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Between digital and physical. Envisioning and prototyping smart material systems and artifacts from data-informed scenarios. 1-gen-2021 S. ParisiP. BolzanM. StepanovicL. VariscoI. Mariani
Sounding the Fuzzy Edge Between Research Insights, Design Hints and Design Concepts 1-gen-2020 Margherita PillanLaura Varisco +
Designing Unconscious and Enactive Interaction for Interactive Movie Experience 1-gen-2020 Laura VariscoGiulio Interlandi
Personal Interaction Design. Introducing into the Design Process the Discussion on the Consequences of the Use of Personal Information 1-gen-2020 Laura Varisco
Improving knowledge through design / Incrementare il sapere con il design 1-gen-2020 Laura Varisco
Defining a Data Impact Tool for Design Courses 1-gen-2019 Laura VariscoMargherita PillanMARTI, PATRIZIA
Anticipating Ethical Issues When Designing Services that Employ Personal Data 1-gen-2019 Varisco L.Pavlovic M.Pillan M.
InData Envisioning and Prototyping Informed by Data. A Data Scraping and Visualization Tool to Support Design Scenarios 1-gen-2019 Varisco, LauraMariani, IlariaParisi, StefanoStepanovic, MilaInvernizzi, MicheleBolzan, Patrizia
Designing with Data. Anticipating the Impact of Personal Data Usage on Individuals and Society 1-gen-2019 Laura Varisco +
Indata, Envisioning & Prototyping Informed by Knowledge. Open-Access Data Platform to Support Design Scenarios 1-gen-2019 I. MarianiS. ParisiP. BolzanM. StepanovicINVERNIZZI, MICHELEL. Varisco
Facing Digital Dystopias: A Discussion about Responsibility in the Design of Smart Products 1-gen-2017 Pillan, MargheritaVARISCO, LAURABertolo, Maresa
Personal Digital Trails: toward a Convenient Design of Products and Services Employing Digital Data 1-gen-2017 Laura VariscoMargherita PillanMaresa Bertolo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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