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Nature and identity of the active site via structure-dependent microkinetic modeling: An application to WGS and reverse WGS reactions on Rh 1-gen-2022 Cheula R.Maestri M.
Coupling Euler–Euler and Microkinetic Modeling for the Simulation of Fluidized Bed Reactors: an Application to the Oxidative Coupling of Methane 1-gen-2021 Micale, DanieleUglietti, RiccardoBracconi, MauroMaestri, Matteo
Liquid–Liquid Microfluidic Flows for Ultrafast 5-Hydroxymethyl Furfural Extraction 1-gen-2021 Bracconi, MauroMaestri, Matteo +
Fondamenti dei processi chimici 1-gen-2021 Maestri, Matteo
A Fundamental Investigation of Gas/Solid Heat and Mass Transfer in Structured Catalysts Based on Periodic Open Cellular Structures (POCS) 1-gen-2021 Ferroni C.Bracconi M.Ambrosetti M.Maestri M.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Mechanistic and multiscale aspects of thermo-catalytic CO2conversion to C1products 1-gen-2021 Alam M. I.Cheula R.Moroni G.Nardi L.Maestri M.
Preface to the enrico tronconi festschrift 1-gen-2021 Beretta A.Groppi G.Lietti L.Maestri M.Nova I.
Local Ordering of Molten Salts at NiO Crystal Interfaces Promotes High-Index Faceting 1-gen-2021 Cheula R.Maestri M. +
The Influence of a Changing Local Environment during Photoinduced CO2 Dissociation 1-gen-2021 Maestri M. +
Packed foams for the intensification of catalytic processes: assessment of packing efficiency and pressure drop using a combined experimental and numerical approach 1-gen-2020 Ambrosetti M.Bracconi M.Maestri M.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Experiments and computations of microfluidic liquid–liquid flow patterns 1-gen-2020 Bracconi, MauroMaestri, Matteo +
A detailed kinetic model for the reduction of oxygen on LSCF-GDC composite cathodes 1-gen-2020 Alessandro DonazziGiulio CordaroAndrea BaricciMatteo Maestri +
Training set design for machine learning techniques applied to the approximation of computationally intensive first-principles kinetic models 1-gen-2020 Bracconi M.Maestri M.
Analysis of the effective thermal conductivity of isotropic and anisotropic Periodic Open Cellular Structures for the intensification of catalytic processes 1-gen-2020 Bracconi M.Ambrosetti M.Maestri M.Groppi G.Tronconi E.
Modeling Morphology and Catalytic Activity of Nanoparticle Ensembles under Reaction Conditions 1-gen-2020 Cheula R.Maestri M. +
Development and assessment of speed-up algorithms for the reactive CFD–DEM simulation of fluidized bed reactors 1-gen-2020 Uglietti, RiccardoBracconi, MauroMaestri, Matteo
First-principles assessment of the analogy between gas-phase and gas-solid H-abstraction reactions at graphene edges 1-gen-2019 Ding ZhaobinPelucchi M.Faravelli T.Maestri M. +
Development and Assessment of a Criterion for the Application of Brønsted-Evans-Polanyi Relations for Dissociation Catalytic Reactions at Surfaces 1-gen-2019 Ding Zhaobin.Maestri M.
Investigation of pressure drop in 3D replicated open-cell foams: Coupling CFD with experimental data on additively manufactured foams 1-gen-2019 Bracconi, MauroAmbrosetti, MatteoMaestri, MatteoGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, Enrico +
A topological model for predicting adsorption energies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on late-transition metal surfaces 1-gen-2019 Ding, ZhaoBinTommasini, MatteoMaestri, Matteo
Kinetic analysis of methane dry reforming on Rh in spatially-resolved operando-Raman annular reactor 1-gen-2019 Gianluca MoroniAlessandro DonazziMatteo Maestri
Prediction of morphological changes of catalyst materials under reaction conditions by combined: Ab initio thermodynamics and microkinetic modelling 1-gen-2018 Cheula, RaffaeleMaestri, Matteo +
Coupling CFD-DEM and microkinetic modeling of surface chemistry for the simulation of catalytic fluidized systems 1-gen-2018 UGLIETTI, RICCARDOBracconi, MauroMaestri, Matteo
A fundamental analysis of the influence of the geometrical properties on the effective thermal conductivity of open-cell foams 1-gen-2018 Bracconi, MauroAMBROSETTI, MATTEOMaestri, MatteoGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, Enrico
Modelling of the dynamic behavior of catalyst materials in reacting conditions: An application to the catalytic partial oxidation of methane on rhodium 1-gen-2018 Cheula RMaestri M +
