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Editorial: Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment - Impacting the environment with innovation in wastewater treatment 1-gen-2022 Antonelli, ManuelaTurolla, AndreaFicara, ElenaCanziani, RobertoMalpei, Francesca +
Piggery wastewater treatment with algae-bacteria consortia: Pilot-scale validation and techno-economic evaluation at farm level 1-gen-2022 Rossi, SPizzera, ABellucci, MFicara, E +
Production and characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates from wastewater via mixed microbial cultures and microalgae 1-gen-2022 E. FicaraS. Turri +
Utilizing the eutrophication in bioresources recovery and biogas production - a case study in Egypt 1-gen-2022 Elena, FicaraNicola, Colaninno +
Procedure for ADM1 input variable characterization of sewage sludge and expired yogurt in view of co-digestion optimization 1-gen-2021 A. CatenacciE. Ficara +
Life cycle analysis of the integration of a side-stream microalgae process into a municipal wastewater treatment plant 1-gen-2021 Tua C.Ficara E.Rigamonti L. +
Assessment of anammox, microalgae and white-rot fungi-based processes for the treatment of textile wastewater 1-gen-2021 Bellucci M.Turolla A.Visigalli S.Canziani R.Ficara E. +
Electrocoagulation–flotation (ECF) for microalgae harvesting – A review 1-gen-2021 Simone VisigalliAndrea TurollaRoberto CanzianiElena Ficara +
Balancing Microalgae and Nitrifiers for Wastewater Treatment: Can Inorganic Carbon Limitation Cause an Environmental Threat? 1-gen-2021 Francesca CasagliSimone RossiElena Ficara +
Microbial community and performance of a partial nitritation/anammox sequencing batch reactor treating textile wastewater 1-gen-2021 Visigalli S.Turolla A.Jia M.Bargna M.Ficara E.Bergna G.Canziani R.Bellucci M. +
Metal-based flocculation to harvest microalgae: a look beyond separation efficiency 1-gen-2021 Rossi S.Visigalli S.Canziani R.Turolla A.Ficara E. +
Optimizing ADM1 calibration and input characterization for effective co-digestion modelling 1-gen-2021 Catenacci A.Grana M.Malpei F.Ficara E.
Integration of a side-stream microalgae process into a municipal wastewater treatment plant: A life cycle analysis 1-gen-2021 Tua C.Ficara E.Rigamonti L. +
ALBA: A comprehensive growth model to optimize algae-bacteria wastewater treatment in raceway ponds 1-gen-2021 Casagli F.Ficara E. +
Bioremediation of aquaculture wastewater with the microalgae Tetraselmis suecica: Semi-continuous experiments, simulation and photo-respirometric tests 1-gen-2020 Rossi S.Ficara E. +
Interactions between microalgae and bacteria in the treatment of wastewater from milk whey processing 1-gen-2020 Bellucci M.Ficara E. +
Microalgae from biorefinery as potential protein source for siberian sturgeon (A. baerii) aquafeed 1-gen-2020 Pizzera A.Ficara E. +
Selection of photosynthesis and respiration models to assess the effect of environmental conditions on mixed microalgae consortia grown on wastewater 1-gen-2020 Rossi S.Casagli F.Ficara E. +
Outdoor pilot-scale raceway as a microalgae-bacteria sidestream treatment in a WWTP 1-gen-2020 Bellucci M.Ficara E. +
Disinfection and nutrient removal in laboratory-scale photobioreactors for wastewater tertiary treatment 1-gen-2020 Bellucci M.Ficara E. +
Effect of N:P ratio on microalgae/nitrifying bacteria community in agro-digestate treatment 1-gen-2020 Bellucci M.Ficara E. +
Free ammonia inhibition in microalgae and cyanobacteria grown in wastewaters: Photo-respirometric evaluation and modelling 1-gen-2020 Rossi S.Ficara E. +
Comparison of the performance and microbial community structure of two outdoor pilot-scale photobioreactors treating digestate 1-gen-2020 Pizzera A.Ficara E.Bellucci M. +
Photo-respirometry to shed light on microalgae-bacteria consortia—a review 1-gen-2020 Rossi S.Bellucci M.Casagli F.Ficara E. +
