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Floor heating pre-onoff parameters based on Model Predictive Control feature extrapolation 1-gen-2022 Ettore ZanettiRossella AlesciRossano ScocciaMarcello Aprile
Performance comparison of quadratic, nonlinear, and mixed integer nonlinear MPC formulations and solvers on an air source heat pump hydronic floor heating system 1-gen-2022 Scoccia R.Aprile M. +
Energy, environmental and economic analysis of electric vapour compression and gas driven absorption heat pumps for single-family houses 1-gen-2021 Villa, GiorgioScoccia, RossanoToppi, TommasoAprile, Marcello
Deflemmatore per un generatore di vapore refrigerante per macchine termiche ad assorbimento, e relativo generatore comprendente un tale deflemmatore 1-gen-2021 L. PistocchiniM. AprileF. MottaT. Toppi
Rettificatore per un generatore di vapore refrigerante per macchine termiche ad assorbimento, e generatore comprendente un tale rettificatore 1-gen-2021 L. PistocchiniT. ToppiM. AprileM. Motta
Compressor-assisted heat transformer for waste-heat powered district heating applications 1-gen-2021 T. ToppiM. AprileG. AbramiM. Motta
Development of a compact ammonia-water Gas Absorption Heat Pump 1-gen-2021 L. PistocchiniA. StoroniT. ToppiM. AprileM. Motta
Boiler a fiamma diretta, in particolare per un generatore di vapore refrigerante per macchine termiche ad assorbimento, e generatore comprendente un tale boiler 1-gen-2021 L. PistocchiniT. ToppiM. AprileM. Motta
Transient behavior assessments of a single-effect ammonia-water absorption heat pump system: Development of an efficient experimentally validated numerical framework 1-gen-2021 Aprile M.Pistocchini L.Toppi T.Motta M. +
Adaptation of a gray-box entropy-based model of a gas-driven absorption heat pump for a new low-capacity prototype 1-gen-2021 G. VillaT. ToppiM. AprileM. Motta
Performance Analysis of Three Absorption Heat Pump Cycles, Full and Partial Loads Operations 1-gen-2020 babak dehghan bakhshayeshTommaso ToppiMarcello AprileMario Motta
Minimalist RC network for building energy simulations: a case study based on OpenBPS 1-gen-2020 Colombo, PaolaScoccia, RossanoAprile, MarcelloMotta, MarioMazzarella, Livio
Self-adapting double and triple-lift absorption cycles for low-grade heat driven cooling 1-gen-2020 Toppi T.Aprile M.Motta M.
Energy Saving Potentials of a Centralized Hybrid Heating System via Adaptive Model Predictive Control in a Northern Italy Residential Building 1-gen-2020 Zanetti, EttoreScoccia, RossanoAprile, MarcelloMotta, MarioMazzarella, Livio +
Seasonal performance assessment of three alternative gas-driven absorption heat pump cycles 1-gen-2020 Dehghan B. , BabakToppi, TommasoAprile, MarcelloMotta, Mario
Modelling and performance assessment of a thermally-driven cascade adsorption cycle suitable for cooling applications 1-gen-2020 M. AprileT. ToppiM. Motta +
Energy saving potentials of a photovoltaic assisted heat pump for hybrid building heating system via optimal control 1-gen-2020 Zanetti E.Aprile M.Scoccia R.Motta M. +
Optimization module for filtering and ranking alternative energy replacement systems, in an online ICT design tool for building retrofits 1-gen-2019 Scoccia R.Aprile M. +
Heat transmission over long pipes: New model for fast and accurate district heating simulations 1-gen-2019 A. DénariéM. AprileM. Motta
Building hvac retrofitting using a pv assisted dc heat pump coupled with a pcm heat battery and optimal control algorithm 1-gen-2019 Zanetti E.Scoccia R.Aprile M.Motta M.Mazzarella L. +
Fast Simulation Platform for Retrofitting Measures in Residential Heating 1-gen-2019 Scoccia, RossanoSivieri, AlessandroAprile, Marcello +
Modelling and experimental validation of an in-tube vertical falling film absorber with counter flow arrangement of solution and gas 1-gen-2019 Aminyavari, MehdiAprile, MarcelloPistocchini, LorenzoMotta, Mario
District power-to-heat/cool complemented by sewage heat recovery 1-gen-2019 Aprile, MarcelloScoccia, RossanoDénarié, Alice +
Field testing of a novel hybrid solar assisted desiccant evaporative cooling system coupled with a vapour compression heat pump 1-gen-2018 Frein, A.MUSCHERA', MATTEOScoccia, R.Aprile, M.Motta, M.
