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Hybrid Convolutional Networks for End-to-End Event Detection in Concurrent PPG and PCG Signals Affected by Motion Artifacts 1-gen-2022 Marzorati, DavideMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
Septic arthritis following joint injections: a 17 years retrospective study in an Academic General Hospital 1-gen-2022 Cerveri P. +
Deep Learning for Automated Analysis of Cellular and Extracellular Components of the Foreign Body Response in Multiphoton Microscopy Images 1-gen-2022 Cerveri P. +
Identification of Characteristic Points in Multivariate Physiological Signals by Sensor Fusion and Multi-Task Deep Networks 1-gen-2022 Rossi, MatteoAlessandrelli, GiuliaMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
A CNN for Covid Detection Using ECG signals 1-gen-2022 Federico MuscatoValentina CorinoPietro CerveriLuca Mainardi +
CEL-Unet: a novel CNN architecture for 3D Segmentation of Knee Bones affected by Severe Osteoarthritis for PSI-Based Surgical Planning 1-gen-2022 Marsilio, LucaRossi, MatteoMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
Analytical Challenges in Diabetes Management: Towards Glycated Albumin Point-of-Care Detection 1-gen-2022 Rescalli, AndreaCellesi, FrancescoCerveri, Pietro +
End-to-end deep learning and sensor fusion for non-invasive BP monitoring using multivariate physiological signals 1-gen-2022 Cerveri, P.
CEL-Unet: Distance Weighted Maps and Multi-Scale Pyramidal Edge Extraction for Accurate Osteoarthritic Bone Segmentation in CT Scans 1-gen-2022 Rossi, MatteoMarsilio, LucaMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
Femoral Neck Fractures in HIV-Positive Patients: Analysis of 10 Years Short-Term Post-operative Complications 1-gen-2021 Cerveri P. +
Is age rating enough to investigate changes in breathing motion pattern associated with aging of physically active women? 1-gen-2021 Baroni G.Cerveri P. +
Image-based shading correction for narrow-FOV truncated pelvic CBCT with deep convolutional neural networks and transfer learning 1-gen-2021 Rossi M.Belotti G.Paganelli C.Pella A.Cerveri P.Baroni G. +
MOS Sensors Array for the Discrimination of Lung Cancer and At-Risk Subjects With Exhaled Breath Analysis 1-gen-2021 Marzorati D.Mainardi L.Cerveri P. +
Comparison of supervised and unsupervised approaches for the generation of synthetic ct from cone-beam ct 1-gen-2021 Rossi M.Cerveri P.
Deep 3D Convolutional Networks to Segment Bones Affected by Severe Osteoarthritis in CT Scans for PSI-Based Knee Surgical Planning 1-gen-2020 Davide MarzoratiLuca MainardiPietro Cerveri +
Humeral head necrosis associated to shaft non-union with massive bone loss: A case report 1-gen-2020 Cerveri P. +
Chest Wearable Apparatus for Cuffless Continuous Blood Pressure Measurements Based on PPG and PCG Signals 1-gen-2020 Marzorati, DavideMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
Analysis of Upper-Limb and Trunk Kinematic Variability: Accuracy and Reliability of an RGB-D Sensor 1-gen-2020 Cerveri, Pietro +
Predicting Knee Joint Instability Using a Tibio-Femoral Statistical Shape Model 1-gen-2020 Cerveri P. +
A multi-metric registration strategy for the alignment of longitudinal brain images in pediatric oncology 1-gen-2020 Bologna M.Poggi G.Cerveri P.Mainardi L. +
Reducing the Number of Degrees of Freedom to Control an Eye Surgical Robot through Classification of Surgical Phases 1-gen-2019 poor, Hadi AskariCerveri, Pietro +
Moving system with action sport cameras: 3D kinematics of the walking and running in a large volume 1-gen-2019 Cerveri P. +
Non artheritic bilateral anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (NAION) as devastating complication following Total Hip Arthroplasty: a case report 1-gen-2019 Cerveri P. +
A Metal Oxide Gas Sensors Array for Lung Cancer Diagnosis Through Exhaled Breath Analysis 1-gen-2019 Marzorati, DavideMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
Representative 3D shape of the distal femur, modes of variation and relationship with abnormality of the trochlear region 1-gen-2019 Cerveri P.Belfatto A. +