Modelling and Control of Biogas Plants Fed on Agro-food Residues 1-gen-2019 . CorbelliniG. FerrettiE. FicaraA. LevaF. Malpei +
Lab-scale testing of operation parameters for algae based treatment of piggery wastewater 1-gen-2019 Bellucci, MicolFicara, Elena +
Two-stage granular sludge partial nitritation/anammox process for the treatment of digestate from the anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste 1-gen-2019 Lotti T.BURZI, OTTAVIAScaglione D.Ficara E. +
Contribution to Circular Economy options of mixed agricultural wastes management: Coupling anaerobic digestion with gasification for enhanced energy and material recovery 1-gen-2019 Ficara, E. +
Digestate treatment with algae-bacteria consortia: A field pilot-scale experimentation in a sub-optimal climate area 1-gen-2019 Pizzera, A.Bellucci, M.Ficara, E. +
Outdoor pilot trial integrating a sidestream microalgae process for the treatment of centrate under non optimal climate conditions 1-gen-2019 M. BellucciS. RossiE. Ficara +
Modelling and structure-tailored control of biogas plants fed on agro-food residues 1-gen-2019 Corbellini, VFerretti, GFicara, ELeva, AMalpei, F +
Phycoremediation to reduce the pollution load of piggery wastewater: results of semi-continuous lab tests using chlorella and scenedesmus spp 1-gen-2018 Bellucci, MicolFicara, Elena +
Biogas from mono- and co-digestion of microalgal biomass grown on piggery wastewater 1-gen-2018 PIZZERA, ANDREACatenacci, A.Ficara, E. +
Activity assessment of microalgal-bacterial consortia based on respirometric tests 1-gen-2018 Rossi, S.Bellucci, M.Ficara, E. +
Use of solid digestate for lignocellulolytic enzymes production through submerged fungal fermentation 1-gen-2017 Ficara, ElenaSambusiti, Cecilia +
Factors Affecting the Growth of Microalgae on Blackwater from Biosolid Dewatering 1-gen-2017 F. MarazziE. Ficara +
Inhibition on anammox bacteria upon exposure to digestates from biogas plants treating the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and the role of conductivity 1-gen-2017 Lotti, T.Ficara, E.Malpei, F. +
Knowledge-based planning of groundwater treatment trains for an efficient drinking water supply system in urban areas 1-gen-2017 Antonelli, M.Azzellino, A.Ficara, E.Piazzoli, A.Saccani, G.
A novel option for reducing the optical density of liquid digestate to achieve a more productive microalgal culturing 1-gen-2017 Scaglione, D.Ficara, E. +
Knowledge-based planning of groundwater treatment trains for an efficient drinking water supply system in urban areas 1-gen-2016 ANTONELLI, MANUELAAZZELLINO, ARIANNAFICARA, ELENAPIAZZOLI, ANDREASACCANI, GIULIA
Towards a standardization of biomethane potential tests 1-gen-2016 FICARA, ELENAPORQUEDDU, ISABELLA +
Evaluating the effect of post-treated solid recirculation via BMP tests and simplified AD model 1-gen-2015 LOTTI, TOMMASOFICARA, ELENAMALPEI, FRANCESCA
Biogas Production From Microalgae Grown On Supernatant From Biosolids Dewatering 1-gen-2015 FICARA, ELENA +
Treatability of OFMSW (organic fraction of municipal solid waste) digestates by the anammox process 1-gen-2015 SCAGLIONE, DAVIDELOTTI, TOMMASOFICARA, ELENAMALPEI, FRANCESCA
Autotrophic nitrogen removal by a two-step SBR process applied to mixed agro-digestate 1-gen-2015 SCAGLIONE, DAVIDEFICARA, ELENACORBELLINI, VIOLATORNOTTI, GIORGIOTELI, ARONNECANZIANI, ROBERTOMALPEI, FRANCESCA
Comparison of various post-treatments for recovering methane from agricultural digestate 1-gen-2015 SAMBUSITI, CECILIAFICARA, ELENAMALPEI, FRANCESCA +
New opportunities for agricultural digestate valorization: Current situation and perspectives 1-gen-2015 FICARA, ELENA +
A generic and systematic procedure to derive a simplified model from the anaerobic digestion model No. 1 (ADM1) 1-gen-2015 FICARA, ELENALEVA, ALBERTO +
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