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The Art and Science of Procurement: Revisiting Leonardo da Vinci: Editorial of the 2019 IPSERA Conference Special Issue 1-gen-2020 F. CaniatoC. HarlandT. JohnsenA. MorettoS. Ronchi
Purchasing and supply management in an industrial marketing perspective 1-gen-2018 Johnsen, Thomas E.
Purchasing involvement in technologically uncertain new product development projects: Challenges and implications 1-gen-2018 Johnsen, Thomas E. +
The role of purchasing in the diffusion of sustainability in supply networks: a systematic literature review 1-gen-2018 MIANDAR ESFAHANI, TOLOUET. JohnsenF. Caniato
The role of purchasing in the diffusion of sustainability in supply networks 1-gen-2018 T. MiandarT. JohnsenF. Caniato
Power and Diffusion of Sustainability in Supply Networks: Findings from Four In-Depth Case Studies 1-gen-2018 Johnsen, Thomas E. +
The role of power and trust in spreading sustainability initiatives across supply networks: A case study in the bio-chemical industry 1-gen-2017 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Collaboration for sustainability in the food supply chain: A multi-stage study in Italy 1-gen-2017 León-Bravo, VerónicaCaniato, FedericoCaridi, MariaJohnsen, Thomas
A systematic literature review of sustainable purchasing and supply research: Theoretical perspectives and opportunities for IMP-based research 1-gen-2017 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
The character and significance of Nordic purchasing and supply management research: A systematic review of the literature 1-gen-2016 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
A multi-stage study of collaboration for sustainability in the Italian pasta supply chain 1-gen-2016 LEON BRAVO, CLARITA VERÓNICACANIATO, FEDERICO FRANCESCO ANGELOCARIDI, MARIAJOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK
Dynamic development and execution of closed-loop supply chains: a natural resource-based view 1-gen-2016 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Going Local: A Trend towards Insourcing of Production? 1-gen-2015 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Purchasing and supply chain management: A sustainability perspective 1-gen-2014 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Purchasing & supply management for a sustainable world: Introduction to the IPSERA 2013 conference special issue 1-gen-2014 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Managing interaction for learning and value creation in exchange relationships: A commentary 1-gen-2012 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK
An interaction approach to global sourcing: A case study of IKEA 1-gen-2012 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Sustainable purchasing and supply management: A structured literature review of definitions and measures at the dyad, chain and network levels 1-gen-2012 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Sustainable procurement: Past, present and future 1-gen-2012 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Supply network delegation and intervention strategies during supplier involvement in new product development 1-gen-2011 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK
The difficulties of supplying new technologies into highly regulated markets: The case of tissue engineering 1-gen-2011 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Global sourcing: linking categories to the geographical scope of sourcing 1-gen-2011 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIKCANIATO, FEDERICO FRANCESCO ANGELO +
Inter-organizational Relationships, Chains, and Networks: A Supply Perspective 1-gen-2009 Johnsen, Thomas E.Harland, Christine M. +
Supplier involvement in new product development and innovation: Taking stock and looking to the future 1-gen-2009 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK
UK defence change and the impact on supply relationships 1-gen-2009 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Industrial Marketing Management 1-gen-2007 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Supply management: Is it a discipline? 1-gen-2006 HARLAND, CHRISTINE MARYJOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Centrality of customer and supplier interaction in innovation 1-gen-2006 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
At the receiving end of supply network intervention: The view from an automotive first tier supplier 1-gen-2005 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
A Conceptual Model for Researching the Creation and Operation of Supply Networks1 1-gen-2004 HARLAND, CHRISTINE MARYJOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
A Taxonomy of Supply Networks 1-gen-2001 HARLAND, CHRISTINE MARYJOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
An initial classification of supply networks 1-gen-2000 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIKHARLAND, CHRISTINE MARY +
International market development through networks 1-gen-1999 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
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