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Time Reliability of Empirical Models for the Prediction of Building Parameters: The Case of Palazzo Lombardia 1-gen-2023 Luca Francescantonio.Manzoni Stefano +
Data Driven Damage Detection Strategy Under Uncontrolled Environment 1-gen-2023 Luca Francescantonio.Manzoni StefanoCigada Alfredo
Piezoelectric-shunt-based approach for multi-mode adaptive tuned mass dampers 1-gen-2023 Manzoni S. +
SMA-based adaptive tuned mass dampers: Analysis and comparison 1-gen-2023 Manzoni StefanoArgentino AntonioLuca Francescantonio +
Vibration-Based Damage Feature for Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring Under Realistic Environmental and Operational Variability 1-gen-2022 Lucà Francescantonio.Manzoni Stefano.Cigada Alfredo
New Sensor Nodes, Cloud, and Data Analytics: Case Studies on Large Scale SHM Systems 1-gen-2022 Lucà Francescantonio.Manzoni StefanoCigada Alfredo +
Experimental Evaluation of the Driving Parameters in Human-Structure Interaction 1-gen-2022 Lucà FrancescantonioManzoni StefanoScaccabarozzi Diego +
A vibration-based approach for health monitoring of tie-rods under uncertain environmental conditions 1-gen-2022 Francescantonio LucàStefano ManzoniAlfredo Cigada +
Human-structure interaction: convolution-based estimation of human-induced vibrations using experimental data 1-gen-2022 Francescantonio LucàStefano Manzoni +
Distributed Home Labs at the Time of the Covid 1-gen-2022 Cigada A.Manzoni S.
A Damage Detection Approach for Axially Loaded Beam-like Structures Based on Gaussian Mixture Model 1-gen-2022 Luca FrancescantonioManzoni S.Cigada A. +
Automatic Detection of Real Damage in Operating Tie‐Rods 1-gen-2022 Lucà Francescantonio.Manzoni StefanoCigada AlfredoBarella SilviaGruttadauria Andrea +
Vibration control with piezoelectric elements: The indirect measurement of the modal capacitance and coupling factor 1-gen-2021 Manzoni S. +
Enhancement of the broadband vibration attenuation of a resistive piezoelectric shunt 1-gen-2021 Manzoni S. +
The reduction of operational amplifier electrical outputs to improve piezoelectric shunts with negative capacitance 1-gen-2021 Manzoni S.Marelli S. +
Guidelines for the layout and tuning of piezoelectric resonant shunt with negative capacitances in terms of dynamic compliance, mobility and accelerance 1-gen-2021 Manzoni S. +
Characterisation of glue behaviour under thermal and mechanical stress conditions 1-gen-2021 Cigada A.Manzoni S. +
Quantitative Study on the Modal Parameters Estimated Using the PLSCF and the MITD Methods and an Automated Modal Analysis Algorithm 1-gen-2020 S. ManzoniA. Cigada +
Introduction to Spectral and Correlation Analysis: Basic Measurements and Methods 1-gen-2020 S. Manzoni +
Empirical models for the health monitoring of high-rise buildings: the case of Palazzo Lombardia 1-gen-2020 F. LucàS. Manzoni +
LRLC-shunted piezoelectric vibration absorber 1-gen-2020 Manzoni S. +
A global approach for scaling the mode shapes estimated by operational modal analysis 1-gen-2019 A. CigadaS. Manzoni +
An approach to predict human–structure interaction in the case of staircases 1-gen-2019 Drago L.Manzoni S. +
A multi-modal adaptive tuned mass damper based on shape memory alloys 1-gen-2019 Manzoni, Stefano +
The use of negative capacitances in piezoelectric resonant shunt 1-gen-2019 S. Manzoni +
One Year Monitoring of a Wind Turbine Foundations 1-gen-2019 Manzoni S.Lucà F. +
SMA-based multi-modal adaptive TMDs: model and tests 1-gen-2019 S. Manzoni +
Adaptive multi-modal tuned mass dampers based on shape memory alloys: Design and validation 1-gen-2019 Manzoni, S. +
Global scaling of operational modal analysis modes with the OMAH method 1-gen-2019 Manzoni, S.Cigada, A. +
The use of negative capacitances to improve the vibration attenuation of piezoelectric resonant shunt 1-gen-2019 S. Manzoni +
Summarizing Results for Scaling OMA Mode Shapes by the OMAH Technique 1-gen-2018 Manzoni, StefanoCigada, Alfredo +
Overview of the New OMAH Technique for Scaling OMA Mode Shapes 1-gen-2018 S. ManzoniA. Cigada +
Passive multi-mode piezoelectric shunt damping: An approach based on matrix inequalities 1-gen-2018 Manzoni, S. +
The prediction of vibrations for light structures in presence of moving people 1-gen-2018 DRAGO, LORISManzoni, S. +
Damping behavior of 316L lattice structures produced by Selective Laser Melting 1-gen-2018 Rosa, FrancescoManzoni, StefanoCasati, Riccardo
Performance characterization of modal identification algorithms, the case of automated modal analysis of Palazzo Lombardia 1-gen-2018 Manzoni, Stefano +
Piezoelectric resonant shunt enhancement by negative capacitances: Optimisation, performance and resonance cancellation 1-gen-2018 Manzoni, Stefano +
Estimation of axial load in tie-rods using experimental and operational modal analysis 1-gen-2017 MANZONI, STEFANOSCACCABAROZZI, MATTEO +
Using three-parameter sine fitting for scaling mode shapes with omah 1-gen-2017 MANZONI, STEFANOCIGADA, ALFREDO +
Scaling of mode shapes from operational modal analysis using harmonic forces 1-gen-2017 MANZONI, STEFANOCIGADA, ALFREDO +
Numerical model for human induced vibrations 1-gen-2017 Manzoni, Stefano +
The monitoring of Palazzo Lombardia in Milan 1-gen-2017 Manzoni, Stefano +
Improved shunt damping with two negative capacitances: An efficient alternative to resonant shunt 1-gen-2017 Manzoni, S. +
Multi-mode passive piezoelectric shunt damping by means of matrix inequalities 1-gen-2017 MANZONI, STEFANO +
L'interazione uomo-struttura e la sua modellazione per una progettazione strutturale affidabile 1-gen-2017 S. Manzoni +
Enhanced Vibration Damping by Means of Negative Capacitances 1-gen-2016 BERARDENGO, MARTACIGADA, ALFREDOMANZONI, STEFANO +
Improved resistive shunt by means of negative capacitance: New circuit, performances and multi-mode control 1-gen-2016 BERARDENGO, MARTAMANZONI, STEFANO +
Evaluation of the dynamic behaviour of steel staircases damped by the presence of people 1-gen-2016 CAPPELLINI, ANNA MARIA CHIARAMANZONI, STEFANOVANALI, MARCELLOCIGADA, ALFREDO
The Behaviour of Mistuned Piezoelectric Shunt Systems and Its Estimation 1-gen-2016 MANZONI, STEFANO +
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