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To what extent can agriculture be reshaped to address healthy and sustainable diets by boosting pulse production locally? 1-gen-2023 Livia RicciardiPaolo D'OdoricoDavide Danilo ChiarelliMaria Cristina Rulli
Exploring the water–food nexus reveals the interlinkages with urban human conflicts in Central America 1-gen-2023 I. EpifaniN. GalliM. C. Rulli +
Transnational agricultural land acquisitions threaten biodiversity in the Global South 1-gen-2023 Rulli M. C. +
A Blue Water Scarcity-Based Method for Hydrologically Sustainable Agricultural Expansion Design 1-gen-2023 Galli N.Chiarelli D. D.Ricciardi L.Rulli M. C.
The tradeoff between water savings and salinization prevention in dryland irrigation 1-gen-2023 Saeed KarimzadehDavide Danilo ChiarelliMaria Cristina RulliPaolo D’Odorico +
Closing the loop between water supply and demand in the Nile River Basin under global change 1-gen-2023 Piuri, VeronicaMatta, ElenaYang, GuangGiuliani, MatteoSardo, MartinaChiarelli, Davide DaniloRulli, Maria CristinaCastelletti, Andrea +
Modeling snowmelt influence on shallow landslides in Tartano valley, Italian Alps 1-gen-2023 Davide Danilo ChiarelliMattia GalizziDaniele BocchiolaRenzo RossoMaria Cristina Rulli
Will war in Ukraine escalate the global land rush? 1-gen-2023 Dell'Angelo, JampelRulli, Maria CristinaD'Odorico, Paolo
Hydrological implications of large-scale afforestation in tropical biomes for climate change mitigation 1-gen-2022 Ricciardi, LiviaD'Odorico, PaoloGalli, NikolasChiarelli, Davide DaniloRulli, Maria Cristina
Dryland productivity under a changing climate 1-gen-2022 Maria Cristina Rulli +
Limited water scarcity mitigation by expanded interbasin physical and virtual water diversions with uneven economic value added in China 1-gen-2022 Rulli, Maria C +
Agriculture and food security: implications on sustainable development and the WEF Nexus 1-gen-2022 Rulli Maria CristinaDavide Danilo ChiarelliGalli NikolasGovoni Camilla
Ductile, model-based feasibility assessment for non-irrigated agrivoltaic systems 1-gen-2022 Galli N.Rulli M. C.Leva S.Manzolini G. +
The value generated by irrigation in the command areas of new agricultural dams in Africa 1-gen-2022 Chiarelli D. D.Rulli M. C.D'Odorico P. +
Low Adherence to the EAT-Lancet Sustainable Reference Diet in the Brazilian Population: Findings from the National Dietary Survey 2017–2018 1-gen-2022 Rulli M. C. +
Competition for water induced by transnational land acquisitions for agriculture 1-gen-2022 Chiarelli D. D.D'Odorico P.Dell'Angelo J.Rulli M. C. +
Socio-environmental impacts of diamond mining areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo 1-gen-2022 Galli N.Chiarelli D. D.D'Angelo M.Rulli M. C.
Global assessment of land and water resource demand for pork supply 1-gen-2022 Camilla GovoniDavide Danilo ChiarelliMaria Cristina Rulli +
Socio-hydrological features of armed conflicts in the Lake Chad Basin 1-gen-2022 N. GalliI. EpifaniD. D. ChiarelliM. C. Rulli +
The AWESOME Project: A decision analytic framework for managing Water Energy Food and Ecosystems across sectors and scales in the South Mediterranean 1-gen-2021 Elena MattaMatteo GiulianiMatteo Vincenzo RoccoMaria Cristina RulliAndrea Castelletti +
A new dataset of global irrigation areas from 2001 to 2015 1-gen-2021 Rulli M. C.D'Odorico P. +
Global water grabbing and food insecurity 1-gen-2021 Maria Cristina Rulli +
Prompting sustainability in the citrus derivates industry: A case study 1-gen-2021 Bozzano G.Manenti F.Rulli M. C. +
Land-use change and the livestock revolution increase the risk of zoonotic coronavirus transmission from rhinolophid bats 1-gen-2021 Rulli M. C.D'Odorico P.Galli N. +
A growing produce bubble: United States produce tied to Mexico's unsustainable agricultural water use 1-gen-2021 Chiarelli D. D.Rulli M. C. +
