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Development of a Membrane Module Prototype for Oxygen Separation in Industrial Applications 1-gen-2022 Passoni S.Mereu R. +
Energy Performance Evaluation of a Ventilated Façade System through CFD Modeling and Comparison with International Standards 1-gen-2021 Mazzucchelli E. S.Pastori S.Mereu R.Passoni S.Dotelli G.
Quantification of uncertainty in CFD simulation of accidental gas release for O & G quantitative risk assessment 1-gen-2021 Di Maio F.Mereu R.Zio E. +
NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF TWO-PHASE STRATIFIED FLOW INSIDE HORIZONTAL PIPES USING VOF MODEL 1-gen-2021 Passoni, StefanoMereu, RiccardoColombo, Luigi Pietro MariaCarraretto, Igor M.
Hydropower potential of run of river schemes in the himalayas under climate change: A case study in the dudh koshi basin of Nepal 1-gen-2020 Bocchiola D.Manara M.Mereu R.
Fluid-dynamics and transport of 210Po in the scintillator Borexino detector: A numerical analysis 1-gen-2020 Mereu R. +
Comparison of cfd numerical approaches for the simulation of accidental gas release in energy applications 1-gen-2020 Pappalardo F.Di Maio F.Mereu R.Zio E. +
Multiphase numerical modeling of a pilot-scale bubble column with a fixed poly-dispersity approach 1-gen-2020 Hosseini, AshkanMereu, RiccardoCanu, SalvatoreInzoli, Fabio +
Impact of urban environment on Savonius wind turbine performance: A numerical perspective 1-gen-2020 Nicastro, PatriciaSchito, PaoloMereu, Riccardo +
Scale-resolving CFD modeling of a thick wind turbine airfoil with application of vortex generators: Validation and sensitivity analyses 1-gen-2019 Mereu R.PASSONI, STEFANOInzoli F.
Numerical modelling of flashing flow phase change in convergent-divergent nozzle: A sensitivity analysis 1-gen-2019 Mereu R.Besagni G.Dossena V.Inzoli F. +
Analysis of flow field design on vanadium redox flow battery performance: Development of 3D computational fluid dynamic model and experimental validation 1-gen-2018 MESSAGGI, MIRKOCANZI, PATRIZIOMereu, R.Baricci, A.Inzoli, F.Casalegno, A.Zago, M.
The Borexino Thermal Monitoring & Management System and simulations of the fluid-dynamics of the Borexino detector under asymmetrical, changing boundary conditions 1-gen-2018 Mereu, R.Inzoli, F. +
Editorial: 5th micro and nano flows conference 2016 1-gen-2018 Inzoli, FabioMereu, Riccardo
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Flashing Flow in Convergent-Divergent Nozzle 1-gen-2018 Dang Le, QuangMereu, RiccardoBesagni, GiorgioDossena, VincenzoInzoli, Fabio
Application of computational fluid dynamics to the analysis of geometrical features in PEM fuel cells flow fields with the aid of impedance spectroscopy 1-gen-2017 BARICCI, ANDREAMEREU, RICCARDOMESSAGGI, MIRKOZAGO, MATTEOINZOLI, FABIOCASALEGNO, ANDREA
CFD study of Savonius wind turbine: 3D model validation and parametric analysis 1-gen-2017 SCHITO, PAOLOINZOLI, FABIOMEREU, RICCARDO +
Modeling analysis of flow field geometrical features in polymer electrolyte fuel cells porous media 1-gen-2017 M. MessaggiA. BaricciR. MereuM. ZagoF. InzoliA. Casalegno
Experimental study on steam chugging phenomenon in a vertical sparger 1-gen-2017 MEREU, RICCARDO +
Parametric numerical study of Savonius wind turbine interaction in a linear array 1-gen-2017 MEREU, RICCARDOSCHITO, PAOLOINZOLI, FABIO +
Application of an integrated lumped parameter-CFD approach to evaluate the ejector-driven anode recirculation in a PEM fuel cell system 1-gen-2017 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIOCHIESA, PAOLO
Experimental and numerical study of freezing and flow characteristics of Wood’s Metal injection in a water pool 1-gen-2016 MEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIO +
Ejector refrigeration: A comprehensive review 1-gen-2016 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIO
Simulation of R718 flash boiling flow inside motive nozzle of ejector 1-gen-2016 MEREU, RICCARDOBESAGNI, GIORGIODOSSENA, VINCENZOINZOLI, FABIO +
Numerical investigation of R-134a ejector 1-gen-2016 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIO
Off-grid systems for rural electrification in developing countries: Definitions, classification and a comprehensive literature review 1-gen-2016 MANDELLI, STEFANOBARBIERI, JACOPOMEREU, RICCARDOCOLOMBO, EMANUELA
Numerical study of saturation steam/water mixture flow and flashing initial sub-cooled water flow inside throttling devices 1-gen-2016 Dang Le, Q.Mereu, R.Besagni, G.Dossena, V.Inzoli, F.
