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Marginalised areas as a public policy concern 1-gen-2021 E Matsaganis
Living standards in Southern Europe over the long run 1-gen-2021 Matsaganis
Safety nets in (the) crisis: The case of Greece in the 2010s 1-gen-2020 Matsaganis E.
Poverty and the social safety net 1-gen-2020 E Matsaganis
Disentangling annuities and transfers: the case of Greek retirement benefits 1-gen-2020 Matsaganis E. +
Greece: the crisis, austerity, and the transformation of welfare 1-gen-2019 Matsaganis, Emmanuel
What Does It Mean to Live on the Poverty Threshold? Lessons From Reference Budgets 1-gen-2019 E. MatsaganisM. Arlotti +
The right(s) and minimum income in hard times: Southern and Eastern Europe compared 1-gen-2019 NATILI, MARCELLO MARIAMatsaganis, Emmanuel +
Export or Perish: Can Internal Devaluation Create Enough Good Jobs in Southern Europe? 1-gen-2019 Matsaganis E. +
Distributive effects of the crisis in the European periphery 1-gen-2019 Matsaganis E. +
Fiscal vs. Social Welfare: Support for Affordable Housing in Seven EU Countries 1-gen-2019 Emmanuel Matsaganis +
Income support policies and labour market reform under austerity in Greece 1-gen-2018 Matsaganis Emmanuel
Making sense of the Greek crisis 1-gen-2018 Matsaganis Emmanuel
Il futuro dell’Europa sociale 1-gen-2018 Matsaganis Emmanuel
Uscire dall’Euro conviene davvero? Lezioni greche 1-gen-2018 Matsaganis, Emmanuel
Benefits in kind and in cash 1-gen-2018 Matsaganis, Emmanuel
Para entender la crisis griega, 2010-2016 1-gen-2018 Matsaganis, Emmanuel
The Political Economy of Austerity in Southern Europe 1-gen-2018 MATSAGANIS, EMMANUEL +
The Impact of the Great Recession on Child Poverty in Greece 1-gen-2017 MATSAGANIS, EMMANUEL
Globalisation, economic inequality and political instability: what future for Europe’s welfare? 1-gen-2017 Matsaganis, Emmanuel +
To the brink and back in Greece 1-gen-2016 MATSAGANIS, EMMANUEL
Greek fisheries and the economic crisis: structural analogies 1-gen-2016 MATSAGANIS, EMMANUEL +
Reinterpretare la crisi dell’euro 1-gen-2016 Emmanuel Matsaganis
Youth unemployment and the Great Recession in Greece 1-gen-2015 Matsaganis E.
Poverty and inequality during the Great Recession in Greece 1-gen-2014 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
The distributional impact of austerity and the recession in Southern Europe 1-gen-2014 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
The catastrophic Greek crisis 1-gen-2014 Matsaganis E.
The crisis, the austerity, and social policy in Greece 1-gen-2014 Matsaganis E.
Are European social safety nets tight enough? Coverage and adequacy of minimum income schemes in 14 EU countries 1-gen-2013 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
The distributional impact of the Greek crisis in 2010 1-gen-2013 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
The financial well-being of older people in Europe and the redistributive effects of minimum pension schemes 1-gen-2013 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
Towards a European Union Child Basic Income? Within and between country effects 1-gen-2013 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
The crisis and tax evasion in Greece: what are the distributional implications? 1-gen-2012 MATSAGANIS, EMMANUEL +
Earnings determination and taxes: evidence from a cohort based payroll tax reform in Greece 1-gen-2012 Matsaganis Emmanuel +
Social policy in hard times: the case of Greece 1-gen-2012 Matsaganis Emmanuel
The welfare state and the crisis: the case of Greece 1-gen-2011 Matsaganis Emmanuel
Pathways to a universal basic pension in Greece 1-gen-2011 Matsaganis E. +
Non-Take Up of Social Benefits in Greece and Spain 1-gen-2010 Matsaganis E. +
Modelling health expenditure at the household level in Greece 1-gen-2009 Matsaganis E. +
Union structures and pension outcomes in Greece 1-gen-2007 Matsaganis E.
Family Transfers and Child Poverty in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal 1-gen-2006 Matsaganis E. +
Greece-fighting with hands tied behind the back: Anti-poverty policy without a minimum income 1-gen-2005 Matsaganis E.
The limits of selectivity as a recipe for welfare reform: The case of Greece 1-gen-2005 Matsaganis E.
Mending nets in the South: Anti-poverty policies in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain 1-gen-2003 Matsaganis E. +
Yet another piece of pension reform in Greece 1-gen-2002 Matsaganis E.
Open coordination against poverty: The new EU ‘social inclusion process’ 1-gen-2002 Matsaganis E. +
The trouble with the Euro-Stipendium 1-gen-2001 Matsaganis E.
Social assistance in Southern Europe: The case of Greece revisited 1-gen-2000 Matsaganis E.
Testing the 'social dumping' hypothesis in Southern Europe: Welfare policies in Greece and Spain during the last 20 years 1-gen-2000 Matsaganis E. +
From the North Sea to the Mediterranean? Constraints to health reform in Greece 1-gen-1998 Matsaganis E.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 57
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