Energy implications of the 21st century agrarian transition 1-gen-2021 Rulli M. C.Chiarelli D. D.Dell'Angelo J.D'Odorico P. +
Values-Based Scenarios of Water Security: Rights to Water, Rights of Waters, and Commercial Water Rights 1-gen-2021 Rulli M. C.D'Odorico P. +
Water resources constraints in achieving silk production self-sufficiency in India 1-gen-2021 Ricciardi L.Chiarelli D. D.Rulli M. C. +
Impact of transnational land acquisitions on local food security and dietary diversity 1-gen-2021 Chiarelli, Davide DaniloRulli, Maria Cristina +
Bedrock erosion in subglacial channels 1-gen-2021 Rulli M. C. +
Roadmap to 2050: The Land-Water-Energy Nexus of Biofuels 1-gen-2021 Maurizio MasiEmanuele OddoMaria Cristina Rulli +
Disentailing Sources of Future Uncertainties for Water Management Policies in a Subtropical Water System. 1-gen-2021 Amaranto, AlessandroGiuliani, MatteoChiarelli, Davide DaniloRulli, Maria CristinaCastelletti, Andrea +
Global assessment of natural resources for chicken production 1-gen-2021 Govoni C.Chiarelli D. D.Rulli M. C. +
Water stranding in the energy and agriculture sectors: The case of hydraulic fracturing in water scarce irrigated regions 1-gen-2020 Rulli M. C. +
Tropical forest loss enhanced by large-scale land acquisitions 1-gen-2020 Rulli M. C. +
Global sustainable irrigation expansion potential under climate change 1-gen-2020 M. SangiorgioD. D. ChiarelliM. C. Rulli +
Hydrological consequences of natural rubber plantations in Southeast Asia 1-gen-2020 Davide Danilo ChiarelliCorrado PasseraMaria Cristina Rulli +
A New Method for Food Production Analysis and Optimization Applied to Citrus Industry 1-gen-2020 M. RaymoM. C. RulliL. PiazzaF. ManentiG. Bozzano
Global agricultural economic water scarcity 1-gen-2020 Chiarelli D. D.Rulli M. C. +
Large‐scale land acquisition as a potential driver of slope instability 1-gen-2020 Chiarelli, Davide DaniloD'Odorico, PaoloRosso, RenzoRulli, Maria Cristina +
Future scenarios of soil erosion in the Alps under climate change and land cover transformations simulated with automatic machine learning 1-gen-2020 Gianinetto, M.Aiello, M.Vezzoli, R.Polinelli, F.Rulli, M.Chiarelli, D.Bocchiola, D.Ravazzani, G.Soncini, A.
Simulating the Cascading Effects of an Extreme Agricultural Production Shock: Global Implications of a Contemporary US Dust Bowl Event 1-gen-2020 Rulli, Maria Cristina +
The green and blue crop water requirement WATNEEDS model and its global gridded outputs 1-gen-2020 Chiarelli, Davide DaniloRulli, Maria Cristina +
Potential for sustainable irrigation expansion in a 3 °C warmer climate 1-gen-2020 Chiarelli, Davide DaniloSangiorgio, MatteoRulli, Maria CristinaD’Odorico, Paolo +
The global value of water in agriculture 1-gen-2020 D’Odorico, PaoloChiarelli, Davide DaniloRulli, Maria Cristina +
Water balance partitioning for ecosystem service assessment. A case study in the Amazon 1-gen-2020 Casagrande E.Recanati F.Rulli M. C.Bevacqua D.Melia' P.
An analysis of the role of gender in social resilience against floods 1-gen-2019 Federica ZambriniGiovanni MenduniMaria Cristina Rulli
D-RUSLE: a dynamic model to estimate potential soil erosion with satellite time series in the Italian Alps 1-gen-2019 M. GianinettoM. AielloF. PolinelliF. frassyM. C. RulliG. RavazzaniD. BocchiolaD. D. ChiarelliA. SonciniR. Vezzoli
Integrating Landsat and Sentinel-2 time series for enhancing the estimation of soil erosion in the Alps 1-gen-2019 Marco GianinettoMartina AielloRenata VezzoliFrancesco Rota NodariFrancesco PolinelliFederico FrassyMaria Cristina RulliGiovanni RavazzaniAndrea SonciniDavide Danilo ChiarelliDaniele BocchiolaChiara Corbari
Large plot erosion simulations on Alpine area 1-gen-2019 D. D. ChiarelliA. SonciniC. PasseraM. C. RulliD. BocchiolaM. GianinettoM. AielloR. VezzoliF. Rota NodariF. PolinelliF. Frassy
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 198
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