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Modeling approaches for ballistic simulations of composite materials: Analytical model vs. finite element method 1-gen-2024 Ma D.Scazzosi R.Manes A.
Experimental investigation on low-velocity impact behavior of glass, Kevlar, and hybrid composites with an elastomeric polyurethane matrix 1-gen-2024 Vescovini A.Ma D.Colombo C.Salerno A.Manes A. +
Effect of fixture boundary conditions for low-velocity impact: A focus on composites with different matrix and fibers 1-gen-2024 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Comparison of two progressive damage models for predicting low-velocity impact behavior of woven composites 1-gen-2024 Rezasefat, MohammadManes, Andrea +
Post-buckling behavior and collapse of Double-Double composite single stringer specimens 1-gen-2024 Vescovini A.Manes A.Bisagni C. +
Computational modeling of confined blast waves with focus on interaction with structures 1-gen-2023 Shehu, ELomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Numerical modelling of the mechanical behaviour of Aluminosilicate Glass: A comparison between two simulation approaches 1-gen-2023 Manes, A +
Deep learning-based analysis to identify fluid-structure interaction effects during the response of blast-loaded plates 1-gen-2023 Lomazzi, LCadini, FManes, A +
Experimental and numerical investigation on the ballistic performance of aluminosilicate glass with different nosed projectiles 1-gen-2023 Wang Z.Ma D.Manes A. +
Enhancing Lamb wave-based damage diagnosis in composite materials using a pseudo-damage boosted convolutional neural network approach 1-gen-2023 Lomazzi, LJunges, RGiglio, MManes, ACadini, F +
Strain-Rate Dependent FDEM Simulation of the Perforation Behaviour of Woven Composites Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact 1-gen-2023 Giglio M.Manes A. +
Numerical Study on the Damage of a Carbon Woven Composite Panel Subjected to Blast Loading 1-gen-2023 Vescovini, AlessandroLomazzi, LucaGiglio, MarcoManes, Andrea
Multi-criteria decision-making analysis and numerical simulation of the low-velocity impact response of inter-ply S2-glass/aramid woven fabric hybrid laminates 1-gen-2023 Ma, DColombo, CGiglio, MManes, A +
Repeated impact behaviour of inter-ply hybrid aramid/S2-glass epoxy laminates 1-gen-2023 REZASEFAT BALASBANEH, MOHAMMADGiglio, MManes, A +
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Influence of Pre-Existing Impact Damage on the Low-Velocity Impact Response of CFRP Panels 1-gen-2023 Rezasefat, MohammadBeligni, AlessioSbarufatti, ClaudioAmico, Sandro CamposManes, Andrea
Numerical modelling of ice: Mechanical behaviour of ice under high strain rates 1-gen-2023 Ma D.Manes A. +
On Eulerian-Lagrangian methods to investigate the blast response of composite plates 1-gen-2023 Giuliano, DLomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Experimental and numerical studies on the repeated low-velocity impact response and damage accumulation in woven S2-glass fibre/epoxy composites 1-gen-2023 REZASEFAT BALASBANEH, MOHAMMADGiglio, MManes, A +
A novel numerical method for stochastic study of fiber-reinforced composites with nanoparticles under impact loading 1-gen-2023 Ma, DGiglio, MManes, A +
A hybrid micro-macro mechanical damage model to consider the influence of resin-rich zones on the transverse tensile behaviour of unidirectional composites 1-gen-2023 REZASEFAT BALASBANEH M.Ma D.Manes A. +
Multi-function movable scotch block: application of an analytical-experimental methodology for the design of the innovative component 1-gen-2022 E. SABBIONIA. MANESD. TARSITANOR. SCAZZOSIM. GIGLIO +
A distribution model for low-velocity impact tests on Kevlar-epoxy composites reinforced by nanoparticles 1-gen-2022 D. MaM. GiglioA. Manes +
Data-driven approach to account for fluid-structure interaction effects on blast loaded steel plates 1-gen-2022 Luca LomazziAndrea ManesFrancesco Cadini +
Numerical investigation on the uniaxial compressive behaviour of an epoxy resin and a nanocomposite 1-gen-2022 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A.
