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Design of a sensor network for the quantitative analysis of sport climbing 1-gen-2023 Alessandro ColomboM. CaninaNicolò DozioFrancesco Ferrise +
Localization and Prediction of Visual Targets' Position in Immersive Virtual Reality 1-gen-2023 Nicolò DozioMarek S. LukasiewiczAlessandro ColomboFrancesco Ferrise +
Optimal scheduling and control for constrained multi-agent networked control systems 1-gen-2022 Colombo, A +
Scheduling and Robust Invariance in Networked Control Systems 1-gen-2022 Colombo A. +
Dispositivo sensore di forza, in particolare per una parete da arrampicata 1-gen-2021 Alessandro COLOMBORamon Maj
Optimal scheduling and control for constrained multi‐agent networked control systems 1-gen-2021 Colombo, Alessandro +
Optimal Control Design for Perturbed Constrained Networked Control Systems 1-gen-2021 Colombo, Alessandro +
The basic reproduction number as a loop gain matrix 1-gen-2021 Colombo A.
ACCEPT – A SENSORIZED CLIMBING WALL FOR MOTOR REHABILITATION 1-gen-2021 Colombo A.Canina M.Ferrise F.N. DozioR. BrondolinC. PariseMaj R. +
Innovative force sensor for indoor climbing holds – real-time measurements and data processing, design and validation 1-gen-2020 Colombo A. +
Receding-horizon robust online communication scheduling for constrained networked control systems 1-gen-2019 Colombo A. +
Abstraction-based Safety Verification and Control of Cooperative Vehicles at Road Intersections 1-gen-2019 Colombo, Alessandro +
Measurement Scheduling for Control Invariance in Networked Control Systems 1-gen-2019 Colombo A. +
Robust Supervisors for Intersection Collision Avoidance in the Presence of Legacy Vehicles 1-gen-2019 Colombo A. +
A nonlinear model of bicycle shimmy 1-gen-2019 Tomiati, NicolòColombo, AlessandroMagnani, Gianantonio
Safety Verification Methods for Human-Driven Vehicles at Traffic Intersections: Optimal Driver-Adaptive Supervisory Control 1-gen-2018 de Campos, Gabriel RodriguesRossa, Fabio DellaColombo, Alessandro
Composition of Least Restrictive Controllers, with Application to Collision Avoidance in Multiagent Systems 1-gen-2018 Colombo, AlessandroDella Rossa, Fabio
Computational techniques to locate crossing/sliding regions and their sets of attraction in non-smooth dynamical systems 1-gen-2018 Alessandro Colombo +
Sensorized device for fastening climbing holds provided with a triaxial load cell 1-gen-2018 A. ColomboJ. ColsA. Bertagna +
Supervisory control for collision avoidance in vehicular networks using discrete event abstractions 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Constant-time discontinuity map for forward sensitivity analysis to initial conditions: Spurs detection in fractional-N PLL as a case study 1-gen-2017 Bizzarri, FedericoBrambilla, AngeloColombo, Alessandro +
Control of a City Road Network: Distributed Exact Verification of Traffic Safety 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRODELLA ROSSA, FABIO +
Dispositivo sensorizzato di fissaggio di presa per arrampicata sportiva dotato di sensore di forza triassiale 1-gen-2017 A. ColomboCOLS MATHEUS, JUAN MIGUELBERTAGNA, ALESSANDRO +
A choice between smooth and nonsmooth models 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO
Extended Abstracts Spring 2016, Nonsmooth Dynamics 1-gen-2017 Alessandro Colombo +
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the noninvertibility of fundamental solution matrices of a discontinuous system 1-gen-2016 BIZZARRI, FEDERICOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRODERCOLE, FABIOSTORTI GAJANI, GIANCARLO
Optimal and least restrictive supervisory control: Safety verification methods for human-driven vehicles at traffic intersections 1-gen-2016 DELLA ROSSA, FABIOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Least Restrictive Supervisors for Intersection Collision Avoidance: A Scheduling Approach 1-gen-2015 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Numerically efficient robustness test for nonlinear circuit models 1-gen-2015 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO
Experimental testing of a semi-autonomous multi-vehicle collision avoidance algorithm at an intersection testbed 1-gen-2015 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance in a Constrained Communication Environment 1-gen-2015 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Connectivity interplays with age in shaping contagion over networks with vital dynamics 1-gen-2015 PICCARDI, CARLOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDROCASAGRANDI, RENATO
Bifurcation analysis of a power converter highlights open problems in piecewise smooth system theory 1-gen-2014 DELLA ROSSA, FABIOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO
A mathematical framework for cooperative collision avoidance of human-driven vehicles at intersections 1-gen-2014 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO
Supervisory control for intersection collision avoidance in the presence of uncontrolled vehicles 1-gen-2014 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Supervisory control for collision avoidance in vehicular networks with imperfect measurements 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Robust multi-agent collision avoidance through scheduling 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
The two-fold singularity of nonsmooth flows: Leading order dynamics in n-dimensions 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Supervisory control for collision avoidance in vehicular networks using discrete event abstractions 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
An approximate abstraction approach to safety control of differentially flat systems 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Computation of the Basins of Attraction in Non-smooth Dynamical Systems 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Bifurcations of piecewise smooth flows: Perspectives, methodologies and open problems 1-gen-2012 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Efficient algorithms for collision avoidance at intersections 1-gen-2012 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Codimension-two singularities on the stability boundary in 2D Filippov systems 1-gen-2011 DERCOLE, FABIODELLA ROSSA, FABIOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Two Degenerate Boundary Equilibrium Bifurcations in Planar Filippov Systems 1-gen-2011 DERCOLE, FABIODELLA ROSSA, FABIOCOLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Supervisory control of differentially flat systems based on abstraction 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Enforcing safety of cyberphysical systems using flatness and abstraction 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
Nondeterministic Chaos, and the Two-fold Singularity in Piecewise Smooth Flows 1-gen-2011 COLOMBO, ALESSANDRO +
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