First-principles theoretical assessment of catalysis by confinement: NO-O2 reactions within voids of molecular dimensions in siliceous crystalline frameworks 1-gen-2018 Maestri, Matteo +
A hierarchical approach to chemical reactor engineering: An application to micro packed bed reactors 1-gen-2018 Rebughini, StefanoBracconi, MauroMaestri, Matteo +
A fundamental investigation of gas/solid mass transfer in open-cell foams using a combined experimental and CFD approach 1-gen-2018 Bracconi, MauroAMBROSETTI, MATTEOMaestri, MatteoGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, Enrico
A systematic procedure for the virtual reconstruction of open-cell foams 1-gen-2017 BRACCONI, MAUROAMBROSETTI, MATTEOMAESTRI, MATTEOGROPPI, GIANPIEROTRONCONI, ENRICO
First-principles simulation of Raman Spectra of Adsorbates on Metal Surfaces 1-gen-2017 DING, ZHAOBINTOMMASINI, MATTEO MARIA SAVERIOMAESTRI, MATTEO
Structure-dependent microkinetic modeling: Towards the nano-engineering of heterogeneous catalytic processes: The erc-shape project is paving the way towards the engineering of the chemical transformation at the molecular level 1-gen-2017 MAESTRI, MATTEO
Escaping the trap of complication and complexity in multiscale microkinetic modelling of heterogeneous catalytic processes 1-gen-2017 MAESTRI, MATTEO
Design and testing of an operando-Raman annular reactor for kinetic studies in heterogeneous catalysis 1-gen-2017 Maghsoumi, AliRavanelli, AndreaCONSONNI, FEDERICOLucotti, AndreaTommasini, MatteoDonazzi, AlessandroMaestri, Matteo +
Cell agglomeration algorithm for coupling microkinetic modeling and steady-state CFD simulations of catalytic reactors 1-gen-2017 REBUGHINI, STEFANOCUOCI, ALBERTOMAESTRI, MATTEO +
In situ adaptive tabulation for the CFD simulation of heterogeneous reactors based on operator-splitting algorithm 1-gen-2017 BRACCONI, MAUROMAESTRI, MATTEOCUOCI, ALBERTO
Catalysis engineering: From the catalytic material to the catalytic reactor 1-gen-2017 REBUGHINI, STEFANOBRACCONI, MAUROCUOCI, ALBERTOMAESTRI, MATTEO
A multistep model for the kinetic analysis of the impedance spectra of a novel mixed ionic and electronic conducting cathode 1-gen-2016 DONAZZI, ALESSANDROMAESTRI, MATTEOGROPPI, GIANPIERO
Experimental and model analysis of the co-oxidative behavior of syngas feed in an Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 1-gen-2016 DONAZZI, ALESSANDRORAHMANIPOUR, MORTEZAMAESTRI, MATTEOGROPPI, GIANPIEROBOARO, MARCO +
Experimental and modeling investigation of IT-SOFC for use with biogas and syngas mixtures 1-gen-2016 DONAZZI, ALESSANDRORAHMANIPOUR, MORTEZAMAESTRI, MATTEO +
Handling contact points in reactive CFD simulations of heterogeneous catalytic fixed bed reactors 1-gen-2016 REBUGHINI, STEFANOCUOCI, ALBERTOMAESTRI, MATTEO
A multiregion operator-splitting CFD approach for coupling microkinetic modeling with internal porous transport in heterogeneous catalytic reactors 1-gen-2016 MAFFEI, TIZIANOGENTILE, GIANCARLOREBUGHINI, STEFANOBRACCONI, MAUROMANELLI, FILIPPOCUOCI, ALBERTOMAESTRI, MATTEO +
Hierarchical analysis of the gas-to-particle heat and mass transfer in micro packed bed reactors 1-gen-2016 REBUGHINI, STEFANOCUOCI, ALBERTOMAESTRI, MATTEO
Experimental and Modeling Investigation of IT-SOFC 1-gen-2015 DONAZZI, ALESSANDROMAESTRI, MATTEOGROPPI, GIANPIERO +
Mechanistic Insights into the CO2 Activation on Metal Catalysts 1-gen-2015 DIETZ, LUCAMAESTRI, MATTEO +
Experimental and modeling investigation of IT-SOFC for use with biogas and syngas mixtures 1-gen-2015 RAHMANIPOUR, MORTEZADONAZZI, ALESSANDROMAESTRI, MATTEOGROPPI, GIANPIEROBOARO, MARCOTROVARELLI, ALESSANDRO +
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Consistency of the Occurrence of Different Forward and Backward Mechanisms for the Same Global Reaction 1-gen-2015 MAESTRI, MATTEO
Reduction of microkinetic reaction models for reactor optimization exemplified for hydrogen production from methane 1-gen-2015 MAESTRI, MATTEO +
A Computational Framework for the Simulation of Gas-Solid Catalytic Reactors Based on a Multiregion Approach 1-gen-2015 MAFFEI, TIZIANOGENTILE, GIANCARLOREBUGHINI, STEFANOCUOCI, ALBERTOMAESTRI, MATTEO
Mechanistic insights into CO2 activation via reverse water - Gas shift on metal surfaces 1-gen-2015 DIETZ, LUCAMAESTRI, MATTEO +
Experimental and modeling investigation of IT-SOFC for use with biogas and syngas mixtures 1-gen-2015 DONAZZI, ALESSANDRORAHMANIPOUR, MORTEZAMAESTRI, MATTEOBOARO, MARCO +
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