A Numerical Study on the Influence of Strain Rate in Finite-Discrete Element Simulation of the Perforation Behaviour of Woven Composites 1-gen-2022 Rezasefat, MohammadGiglio, MarcoManes, Andrea +
Vulnerability assessment to projectiles: Approach definition and application to helicopter platforms 1-gen-2022 Lomazzi L.Cadini F.Giglio M.Manes A.
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Open Holes on the Impact Response of CFRP Laminates 1-gen-2022 Rezasefat Balasbaneh, M.Giglio, M.Manes, A.
Experimental study on the low-velocity impact response of inter-ply S2-glass/aramid woven fabric hybrid laminates 1-gen-2022 REZASEFAT BALASBANEH MOHAMMAD.GONZÁLEZ JIMÉNEZ Á.Ma D.Vescovini A.Lomazzi L.Manes A. +
Influence of hybridization on the mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of aramid/S2-glass hybrid laminates 1-gen-2022 Manes, A +
Experimental and numerical evaluation of the perforation resistance of multi-layered alumina/aramid fiber ballistic shield impacted by an armor piercing projectile 1-gen-2022 Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A. +
Castor Oil-Based Polyurethane/S2 Glass/Aramid Hybrid Composites Manufactured by Vacuum Infusion 1-gen-2022 Manes, Andrea +
Damage assessment of CFRP laminate plate subjected to close-range blast loading: hydrocode methodology validation and case study 1-gen-2022 Vescovini, ALomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Influence of strain-rate related parameters on the simulation of ballistic impact in woven composites 1-gen-2022 Ma, DGiglio, MManes, A +
An Approach for Material Model Identification of a Composite Coating Using Micro-Indentation and Multi-Scale Simulations 1-gen-2022 Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A. +
A method for determining the distribution of carbon nanotubes in nanocomposites by electric conductivity 1-gen-2022 Ma, DSbarufatti, CGiglio, MManes, A +
A fast fracture plane orientation search algorithm for Puck's 3D IFF criterion for UD composites 1-gen-2021 Rezasefat Balasbaneh M.Giglio M.Manes A. +
On the mitigation of the RAPID algorithm uneven sensing network issue employing averaging and Gaussian blur filtering techniques 1-gen-2021 GONZÁLEZ JIMÉNEZ Á.Lomazzi L.Cadini F.Beligni A.Sbarufatti C.Giglio M.Manes A.
Analysis of the blast wave – structure interface phenomenon in case of explosive events 1-gen-2021 Lomazzi, LGiglio, MManes, A
Quasi-static and low-velocity impact biaxial flexural fracture of aluminosilicate glass — An experimental and numerical study 1-gen-2021 Wang Z.Manes A. +
High-Velocity Impact Behavior of Aramid/S2-Glass Interply Hybrid Laminates 1-gen-2021 Scazzosi R.Manes A. +
Investigation of the biaxial flexural fracture of aluminosilicate glass by smeared fixed crack method 1-gen-2021 Wang Z.Manes A.
Analytical and empirical methods for the characterisation of the permanent transverse displacement of quadrangular metal plates subjected to blast load: Comparison of existing methods and development of a novel methodological approach 1-gen-2021 Lomazzi L.Giglio M.Manes A.
Effect of chemical strengthening residual stress on the flexural performance and fracture behavior of aluminosilicate glass 1-gen-2021 Wang Z.Manes A. +
Analysis of mesoscale modelling strategies for woven composites 1-gen-2021 Ma D.Giglio M.Manes A.
Stress analysis and fracture simulation of aluminosilicate glass plates under Ring-On-Ring loading 1-gen-2021 Wang, ZhenManes, Andrea
Numerical study on the dynamic progressive failure due to low-velocity repeated impacts in thin CFRP laminated composite plates 1-gen-2021 Rezasefat Balasbaneh M.GONZÁLEZ JIMÉNEZ Á.Giglio M.Manes A.
Spatial Filtering Technique-Based Enhancement of the Reconstruction Algorithm for the Probabilistic Inspection of Damage (RAPID) 1-gen-2021 Lomazzi L.Cadini F.Manes A.Giglio M. +
Numerical investigation on the hybridization effect in inter-ply S2-glass and aramid woven composites subjected to ballistic impacts 1-gen-2021 Vescovini A.Scazzosi R.Giglio M.Manes A. +
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