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Economic and technical feasibility of a robotic autonomous system for train fluid servicing 1-gen-2020 Ajovalasit M. +
Involving Cultural Sensitivity in the Design Process: a Design Toolkit for Chinese Cultural Products 1-gen-2020 Ajovalasit M. +
Meaning of artefacts: interpretations can differ between designers and consumers 1-gen-2019 AJOVALASIT, Marco +
Track 5.j Introduction: Innovation Through Design for Meaning 1-gen-2019 Ajovalasit, Marco +
Human subjective response to aluminum coating surfaces 1-gen-2019 Ajovalasit M.Suriano R.RIDOLFI, SARACIAPPONI, RICCARDOLevi M.Turri S.
Robust automated servicing of passenger train fluids 1-gen-2017 Ajovalasit M +
Feasibility of Robotic Autonomous System for Train Fluid Servicing 1-gen-2017 Ajovalasit M +
Behaviours: older adults' behavioural strategies in the adoption of new technology-based products: the effects of ageing and the promising application of smart materials for the design of smart products 1-gen-2017 Ajovalasit, Marco +
Embedding smart materials into products to motivate the user: Flexers, a smarter approach to finger splinting 1-gen-2016 Ajovalasit M. +
Actualizing agency through smart products: Smart materials and metaphors in support of the ageing population 1-gen-2016 M. Ajovalasit +
The White Book - lessons from a four-year journey into design-driven materials innovation 1-gen-2016 R. VergantiC. Dell'EraS. MagistrettiM. Ajovalasit +
Human Centred Design of engineered surfaces and coatings 1-gen-2015 Sara RidolfiRaffaella SurianoMarco AjovalasitMarinella LeviStefano Turri
Human emotional response to steering wheel vibration in automobiles 1-gen-2013 Ajovalasit M. +
Non-linear dependency of the subjective perceived intensity of steering wheel rotational vibration 1-gen-2009 AJOVALASIT, MARCO +
Effect fo automobile operating condition on the subjective equivalence of steering wheel vibration and sound 1-gen-2007 Ajovalasit M. +
Analysis of variations in diesel engine idle vibration 1-gen-2003 AJOVALASIT, MARCO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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