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Solid-Gas Carbothermal Reduction for Water Production from Lunar Regolith Simulant: Experimental Results 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Troisi, I.Dottori, A.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J. +
Lunar Oxygen Production System Study and Equipment Breadboarding 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Troisi, I.Dottori, A.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J. +
HERMES Mission Software: from Design to Implementation of the Finite State Machine 1-gen-2023 Brandonisio, A.Piccinin, M.Colagrossi, A.Zanotti, G.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M. +
Flat-Sat Facility for Processor-In-the-loop Verification and Testing of Nanosatellite ADCS 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, A.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M.
A Finite State Machine Approach to Nano-Satellite SW Design: the HERMES Case Study 1-gen-2023 Piccinin, M.Brandonisio, A.Colagrossi, A.Zanotti, G.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M.
On-board implementation 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Localisation of gamma-ray bursts from the combined SpIRIT+HERMES-TP/SP nano-satellite constellation 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi A. +
Modern Spacecraft GNC 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoColagrossi, Andrea +
Mathematical and geometrical rules 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Sensors 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
GNC verification and validation 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Control 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Dynamical systems theory 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
A Flat-Sat Platform for the Development and Testing of the 3U HERMES Constellation Satellites 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, S.Colagrossi, A.Lavagna, M.
e.INSPECTOR: Multi-Spectral Imaging the VESPA Debris in Preparation to Active Removal 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Silvestrini, S.Prinetto, J.Bechini, M.Civardi, G. L.Quirino, M.Colagrossi, A. +
HERMES ADCS: from System Design to Pre-Flight Verification and Testing 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, A.Brandonisio, A.Capra, L.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M.
Autocoding best practices 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Applicative GNC cases and examples 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoColagrossi, Andrea +
Attitude dynamics 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Scaled Lunar ISRU Pilot Plant for Oxygen Extraction through Carbothermal Reduction: the ORACLE Payload 1-gen-2023 Dottori, A.Troisi, I.Lavagna, M.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J. +
Modern Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control - Introduction 1-gen-2023 A. ColagrossiS. Silvestrini +
Modern Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control : from System Modeling to AI and Innovative Applications 1-gen-2023 Andrea ColagrossiStefano Silvestrini +
Integrated Magnetic Management of Stored Angular Momentum in Autonomous Attitude Control Systems 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, Andrea
The space environment 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Reference systems and planetary models 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Orbital dynamics 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoColagrossi, Andrea +
Actuators 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaSilvestrini, Stefano +
Guidance 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoColagrossi, Andrea +
Navigation 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoColagrossi, Andrea +
An Effective Sensor Architecture for Full-Attitude Determination in the HERMES Nano-Satellites 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, AndreaLavagna, Michèle +
FDIR development approaches in space systems 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoColagrossi, Andrea +
Terrestrial demonstrator for a low-temperature carbothermal reduction process on lunar regolith simulant: Design and AIV activities 1-gen-2023 Prinetto, JacopoColagrossi, AndreaDottori, AliceTroisi, IvanLavagna, Michèle Roberta
Editorial: Astrodynamics, guidance, navigation and control in chaotic multi-body environments 1-gen-2022 Colagrossi, Andrea +
A Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control Algorithm for Solar Arrays Pointing Leveraging Sun Angle and Angular Rates Measurements 1-gen-2022 Colagrossi, AndreaLavagna, Michèle
Characterisation of 6DOF natural and controlled relative dynamics in cislunar space 1-gen-2022 Colagrossi, AndreaLavagna, Michèle +
Fault Tolerant Attitude and Orbit Determination System for Small Satellite Platforms 1-gen-2022 Colagrossi, AndreaLavagna, Michèle
Guidance, navigation and control for 6DOF rendezvous in Cislunar multi-body environment 1-gen-2021 Colagrossi, AndreaPesce, VincenzoBucci, LorenzoLavagna, Michèle +
Lunar ISRU Ground Prototype for the Demonstration of Oxygen Extraction from Lunar Regolith 1-gen-2021 A. ColagrossiP. LunghiJ. PrinettoI. TroisiM. Lavagna +
Integrated vibration suppression attitude control for flexible spacecrafts with internal liquid sloshing 1-gen-2021 Colagrossi A.Lavagna M.
H.E.R.M.E.S.: a CubeSat Based Constellation for the New Generation of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics 1-gen-2021 Colagrossi, A.Silvestrini, S.Prinetto, J.Lavagna, M.
Enhancing Technologies and Operations for Service Transportation in Cislunar Environment 1-gen-2021 Colagrossi, A.Lavagna, M.
HERMES Constellation: a New Paradigm for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with CubeSats 1-gen-2021 Lavagna, M.Lunghi, P.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J.Silvestrini, S.Piccinin, M.Zanotti, G.Quirino, M.Pasquale, A.Bechini, M. +
Floquet modes and stability analysis of periodic orbit-attitude solutions along Earth–Moon halo orbits 1-gen-2021 Colagrossi, AndreaLavagna, Michèle +
GrailQuest and HERMES: hunting for gravitational wave electromagnetic counterparts and probing space-time quantum foam 1-gen-2021 Amarilli, FabrizioBechini, MicheleBertuccio, GiuseppeColagrossi, AndreaCurzel, SerenaFerrandi, FabrizioFiorito, MicheleGandola, MassimoLunghi, PaoloMele, FilippoOttolina, DanielePasquale, AndreaPiccinin, MargheritaPrinetto, JacopoScala, FrancescaSilvestrini, StefanoTroisi, IvanZanotti, Giovanni +
Technologies And Facilities For The AIV/AIT Phase Of Nanosatellites ADCS Subsystems: HERMES As An Applicative Case 1-gen-2021 Colagrossi, A.Lunghi, P.Lavagna, M. +
Timing techniques applied to distributed modular high-energy astronomy: The HERMES project 1-gen-2020 Lavagna M.Lunghi P.Amarilli F.Bechini M.Bertuccio G.Colagrossi A.Curzel S.Ferrandi F.Fiorito M.Gandola M.Mele F.Ottolina D.Pasquale A.Piccinin M.Prinetto J.Scala F.Silvestrini S.Troisi I.Zanotti G. +
Oxygen Extraction from Lunar Soil Oxides: on Ground Experiments and Numerical Modelling for Thermal Reduction Processes 1-gen-2020 Lavagna, M.Zanotti, G.Prinetto, J.Colagrossi, A.Lunghi, P.Troisi, I.
The payload data handling unit (PDHU) on-board the HERMES-TP and HERMES-SP CubeSat missions 1-gen-2020 Curzel S.Colagrossi A.Fiorito M. +
Sky visibility analysis for astrophysical data return maximization in HERMES constellation 1-gen-2020 Colagrossi, AndreaPrinetto, JacopoSilvestrini, StefanoLavagna, Michèle
The HERMES-technologic and scientific pathfinder 1-gen-2020 Lavagna, MicheleLunghi, PaoloAmarilli, FabrizioBechini, MicheleBertuccio, GiuseppeColagrossi, AndreaCurzel, SerenaDilillo, GiuseppeFerrandi, FabrizioFiorito, MicheleGandola, MassimoMele, FilippoOttolina, DanielePasquale, AndreaPiccinin, MargheritaPrinetto, JacopoScala, FrancescaSilvestrini, StefanoTroisi, IvanZanotti, Giovanni +
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