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An analysis of DOOM level generation using Generative Adversarial Networks 1-gen-2023 Giacomello, EdoardoLanzi, Pier LucaLoiacono, Daniele
Enhancing Radiotherapy Workflow for Head and Neck Cancer with Artificial Intelligence: A Systematic Review 1-gen-2023 Lambri, NicolaCrespi, LeonardoLoiacono, Daniele +
Impact of the Extremities Positioning on the Set-Up Reproducibility for the Total Marrow Irradiation Treatment 1-gen-2023 Lambri, NicolaBrioso, Ricardo CoimbraCrespi, LeonardoLoiacono, DanieleRusconi, Roberto +
Internal Guidelines for Reducing Lymph Node Contour Variability in Total Marrow and Lymph Node Irradiation 1-gen-2023 Lambri, NicolaBrioso, Ricardo CoimbraCrespi, LeonardoLoiacono, Daniele +
Comparing Adversarial and Supervised Learning for Organs at Risk Segmentation in CT images 1-gen-2023 Crespi, LeonardoLoiacono, Daniele +
Ensemble Methods for Multi-Organ Segmentation in CT series 1-gen-2023 Crespi, LeonardoLambri, NicolaLoiacono, Daniele +
Automatic planning of the lower extremities for total marrow irradiation using volumetric modulated arc therapy 1-gen-2023 Lambri, NicolaCrespi, LeonardoLoiacono, DanieleRusconi, Roberto +
ChatGPT and Other Large Language Models as Evolutionary Engines for Online Interactive Collaborative Game Design 1-gen-2023 Lanzi P.Loiacono D.
A virtual reality classroom to teach and explore crystal solid state structures 1-gen-2023 Stella, EricaDi Blas, NicolettaFinazzi, MarcoLanzi, Pier LucaLoiacono, Daniele +
Segmentation of Planning Target Volume in CT Series for Total Marrow Irradiation Using U-Net 1-gen-2023 Brioso, Ricardo CoimbraLambri, NicolaLoiacono, Daniele +
Evaluation of plan complexity and dosimetric plan quality of total marrow and lymphoid irradiation using volumetric modulated arc therapy 1-gen-2023 Lambri, NicolaLoiacono, DanieleRusconi, Roberto +
Multicentric evaluation of a machine learning model to streamline the radiotherapy patient specific quality assurance process 1-gen-2023 Lambri, NicolaLoiacono, Daniele +
Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Imaging 1-gen-2023 Loiacono, DanieleGiacomello, EdoardoLanzi, Pierluca +
PD-0318 Combining Single-Organ Deep Learning Segmentation Models for Total Marrow Irradiation 1-gen-2022 Crespi, L.Lambri, N.Loiacono, D. +
PO-1641 Virtual brain MRI missing sequences creation using machine learning generative adversarial networks 1-gen-2022 Giacomello, E.Lambri, N.Loiacono, D. +
AI, Machine Learning e Data Mining 1-gen-2022 Andrea BonariniCesare AlippiMArco ColombettiFrancesco AmigoniGiacomo BoracchiVincenzo CagliotiGiuseppina GiniDaniele LoiaconoMatteo MatteucciMarcello RestelliManuel RoveriViola Schiaffonati
Are 3D better than 2D Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Imaging Semantic Segmentation? 1-gen-2022 Crespi, LeonardoLoiacono, DanieleSartori, Pierandrea
A Human-centric AI-driven Framework for Exploring Large and Complex Datasets 1-gen-2022 Loiacono D.Matera M. +
Applications of artificial intelligence in stereotactic body radiation therapy 1-gen-2022 Daniele Loiacono +
A genetic algorithm tool for conceptual structural design with cost and embodied carbon optimization 1-gen-2022 Kanyilmaz, AlperLoiacono, Daniele +