Multicriteria approach for a multisource district heating 1-gen-2018 Dénarié, AliceCalderoni, MarcoAprile, Marcello
STACY–A mathematical modelling framework for steady-state simulation of absorption cycles 1-gen-2018 Aprile, MarcelloToppi, TommasoGarone, SilviaMotta, Mario
Absorption and compression heat pump systems for space heating and DHW in European buildings: energy, environmental and economic analysis 1-gen-2018 Scoccia, RossanoToppi, TommasoAprile, MarcelloMotta, Mario
Monitoring experience of three fuel driven absorption HP systems 1-gen-2017 FUMAGALLI, MARICA ANGELATommaso ToppiMarcello AprileMario Motta
Gray-box entropy-based model of a water-source NH3-H2O gas-driven absorption heat pump 1-gen-2017 APRILE, MARCELLOSCOCCIA, ROSSANOTOPPI, TOMMASOMOTTA, MARIO
A detailed study on simultaneous heat and mass transfer in an in-tube vertical falling film absorber 1-gen-2017 AMINYAVARI, MEHDIAPRILE, MARCELLOTOPPI, TOMMASOGARONE, SILVIAMOTTA, MARIO
Monitoring of gas driven absorption heat pumps and comparing energy efficiency on primary energy 1-gen-2017 FUMAGALLI, MARICA ANGELASIVIERI, ALESSANDROAPRILE, MARCELLOMOTTA, MARIO +
Performance assessment of a double-lift absorption prototype for low temperature refrigeration driven by low-grade heat 1-gen-2017 TOPPI, TOMMASOAPRILE, MARCELLOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Study of sorption systems for application on low-emission fishing vessels 1-gen-2017 Aprile, MarcelloMotta, Mario +
Study and Evaluation of Two Innovative Waste-heat Driven Refrigeration Systems for Fishing Vessels Applications 1-gen-2016 APRILE, MARCELLOMOTTA, MARIO +
Modelling and experimental analysis of a GAX NH3-H2O gas-driven absorption heat pump 1-gen-2016 APRILE, MARCELLOSCOCCIA, ROSSANOTOPPI, TOMMASOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Numerical investigation on semi-GAX NH3-H2O absorption cycles 1-gen-2016 TOPPI, TOMMASOAPRILE, MARCELLOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Analysis of gas-fired NH3-H2O generator with cross flow gas burner 1-gen-2016 APRILE, MARCELLOTOPPI, TOMMASOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
A Continuous Commissioning Analysis and its Application to a New Installed Solar Driven DEC System Coupled with Heat Pump 1-gen-2015 FREIN, ANTOINEAPRILE, MARCELLOMUSCHERA', MATTEOSCOCCIA, ROSSANOMOTTA, MARIO
Experimental and numerical analysis of an air-cooled double-lift NH3-H2O absorption refrigeration system 1-gen-2015 APRILE, MARCELLOTOPPI, TOMMASOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Modeling and experimental validation of a tube-in-tube refrigerant cooled absorber 1-gen-2015 TOPPI, TOMMASOAPRILE, MARCELLOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Seasonal Performance Simulation of an Air Sourced Gas Absorption Heat Pump 1-gen-2014 TOPPI, TOMMASOAPRILE, MARCELLO +
Experimental characterization of a newly developed air-source waterammonia gas absorption heat pumpfor residential applications 1-gen-2014 TOPPI, TOMMASOAPRILE, MARCELLOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Modeling and Characterization of a Tube-in-Tube Refrigerant Cooled Absorber 1-gen-2014 APRILE, MARCELLOTOPPI, TOMMASOGUERRA, MARCOMOTTA, MARIO
Modelling of a desiccant rotor by using the collocation method 1-gen-2014 APRILE, MARCELLOMOTTA, MARIO
End use application: The case of solar thermal systems 1-gen-2013 MOTTA, MARIOAPRILE, MARCELLO
Grey-box modelling and in situ experimental identification of desiccant rotors 1-gen-2013 APRILE, MARCELLOMOTTA, MARIO
Performance assessment for solar heating and cooling system for office building in Italy 1-gen-2012 MAURO, ALBERTOAPRILE, MARCELLOMOTTA, MARIO +
Solar Cooling Systems Utilizing Concentrating Solar Collectors - An Overview 1-gen-2012 APRILE, MARCELLOMOTTA, MARIO +
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