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Lean 4.0: a systematic literature review on the interaction between lean production and industry 4.0 pillars 1-gen-2024 Kassem B.Rossi M.Rossini M.Portioli-Staudacher A. +
Lean monitoring: action research in manufacturing 1-gen-2023 Kassem B.Rossini M.Costa F.Portioli-Staudacher A.
The Impact of Lean on Introduction of Industry 4.0 Technologies: A Longitudinal Study 1-gen-2023 Rossini M.Costa F. +
Industry 4.0 digital technologies enhancing sustainability: Applications and barriers from the agricultural industry in an emerging economy 1-gen-2023 Costa F.Frecassetti S.Rossini M.Portioli-Staudacher A.
Case study on simulation analysis of a logistics network with multiple products by applying lateral transshipments algorithms 1-gen-2023 Rossini, M +
Comparative study of bottleneck-based release models and load-based ones in a hybrid MTO-MTS flow shop: an assessment by simulation 1-gen-2022 Costa, FRossini, MPortioli Staudacher, A +
Implementing workload control through lean-based project in MTO-MTS environment 1-gen-2022 Rossini M.Costa F. +
Lean supply chain management and Industry 4.0: a systematic literature review 1-gen-2022 Rossini, M +
Lean supply chain and industry 4.0: a study of the interactions among practices and technologies 1-gen-2021 Rossini M.Kassem B.Costa F.Portioli Staudacher A.
Lean Warehousing: Enhancing Productivity Through Lean 1-gen-2021 Rossini M.Kassem B.Portioli Staudacher A.
Lean Production and Industry 4.0 integration: how Lean Automation is emerging in manufacturing industry 1-gen-2021 Rossini M.Costa F.Valvo A.Portioli Staudacher A. +
Being lean: how to shape digital transformation in the manufacturing sector 1-gen-2021 Rossini M.Cifone F. D.Kassem B.Costa F.Portioli staudacher A.
Implementation of lean in IT SME company: an Italian case 1-gen-2021 Kundu K.Frecassetti S.Rossini M. +
An evaluation of preventive maintenance framework in an Italian manufacturing company 1-gen-2020 Kundu K.Cifone F.Costa F.Portioli-Staudacher A.Rossini M.
Lean and Sustainable Continuous Improvement: Assessment of People Potential Contribution 1-gen-2020 Rossini M.Portioli-Staudacher A.Cifone F. D.Costa F.Kassem B. +
PREFACE 6th European Lean Educator Conference, ELEC 2019; Milan; Italy; 11 November 2019 through 13 November 2019 1-gen-2020 Monica RossiRossini MatteoTerzi Sergio
Extending lean frontiers: a kaizen case study in an Italian MTO manufacturing company 1-gen-2019 Rossini M.Costa F.Cifone F. D.Kundu K.Portioli-Staudacher A. +
How to foster Sustainable Continuous Improvement: A cause-effect relations map of Lean soft practices 1-gen-2019 Costa, F.Lispi, L.Portioli Staudacher, A.Rossini, M.Kundu, K.Cifone F. D.
The interrelation between Industry 4.0 and lean production: an empirical study on European manufacturers 1-gen-2019 Rossini M.Costa F.Portioli-Staudacher A. +
A study of a kanban based assembly line feeding system through integration of simulation and particle swarm optimization 1-gen-2019 Kundu K.Rossini M.Portioli-Staudacher A.
A comparison on Industry 4.0 and Lean Production between manufacturers from emerging and developed economies 1-gen-2019 Rossini M.Costa F.Portioli Staudacher A. +
Organizational culture and lean practices: analysis through a real case study 1-gen-2019 Fabiana Dafne CifoneAlberto Portioli StaudacherFederica CostaMatteo Rossini
Integration of order review and release and output control with worker's allocation in a pure flow shop 1-gen-2019 Costa F.Portioli-Staudacher A.Rossini M. +
Industry 4.0 and lean production: An empirical study 1-gen-2019 Rossini M.Costa F. +
Lean implementation in healthcare supply chain: a scoping review 1-gen-2019 LUZ TORTORELLA, GUILHERMERossini M.Portioli-Staudacher A. +
Supply chain planning: A quantitative comparison between lean and info-sharing models 1-gen-2018 Rossini M.Portioli A.
Lean supply chain planning: importance of supplier involvement 1-gen-2018 M. RossiniA. Portioli Staudacher
Analysing the impact of uncertainty reduction on WLC methods in MTO flow shops 1-gen-2018 Kaustav KunduMatteo RossiniAlberto Portioli Staudacher
Lean supply chain planning: Simulation of lean techniques integration 1-gen-2017 Rossini, M.Portioli Staudacher, A.
Lean supply chain planning: A performance evaluation through simulation 1-gen-2016 ROSSINI, MATTEOPORTIOLI STAUDACHER, ALBERTO
A comparison between lean and visibility approach in supply chain planning 1-gen-2016 ROSSINI, MATTEOPORTIOLI STAUDACHER, ALBERTO
Simulation of Lean Principles Impact in a Multi-Product Supply Chain 1-gen-2015 ROSSINI, MATTEOPORTIOLI STAUDACHER, ALBERTO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 32 di 32
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