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A finite element model of the embryonic zebrafish heart electrophysiology 1-gen-2023 Cestariolo, LudovicaLuraghi, GiuliaRodriguez Matas, Jose Felix +
A low dimensional surrogate model for a fast estimation of strain in the thrombus during a thrombectomy procedure 1-gen-2023 Bridio, SaraLuraghi, GiuliaMigliavacca, FrancescoRodriguez Matas, Jose F +
A detailed methodology to model the Non Contact Tonometry: a Fluid Structure Interaction study 1-gen-2022 Rodriguez Matas, Jose FelixLuraghi, Giulia +
Metodo per stimare in tempo reale la probabilità di successo di un intervento di trombectomia 1-gen-2022 F. MigliavaccaJ. F. Rodriguez MatasG. LuraghiS. Bridio
Self-expandable stent for thrombus removal modeling: Solid or beam finite elements? 1-gen-2022 Luraghi, GiuliaBridio, SaraMigliavacca, FrancescoRodriguez Matas, Jose Felix
Analysis of vulnerability to reentry in acute myocardial ischemia using a realistic human heart model 1-gen-2022 Rodriguez-Matas J. F. +
A predictive multiscale model of in-stent restenosis in femoral arteries: linking haemodynamics and gene expression with an agent-based model of cellular dynamics 1-gen-2022 Corti, AnnaColombo, MonikaMigliavacca, FrancescoRodriguez Matas, Jose FChiastra, Claudio +
Development of a patient-specific cerebral vasculature fluid-structure-interaction model 1-gen-2022 Luraghi, GiuliaBridio, SaraMigliavacca, FrancescoRodriguez Matas, Jose F +
Patient-specific multi-scale design optimization of transcatheter aortic valve stents 1-gen-2022 Petrini, LorenzaMigliavacca, FrancescoLuraghi, GiuliaMatas, Josè Felix Rodriguez +
Combined stent-retriever and aspiration intra-arterial thrombectomy performance for fragmentable blood clots: A proof-of-concept computational study 1-gen-2022 Luraghi, GiuliaBridio, SaraLissoni, VittorioDubini, GabrieleRodriguez Matas, Jose FelixMigliavacca, Francesco +
Relationship between hemodynamics and in-stent restenosis in femoral arteries 1-gen-2021 Corti ARodriguez Matas JFMigliavacca FCasarin S +
Impact of the Internal Carotid Artery Morphology on in silico Stent-Retriever Thrombectomy Outcome 1-gen-2021 Bridio, SaraLuraghi, GiuliaRodriguez Matas, Jose F.Dubini, GabrieleMigliavacca, Francesco +
Effect of myofibril architecture on the active contraction of dystrophic muscle. A mathematical model 1-gen-2021 Stefanati M.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
Impacts of Cellular Electrophysiological Variability on Conduction Velocity Within Isolated Tissue and Depolarization and Repolarization Across the Whole Atrial Model 1-gen-2021 Elliott J.Mainardi L.Corino V.Rodriguez Matas J +
Applicability analysis to evaluate credibility of an in silico thrombectomy procedure 1-gen-2021 Luraghi, GiuliaBridio, SaraRodriguez Matas, Jose FelixMigliavacca, Francesco +
A computational optimization study of a self-expandable transcatheter aortic valve 1-gen-2021 Berti F.Petrini L.Migliavacca F.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
In silico approaches for transcatheter aortic valve replacement inspection 1-gen-2021 Luraghi G.Rodriguez Matas J. F.Migliavacca F.