Pair-wise vs group-wise registration in statistical shape model construction: representation of physiological and pathological variability of bony surface morphology 1-gen-2019 Cerveri P.Belfatto A. +
Thoracoabdominal breathing motion pattern and coordination of professional ballet dancers 1-gen-2019 Baroni, GuidoCerveri, PietroPIAIA SILVATTI, AMANDA +
Are action sport cameras accurate enough for 3D motion analysis? A comparison with a commercial motion capture system 1-gen-2019 P. Cerveri +
A review of exhaled breath: a key role in lung cancer diagnosis 1-gen-2019 MARZORATI, DAVIDEMainardi, LucaCerveri, Pietro +
Stacked sparse autoencoder networks and statistical shape models for automatic staging of distal femur trochlear dysplasia 1-gen-2018 Cerveri, PietroBelfatto, AntonellaBaroni, Guido +
Model-supported radiotherapy personalization: In silico Test of Hyper- and Hypo-Fractionation Effects 1-gen-2018 Belfatto, AntonellaBaroni, GuidoCerveri, Pietro +
In-air versus underwater comparison of 3D reconstruction accuracy using action sport cameras 1-gen-2017 CERVERI, PIETRO +
A Novel Wearable Apparatus to Measure Fingertip Forces in Manipulation Tasks Based on MEMS Barometric Sensors 1-gen-2017 Cerveri, PietroFrigo, Carlo Albino +
2D/3D reconstruction of the distal femur using statistical shape models addressing personalized surgical instruments in knee arthroplasty: A feasibility analysis 1-gen-2017 Cerveri, PietroBaroni, Guido +
Tumor radio-sensitivity assessment by means of volume data and magnetic resonance indices measured on prostate tumor bearing rats 1-gen-2016 BELFATTO, ANTONELLABARONI, GUIDOCERVERI, PIETRO +
Comparison of CT-based patient-specific templating and digital radiography templating in total knee arthroplasty 1-gen-2016 CERVERI, PIETRO +
Navigated "small implants" in knee reconstruction 1-gen-2016 CERVERI, PIETRO +
Adaptive mathematical model of tumor response to radiotherapy based on CBCT data 1-gen-2016 BELFATTO, ANTONELLARIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDOCERVERI, PIETRO +
Action Sport Cameras as an Instrument to Perform a 3D Underwater Motion Analysis 1-gen-2016 CERVERI, PIETRO +
Kinetic Models for Predicting Cervical Cancer Response to Radiation Therapy on Individual Basis Using Tumor Regression Measured In Vivo With Volumetric Imaging 1-gen-2016 BELFATTO, ANTONELLARIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDOCERVERI, PIETRO +
Modeling the interplay between tumor volume regression and oxygenation in uterine cervical cancer during radiotherapy treatment 1-gen-2016 BELFATTO, ANTONELLARIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDOCERVERI, PIETRO +
Patient-specific modeling of the trochlear morphologic anomalies by means of hyperbolic paraboloids 1-gen-2016 CERVERI, PIETROBARONI, GUIDO +
EP-1718: Estimation of tumor radio-sensitivity using mathematical models and analysis of the oxygenation role 1-gen-2016 BELFATTO, ANTONELLABARONI, GUIDOCERVERI, PIETRO +
Image guided particle therapy in CNAO room 2: implementation and clinical validation 1-gen-2015 FATTORI, GIOVANNIRIBOLDI, MARCOPELLA, ANDREAPERONI, MARTACERVERI, PIETRODESPLANQUES, MAXIME BRICE JOELBARONI, GUIDO +
Mathematical modeling of tumor response to radiation: Radio-sensitivity correlation with BOLD, TOLD, Δr1 and Δr2∗ investigated in large Dunning R3327-AT1 rat prostate tumors 1-gen-2015 BELFATTO, ANTONELLACERVERI, PIETROBARONI, GUIDO +
Surrogate-driven deformable motion model for organ motion tracking in particle radiation therapy 1-gen-2015 FASSI, AURORASEREGNI, MATTEORIBOLDI, MARCOCERVERI, PIETROBARONI, GUIDO +
Patient-specific acetabular shape modelling: comparison among sphere, ellipsoid and conchoid parameterisations. 1-gen-2014 CERVERI, PIETROBARONI, GUIDO +
Commissioning and quality assurance of an integrated system for patient positioning and setup verification in particle therapy 1-gen-2014 PELLA, ANDREARIBOLDI, MARCODESPLANQUES, MAXIME BRICE JOELCERVERI, PIETROSEREGNI, MATTEOFATTORI, GIOVANNIBARONI, GUIDO +
Computer-assisted unicompartmental knee arthroplasty using dedicated software versus a conventional technique 1-gen-2014 CERVERI, PIETRO +
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