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LivHeart: A Multi Organ-on-Chip Platform to Study Off-Target Cardiotoxicity of Drugs Upon Liver Metabolism 1-gen-2023 Ferrari, EVisone, ROcchetta, PRasponi, M +
Mechanical Induction of Osteoarthritis Traits in a Cartilage-on-a-Chip Model 1-gen-2022 Mainardi A.Occhetta P.Rasponi M.
Electromechanical Stimulation of 3D Cardiac Microtissues in a Heart-on-Chip Model 1-gen-2022 Visone R.Occhetta P.Rasponi M.
Organ-on-Chips for Studying Tissue Barriers: Standard Techniques and a Novel Method for Including Porous Membranes Within Microfluidic Devices 1-gen-2022 Ballerini M.Jouybar M.Mainardi A.Rasponi M.Ugolini G. S.
Functional microvascularization of human myocardium in vitro 1-gen-2022 Cruz-Moreira, DanielaRasponi, Marco +
Predicting human cardiac QT alterations and pro-arrhythmic effects of compounds with a 3D beating heart-on-chip platform 1-gen-2022 Visone, RobertaLozano-Juan, FerranRedaelli, AlbertoRasponi, MarcoOcchetta, Paola +
Selective Cerebrospinal Fluid Hypothermia: Bioengineering Development and In Vivo Study of an Intraventricular Cooling Device (V-COOL) 1-gen-2022 Fiore, GianfrancoCoppadoro, LorenzoRasponi, Marco +
Normothermic Ex Vivo Liver Platform Using Porcine Slaughterhouse Livers for Disease Modeling 1-gen-2022 Ruppelt, AliciaRasponi, Marco +
GZMKhigh CD8+ T effector memory cells are associated with CD15high neutrophil abundance in non-metastatic colorectal tumors and predict poor clinical outcome. 1-gen-2022 M. BalleriniM. RasponiL. Nezi +
A new microfluidic platform for the highly reproducible preparation of non-viral gene delivery complexes 1-gen-2022 Protopapa, GiovanniBono, NinaVisone, RobertaRasponi, MarcoCandiani, Gabriele +
Physiologic flow-conditioning limits vascular dysfunction in engineered human capillaries 1-gen-2022 Piatti, FilippoVisone, RobertaRedaelli, AlbertoRasponi, Marco +
A Human Stem Cell-Derived Neurosensory-Epithelial Circuitry on a Chip to Model Herpes Simplex Virus Reactivation 1-gen-2022 Rasponi, MarcoPalma, CeciliaCastelli, Matteo +
Photo and Soft Lithography for Organ-on-Chip Applications 1-gen-2022 Ferrari E.Nebuloni F.Rasponi M.Occhetta P.
Modeling in vitro osteoarthritis phenotypes in a human vascularized bone construct based on a bone-marrow derived mesenchymal cell line and endothelial cells 1-gen-2021 Andrea MainardiPaola OcchettaMarco Rasponi +
Modelling the joint on a chip: a Vertical Burst Valve allows for mechanically active, 3D, multi-layer vascularized osteochondral compartment OoC representations. 1-gen-2021 Andrea MainardiPaola OcchettaMarco Rasponi. +
Experimental liver models: From cell culture techniques to microfluidic organs-on-chip 1-gen-2021 Polidoro M. A.Ferrari E.Rasponi M. +
Recapitulating monocyte extravasation to the synovium in an organotypic microfluidic model of the articular joint 1-gen-2021 Mondadori C.Salehi S.Visone R.Rasponi M.Redaelli A. +
Liver-Heart on chip models for drug safety 1-gen-2021 Ferrari E.Rasponi M.
Micro-electrode channel guide (µECG) technology: An online method for continuous electrical recording in a human beating heart-on-chip 1-gen-2021 Visone R.Ugolini G. S.Redaelli A.Occhetta P.Rasponi M. +
Assessing the influence of perfusion on cardiac microtissue maturation: A heart-on-chip platform embedding peristaltic pump capabilities 1-gen-2021 Visone R.Redaelli A.Rasponi M. +
Current strategies of mechanical stimulation for maturation of cardiac microtissues 1-gen-2021 Occhetta P.Visone R.Rasponi M. +
A dynamic microscale mid-throughput fibrosis model to investigate the effects of different ratios of cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts 1-gen-2021 Mainardi, AndreaCarminati, FrancescaUgolini, Giovanni StefanoOcchetta, PaolaVisone, RobertaRasponi, Marco +
Plasma-enhanced protein patterning in a microfluidic compartmentalized platform for multi-organs-on-chip: A liver-tumor model 1-gen-2021 Ferrari E.Ugolini G. S.Rasponi M. +
Modeling in vitro osteoarthritis phenotypes in a vascularized bone model based on a bone-marrow derived mesenchymal cell line and endothelial cells 1-gen-2021 Mainardi A.Occhetta P.Rasponi M. +
Bioengineered tooth emulation systems for regenerative and pharmacological purposes 1-gen-2021 Cordiale A.Rasponi M. +
uHeart platform: direct on-chip culture and electrophysiology investigation of functional 3D cardiac microtissues 1-gen-2020 R. VisoneG. S. UgoliniS. PiazzaA. RedaelliP. OcchettaM. Rasponi +
Modelling cardiac fibrosis through a mechanically active multi-chamber organ on chip device 1-gen-2020 Andrea MainardiPaola OcchettaStefano UgoliniRoberta VisoneFrancesca CarminatiMarco Rasponi +
Towards the joint on a chip: double layered directly interfaced tissues to mimic the Osteoarthritic cartilage-subchondral interface 1-gen-2020 Andrea MainardiPaola OcchettaStefano UgoliniMarco Rasponi +
Beating organs-on-chips as advanced preclinical tools for drug screening and disease modelling 1-gen-2020 Paola OcchettaRoberta VisoneAndrea MainardiStefano PiazzaMarco Rasponi +
Microfluidic Biofabrication of 3D Multicellular Spheroids by Modulation of Non-geometrical Parameters 1-gen-2020 Piraino F.Mainardi V. L.Bersini S.Pierro M.Rasponi M. +
Integrating Biosensors in Organs-on-Chip Devices: A Perspective on Current Strategies to Monitor Microphysiological Systems 1-gen-2020 Ferrari E.Palma C.Vesentini S.Occhetta P.Rasponi M.