Applicability assessment of a stent-retriever thrombectomy finite-element model 1-gen-2021 Luraghi, GiuliaRodriguez Matas, Jose FelixDubini, GabrieleBerti, FrancescaBridio, SaraMigliavacca, Francesco +
Understanding TAVR device expansion as it relates to morphology of the bicuspid aortic valve: A simulation study 1-gen-2021 Luraghi G.Rodriguez Matas J. F.Migliavacca F. +
An electrophysiologic computational model of the zebrafish heart 1-gen-2021 Cestariolo L.Luraghi G.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
Multiscale Computational Modeling of Vascular Adaptation: A Systems Biology Approach Using Agent-Based Models 1-gen-2021 Corti A.Colombo M.Migliavacca F.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
The impact of calcification patterns in transcatheter aortic valve performance: a fluid-structure interaction analysis 1-gen-2021 Luraghi G.Rodriguez Matas J. F.Migliavacca F. +
A comparison of regional classification strategies implemented for the population based approach to modelling atrial fibrillation 1-gen-2021 Elliott J.Mainardi L.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
The first virtual patient-specific thrombectomy procedure 1-gen-2021 Luraghi, GiuliaBridio, SaraRodriguez Matas, Jose FelixDubini, GabrieleMigliavacca, Francesco +
The nuclear import of the transcription factor MyoD is reduced in mesenchymal stem cells grown in a 3D micro-engineered niche 1-gen-2021 Jacchetti E.Nasehi R.Boeri L.Parodi V.Osellame R.Cerullo G.Jose Felix Rodriguez MatasRaimondi M. T. +
Computing patient-specific hemodynamics in stented femoral artery models obtained from computed tomography using a validated 3D reconstruction method 1-gen-2020 Colombo M.Bologna M.Rodriguez Matas J. F.Migliavacca F.Chiastra C. +
A Novel Model of Acute Myocardial Ischemia in Human Ventricular Cardiomyocytes 1-gen-2020 Rodriguez- Matas J. F. +
Computational Analysis of Vulnerability to Reentry in Acute Myocardial Ischemia 1-gen-2020 Rodriguez-Matas J. F. +
An In-Silico Study into the Impact of Electrophysiological Variability at the Cellular Level on the Re-entry Patterns in Atrial Fibrillation 1-gen-2020 Elliott J.Mainardi L.Corino V.Rodriguez Matas JF +
A numerical investigation to evaluate the washout of blood compartments in a total artificial heart 1-gen-2020 Luraghi G.De Gaetano F.Rodriguez Matas J. F.Dubini G.Costantino M. L.Migliavacca F. +
A mathematical model of healthy and dystrophic skeletal muscle biomechanics 1-gen-2020 Stefanati M.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
On the Modeling of Patient-Specific Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: A Fluid–Structure Interaction Approach 1-gen-2019 Luraghi G.Migliavacca F.Chiastra C.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
How and why to build a patient-specific cardiovascular model 1-gen-2019 Migliavacca FrancescoGabriele DubiniGiulia LuraghiJosé Felix Rodriguez Matas
Does clinical data quality affect fluid-structure interaction simulations of patient-specific stenotic aortic valve models? 1-gen-2019 Luraghi G.Migliavacca F.Chiastra C.Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
Modeling three-dimensional-printed trabecular metal structures with a homogenization approach: Application to hemipelvis reconstruction 1-gen-2019 La Barbera L.Trabace M.Pennati G.Rodriguez Matas J. F.
Femoral artery hemodynamics: state of the art of computational analyses and future trends 1-gen-2019 M. ColomboA. CortiG. LuraghiJF. Rodriguez MatasF. MigliavaccaG. PennatiC. Chiastra
An In-Silico Study of the Effects of Conductance Variation on the Regionally Based Action Potential Morphology 1-gen-2019 Elliott, JordanMainardi, LucaCorino, ValentinaRodriguez Matas Jose . +
Why Does Extracellular Potassium Rise in Acute Ischemia? Insights from Computational Simulations 1-gen-2019 Rodriguez-Matas J. F. +
Influence of the Stimulation Current on the Differences between Cell and Tissue Electrophysiological Simulations 1-gen-2019 Rodriguez-Matas J. F. +
Study on the Accuracy of Structural and FSI Heart Valves Simulations 1-gen-2018 Luraghi, GiuliaMigliavacca, FrancescoRodriguez Matas, Josè Fèlix
The effect of cell morphology on the permeability of the nuclear envelope to diffusive factors 1-gen-2018 GARCIA GONZALEZ, ALBERTOJacchetti, EmanuelaTunesi, MartaMatas, José F. RodríguezRaimondi, Manuela T. +
Factors affecting basket catheter detection of real and phantom rotors in the atria: A computational study 1-gen-2018 Rodriguez Matas J. F. +
Vulnerability in regionally ischemic human heart. Effect of the extracellular potassium concentration 1-gen-2018 Migliavacca, FrancescoRodríguez Matas, José F. +
Numerical Approach to Study the Behavior of an Artificial Ventricle: Fluid–Structure Interaction Followed By Fluid Dynamics With Moving Boundaries 1-gen-2018 Luraghi, GiuliaWu, WeiRodriguez Matas, José FélixDubini, GabrieleMigliavacca, Francesco +
A response surface optimization approach to adjust ionic current conductances of cardiac electrophysiological models. Application to the study of potassium level changes 1-gen-2018 Rodriguez Matas JF +
Fluid–structure simulation of a general non-contact tonometry. A required complexity? 1-gen-2018 Wu, WeiMALVE', MAURORodriguez Matas, José F. +
Towards the understanding of cytoskeleton fluidisation-solidification regulation 1-gen-2017 Rodriguez, Jose Felix +
An atlas- and data-driven approach to initializing reaction-diffusion systems in computer cardiac electrophysiology 1-gen-2017 Rodriguez, Jose Felix +
A numerical-experimental protocol to characterize corneal tissue with an application to predict astigmatic keratotomy surgery 1-gen-2017 Rodriguez Matas, J. F. +
Evaluation of an aortic valve prosthesis: Fluid-structure interaction or structural simulation? 1-gen-2017 LURAGHI, GIULIADE GAETANO, FRANCESCORODRIGUEZ MATAS, JOSE FELIXCOSTANTINO, MARIA LAURAMIGLIAVACCA, FRANCESCO +
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