Image Embeddings Extracted from CNNs Outperform Other Transfer Learning Approaches in Classification of Chest Radiographs 1-gen-2022 Gozzi, NoemiGiacomello, EdoardoLanzi, PierlucaLoiacono, Daniele +
A multi-criteria conceptual design method using genetic algorithms to optimize structures’ cost and environmental impacts 1-gen-2021 Alper KanyilmazDaniele Loiacono +
Metodo e sistema implementati mediante computer per minimizzare costi strutturali, massimizzare lo spazio libero e minimizzare l'impatto ambientale in un design concettuale di edifici 1-gen-2021 Alper KanyilmazDaniele Loiacono +
Chest X-Rays Image Classification from $eta{-}$ Variational Autoencoders Latent Features 1-gen-2021 Crespi L.Loiacono D. +
Distributed learning: a reliable privacy-preserving strategy to change multicenter collaborations using AI 1-gen-2021 Loiacono D.Giacomello E.Gozzi N.Amigoni F.Mainardi L.Lanzi P +
Image Embedding and Model Ensembling for Automated Chest X-Ray Interpretation 1-gen-2021 Giacomello E.Lanzi P.Loiacono D. +
A Framework to Create Collaborative Games for Team Building using Procedural Content Generation 1-gen-2020 Loiacono D.Mosca F.Lanzi Pierluca +
Short-Term Trajectory Planning in TORCS using Deep Reinforcement Learning 1-gen-2020 Capo E.Loiacono D.
Asking Students to Do All the Work: An Analysis of a Fully Peer-Assessed Course on Game Design and Development 1-gen-2020 Pierluca LanziDaniele Loiacono
Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with Adversarial Networks 1-gen-2020 Giacomello, EdoardoLoiacono, DanieleMainardi, Luca
An Educational Experience to Raise Awareness about Space Debris 1-gen-2020 Colombo C.Di Blas N.Gkolias I.Lanzi P.Loiacono D.Stella E.
Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks 1-gen-2020 Alogna E.Giacomello E.Loiacono D.
Heuristics for placing the spawn points in multiplayer first person shooters 1-gen-2019 Loiacono D. +
Multiobjective Evolutionary Map Design for Cube 2: Sauerbraten 1-gen-2019 Loiacono, Daniele +
Searching the latent space of a generative adversarial network to generate DOOM levels 1-gen-2019 Giacomello E.Lanzi P. L.Loiacono D.
ROBO3: a puzzle game to learn coding 1-gen-2018 Loiacono, D +
An Integrated Framework for AI Assisted Level Design in 2D Platformers 1-gen-2018 Lanzi, PLLoiacono, D +
DOOM Level Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks 1-gen-2018 GIACOMELLO, EDOARDOLanzi, PLLoiacono, D
Fight or flight: Evolving maps for cube 2 to foster a fleeing behavior 1-gen-2017 D. LoiaconoARNABOLDI, LUCA
Procedural weapons generation for unreal tournament III 1-gen-2015 LOIACONO, DANIELE +
TrackGen: An interactive track generator for TORCS and Speed-Dreams 1-gen-2015 CARDAMONE, LUIGILANZI, PIER LUCALOIACONO, DANIELE
XCSF with tile coding in discontinuous action-value landscapes 1-gen-2015 LANZI, PIER LUCALOIACONO, DANIELE
Volcano: An interactive sword generator 1-gen-2015 LOIACONO, DANIELE +
An analysis of the 2014 RecSys Challenge 1-gen-2014 LOIACONO, DANIELETURRIN, ROBERTO +
Evolving maps for match balancing in first person shooters 1-gen-2014 LANZI, PIER LUCALOIACONO, DANIELE +
Gene I. Sher: Handbook of neuroevolution through Erlang 1-gen-2014 LOIACONO, DANIELE
Applying data mining to extract design patterns from Unreal Tournament levels 1-gen-2014 GALLI, LUCALANZI, PIER LUCALOIACONO, DANIELE
Special issue on GECCO competitions 1-gen-2014 LOIACONO, DANIELE +
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