The MICELI (MICrofluidic, ELectrical, impedance): Prototyping a point-of-care impedance platelet aggregometer 1-gen-2020 Bozzi S.Dimasi A.Rasponi M.Santoleri A.Consolo F.Redaelli A. +
Frataxin gene editing rescues Friedreich’s ataxia pathology in dorsal root ganglia organoid-derived sensory neurons 1-gen-2020 Palma C.Rasponi M. +
Towards the joint on a chip: A microfluidic osteochondral model 1-gen-2019 A. MainardiP. OcchettaG. S. UgoliniM. Rasponi +
Novel microfluidic protein patterning method for human-organs-on-chip: liver-tumor application 1-gen-2019 E. FerrariGS. UgoliniM. Rasponi
Real-time measurements of 3D cardiac microtissue electrical activity integrated in a beating heart-on-chip 1-gen-2019 R. VisoneG. S. UgoliniD. Cruz-MoreiraP. OcchettaM. Rasponi
Cartilage on chip: Hyper-Physiological Compression in a microscale platform triggers osteoarthritic traits in a cartilage model EUROoC 2019 TU Graz 1-gen-2019 Mainardi AOcchetta PVotta ERasponi M +
Microfluidic device for electrical measurement and/or stimulation 1-gen-2019 M. RasponiG. S. UgoliniR. Visone
Microfluidic device and relative method for the generation and/or culture and/or maturation of three- dimensional cell and/or tissue constructs 1-gen-2019 M RasponiA RedaelliP Occhetta
Beating organs-on-chip as advanced tools in drug screening: Engineered in vitro models of human organs and diseases 1-gen-2019 Roberta VisoneAndrea MainardiPaola OcchettaMarco Rasponi
Cartilage on chip: Hyper-Physiological Compression in a microscale platform triggers osteoarthritic traits in a cartilage model. 1-gen-2019 Andrea MainardiPaola OcchettaEmiliano VottaMarco Rasponi. +
Development of innovative tools and strategies for gene delivery purposes 1-gen-2019 N. BonoF. PontiS. PalladinoE. GiupponiC. PennettaP. TarsiniD. PezzoliA. GautieriM. RasponiA. VolonterioD. MantovaniG. Candiani +
A microfluidic model to study the interaction between cardiomyocytes and fibroblast in cardiac scar formation 1-gen-2019 Carminati, FDiaz, DROcchetta, PMainardi, AUgolini, SRasponi, M +
Lymphatic endothelium contributes to colorectal cancer growth via the soluble matrisome component GDF11 1-gen-2019 Ugolini G. S.Rasponi M. +
Hyperphysiological compression of articular cartilage induces an osteoarthritic phenotype in a cartilage-on-a-chip model 1-gen-2019 Occhetta P.Mainardi A.Votta E.Rasponi M. +
Reconstitution of the Human Nigro-striatal Pathway on-a-Chip Reveals OPA1-Dependent Mitochondrial Defects and Loss of Dopaminergic Synapses 1-gen-2019 Ugolini, Giovanni StefanoRasponi, Marco +
A Simple Vacuum-Based Microfluidic Technique to Establish High-Throughput Organs-On-Chip and 3D Cell Cultures at the Microscale 1-gen-2019 Visone R.Ugolini G. S.Redaelli A.Rasponi M. +
Hyperexcitability in Cultured Cortical Neuron Networks from the G93A-SOD1 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Model Mouse and its Molecular Correlates 1-gen-2019 Regalia G.Ugolini G. S.Rasponi M. +
Cartilage on chip: Hyper-Physiological Compression in a microscale platform triggers osteoarthritic traits in a cartilage model 1-gen-2018 Andrea MainardiPaola OcchettaEmiliano VottaMarco Rasponi +
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