Numerical study of fluid characteristics and freezing of liquid metal injection in a water pool 1-gen-2016 Inzoli, FabioMereu, Riccardo +
Experimental image process and analytical model of direct contact condensation in chugging regime 1-gen-2016 STARNELLA, GIUSEPPEInzoli, FabioMereu, Riccardo
Solar Water Heating System Codesign and Do-It-Yourself Approach for Appropriate Technology Diffusion: The Médina Case Study (Dakar, Senegal) 1-gen-2015 MEREU, RICCARDOAMATI, TOMASO DAVIDEMATTAROLO, LORENZOBENGO, IRENEDI BENEDETTO, CLAUDIO
Breakup and Solidification Behaviour of Liquid Metal Jet in Water Environment 1-gen-2015 MEREU, RICCARDO +
An Integrated Lumped Parameter-CFD approach for off-design ejector performance evaluation 1-gen-2015 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOCHIESA, PAOLOINZOLI, FABIO
A study of working fluids for heat driven ejector refrigeration using lumped parameter models 1-gen-2015 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIO +
CFD study of ejector flow behavior in a blast furnace gas galvanizing plant 1-gen-2015 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIO
Fondamenti di termofluidodinamica computazionale 1-gen-2014 COLOMBO, EMANUELAINZOLI, FABIOMEREU, RICCARDO
Preliminary fluid dynamic analysis of turbulent flat and ribbed square duct via CFD approach 1-gen-2014 MEREU, RICCARDOLAMPITELLA, PAOLOINZOLI, FABIO
"Solar Water Heating system co-design and Do-It-Yourself approach for appropriate technology diffusion: the Médina Training Centre case study" 1-gen-2014 MEREU, RICCARDOAMATI, TOMASO DAVIDEMATTAROLO, LORENZOBENGO, IRENEDI BENEDETTO, CLAUDIO
The influence of operating conditions and working fluids over ejector efficiencies: a CFD study 1-gen-2014 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOCOLOMBO, EMANUELACHIESA, PAOLO +
CFD study of ejector efficiencies 1-gen-2014 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOCOLOMBO, EMANUELA
Large eddy simulation of the flow and heat transfer in a matrix of cubes 1-gen-2014 LAMPITELLA, PAOLOMEREU, RICCARDOCOLOMBO, EMANUELAINZOLI, FABIO
Numerical analysis of fluid dynamics and thermal characteristics inside a wavy channel 1-gen-2013 MEREU, RICCARDOCOLOMBO, EMANUELAINZOLI, FABIO
CFD Feasibility analysis of an improved cook-stove (ICS) for electricity production 1-gen-2013 MEREU, RICCARDOBARBIERI, JACOPOCOLOMBO, EMANUELA +
Distributed Generation for Access to Electricity:“Off-Main-Grid” Systems from Home-Based to Microgrid 1-gen-2013 MANDELLI, STEFANOMEREU, RICCARDO
Large eddy simulation of a turbulent pipe flow: a sensitivity analysis on computational parameters 1-gen-2012 LAMPITELLA, PAOLOMEREU, RICCARDOCOLOMBO, EMANUELAINZOLI, FABIO +
A methodology for qualifying industrial CFD: The Q3 approach and the role of a protoco 1-gen-2012 COLOMBO, EMANUELAINZOLI, FABIOMEREU, RICCARDO
Implementation of a ghost fluid method in a tree-based adaptive volume of fluid software for two-phase heat and mass transfer 1-gen-2012 GUEDON, GAEL RAYMONDMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIOCOLOMBO, EMANUELA +
CFD modeling of wind load on PV panels on flat roofs 1-gen-2012 INZOLI, FABIOCOLOMBO, EMANUELAMEREU, RICCARDO +
Validation of a ghost fluid method in a tree-based adaptive volume of fluid for two-phase heat and mass transfer 1-gen-2012 MEREU, RICCARDOGUEDON, GAEL RAYMONDINZOLI, FABIOCOLOMBO, EMANUELA +
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