co-cultivation of Mediterranean aromatic and medicinal plants to sustainable urban development 1-gen-2023 Nerantzia Tzortzi +
Evaluations on green vertical walls to enhance design quality: the experience of zero gravity eden in Leonardo Campus, 1-gen-2023 Nerantzia TzortziGiovanni Barbotti
Remote Sensing and In-situ Data Analysis for the Urban Heat Island and Land Surface Temperature in the Vertical Forest area (“Bosco Verticale”), in Milan city 1-gen-2023 Tzortzi N +
Energy poverty in Portugal, Italy, and Norway: awareness, short-term driving forces, and barriers in the built environment 1-gen-2023 Ogut OTzortzi NFrasca F +
Integrating Earth-Observation services to improve the resilience of Milan urban area towards Climate Change within HARMONIA project 1-gen-2023 Tzortzi NLux M. SMusacchio RCastiglioni C. A
Design guidelines for healing gardens in the general hospital 1-gen-2023 Quying WangTZORTZI, NERANTZIA
Simulating Heat Transfer Performance for Double-Walls Concrete Residential Building Envelope in Mediterranean Climate 1-gen-2023 Nerantzia TzortziRola Hasbini
Using Earth Observation Application to Air Quality in Addition to in-situ monitoring: HARMONIA IRAP platform 1-gen-2022 N. TzortziO. OgutM. S. Lux +
New theoretical models and governance for Territorial Complexity 1-gen-2022 Tzortzi NRita Maria Cristina Luigia Musacchio +
Changing Cities for Resilience against Climate Changes: Architectural, Engineering and Human Health Implications The H2020 Project HARMONIA 1-gen-2022 Nerantzia TzortziG. BarbottiC. A. Castiglioni +
Changing Cities for Resilience against Climate Changes: Architectural, Engineering and Human Health Implications The H2020 Project HARMONIA 1-gen-2022 Nerantzia TzortziG. BarbottiCarlo Castiglioni +
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Remote Learning: A Case Of Design Workshop 1-gen-2022 Tzortzi NerantziaRita Maria Cristina Luigia MusacchioOzge Ogut
Rinverdire i centri storici. Il ruolo dello spazio privato nell’infrastruttura verde di Milano (Renaturing historical centres. The role of private space in Milan’s green infrastructure) 1-gen-2022 Nerantzia TzortziMaria Stella Lux
Re-starting from cultural heritage to design the resilience of historical urban centres 1-gen-2022 nerantzia tzortzimaria stella lux
Re-starting from cultural heritage to design the resilience of historical urban centres 1-gen-2022 nerantzia tzortzimaria stella lux
Sustainable Strategies for Urban and Landscape Regeneration Related to Agri-Cultural Heritage in the Urban-Periphery of South Milan 1-gen-2022 Tzortzi N.Guaita L. +
Vertical Green Structures to Establish Sustainable Built Environment: A Systematic Market Review 1-gen-2022 Ogut O.Tzortzi N. +
A Story of Architectural Heritage: From Ancient Ca’ Granda Hospital to a Faculty of Medicine 1-gen-2021 Ogut O.Tzortzi N. +
Sustainability & Environmental Footprint 1-gen-2021 N. TzortziR. Hasbini
From the Landform to the Living Wall: Introducing 3D digitisation processes into landscape design education 1-gen-2021 Tzortzi N. +
Green heritage, green history and green planning 1-gen-2021 Nerantzia TzortziMaria Stella Lux
Garden as Paradise: Islamic garden as a paradigm for the rediscovery of the hidden value of residual urban spaces 1-gen-2021 Maria Stella LuxNerantzia Tzortzi +
Vertical Green. An Environmental Solution to Improve Thermal Behavior of Timber Buildings 1-gen-2021 Ozge OgutNerantzia Tzortzi +
A Classification Review on Green Concrete 1-gen-2021 N. TzortziR. Hasbini
A mega-event in a small city: community participation, heritage and scale in the case of Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture 1-gen-2021 Nerantzia Tzortzi +
Design Thinking for Managerial Business 1-gen-2021 Nerantzia TzortziRola Hasbini
La qualità della salute durante l’inizio della pandemia:il caso del centro di Milano 1-gen-2020 Nerantzia TzortziOzge Ogut +
Landscape aesthetic contamination, from weak point to urban redemption element: case Eleusis, Greece 1-gen-2020 Tzortzi N. +
Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture 1-gen-2020 N. Tzortzi +
Cultural and Agri-Cultural Heritage ‘contamination’ at the Milan south periphery 1-gen-2020 Tzortzi N.Guaita L. +
Mega-Events and Heritage: The Experience of Five European Cities 1-gen-2020 D. PonziniN. Tzortzi +
The Persian Gardens 1-gen-2020 Tzortzi N. +
Greenways in Athens, Greece: Enhancing connectivity through a greenway network in a contemporary European metropolis 1-gen-2020 N. Tzortzi +
On Green Concrete 1-gen-2020 Nerantzia TzortziRola Hasbini
Green Walls for Urban Climate Mitigation 1-gen-2019 N. TzortziDi LABBIO, MARTINA
A cultural heritage workshop with international students as a teaching tool in landscape architecture 1-gen-2019 Tzortzi NerantziaCristina MusacchioBardha Meta
Post-war Landscapes: Landscape Architecture as a Mechanism to Preserve Memory 1-gen-2019 N. Tzortzi +
Emergent Vertical Urban Gardens: Derelict Structures as a Potentially Sustainable Paradigm 1-gen-2019 Tzortzi N. +
Green corridors and exterior common areas, enhancing connectivity in Athens, Greece 1-gen-2019 N Tzortzi +
Integration of urban agriculture in public areas. The case of the exmilitary camp “Karatassiou” in Thessaloniki 1-gen-2019 Tzortzi N. +
Examining the opportunities for nature-based solutions at the Municipality of Piraeus, Greece 1-gen-2019 N Tzortzi +
The impact of sustainability on property value: a survey on Cyprus real estate stakeholders 1-gen-2018 Tzortzi N.
Progetto per la Grande Villa Adriana 1-gen-2018 Angelo TorricelliGianluca SortinoPaola CondoleoRoberto RizziCristina PalliniGiovanni ComiNerantzia TzortziMarcella CamponogaraAleksa KorolijaLuca LuiniAntonella ManzoEmanuela Margione +
The Green Wall as sustainable tool in Mediterranean cities: The case study of Limassol, Cyprus 1-gen-2018 N. TZORTZI +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 120
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