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An extensive study of C-SMOTE, a Continuous Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique for Evolving Data Streams 1-gen-2022 Bernardo, AlessioDella Valle, Emanuele
DIA: User-defined interval analytics on distributed streams 1-gen-2022 Tommasini, RiccardoLanghi, SamueleDella Valle, Emanuele +
DEBS '21: The 15th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems, Virtual Event, Italy, June 28 - July 2, 2021 1-gen-2021 Margara, AlessandroValle, Emanuele Della
SMOTE-OB: Combining SMOTE and Online Bagging for Continuous Rebalancing of Evolving Data Streams 1-gen-2021 Bernardo, AlessioValle, Emanuele Della
Kalman Filtering for Learning with Evolving Data Streams 1-gen-2021 Ziffer, GiacomoBernardo, AlessioValle, Emanuele Della +
Scaling the monitoring of approximate top-k queries in streaming windows 1-gen-2021 Zahmatkesh, ShimaValle, Emanuele Della +
Supporting an Expert-centric Process of New Product Introduction With Statistical Machine Learning 1-gen-2021 S. ZahmatkeshA. BernardoE. FalzoneE. Della Valle +
Predict COVID-19 Spreading With C-SMOTE 1-gen-2021 A. BernardoE. Della Valle
The future is big graphs: a Community View on Graph Processing Systems 1-gen-2021 Valle, Emanuele DellaTommasini, RiccardoTumeo, Antonino +
RSP4J: An API for RDF Stream Processing 1-gen-2021 Tommasini, RiccardoDella Valle, Emanuele +
VFC-SMOTE: very fast continuous synthetic minority oversampling for evolving data streams 1-gen-2021 Bernardo, AlessioDella Valle, Emanuele
Chimera: A Bridge Between Big Data Analytics and Semantic Technologies 1-gen-2021 Falzone, EmanueleBionda, EneaValle, Emanuele Della +
IEBench: Benchmarking Streaming Learners on Imbalanced Evolving Data Streams 1-gen-2021 Bernardo, AlessioZiffer, GiacomoValle, Emanuele Della
Stream Reasoning: From Theory to Practice 1-gen-2020 E. FalzoneR. TommasiniE. Della Valle
The Kaiju project: enabling event-driven observability 1-gen-2020 Mario ScroccaRiccardo TommasiniAlessandro MargaraEmanuele Della Valle +
Incremental rebalancing learning on evolving data streams 1-gen-2020 Bernardo, Alessiodella Valle, Emanuele +
Fast incremental naïve bayes with kalman filtering 1-gen-2020 Ziffer, GiacomoBernardo, AlessioDella Valle, Emanuele +
C-SMOTE: Continuous Synthetic Minority Oversampling for Evolving Data Streams 1-gen-2020 Bernardo, AlessioValle, Emanuele Della +
Continuous analytics of web streams: Half-day tutorial at the web conference 2019 1-gen-2019 Tommasini R.Della Valle E. +
Models and Practices in Urban Data Science at Scale 1-gen-2019 Balduini, MarcoBrambilla, MarcoDella Valle, EmanueleMARAZZI, CHRISTIANRahdari, Behnam +
D 2 IA: Stream Analytics on User-Defined Event Intervals 1-gen-2019 AWAD, AHMED EBRAHIM ALYTommasini R.KAMEL, MOHAMED HESHAM MOHAMED KAMEL MOHAMEDDella Valle E. +
An Outlook to Declarative Languages for Big Steaming Data 1-gen-2019 Tommasini, RiccardoBalduini, MarcoValle, Emanuele Della +
C-Sprite: Efficient Hierarchical Reasoning for Rapid RDF Stream Processing 1-gen-2019 Tommasini, RiccardoValle, Emanuele Della +
L'inking you to a knowledge graph 1-gen-2018 Tommasini R.Della Valle E.
Industry Paper: Cost-Aware Streaming Data Analysis: Distributed vs Single-Thread 1-gen-2018 Marco BalduiniEmanuele Della Valle +
Vocals: Describing streams on the web 1-gen-2018 Tommasini R.Dell'Aglio D.Balduini M.Della Valle E. +
Streaming MASSIF: Cascading reasoning for efficient processing of IoT data streams 1-gen-2018 Tommasini R.Della Valle E. +
VoCaLS: Vocabulary and catalog of linked streams 1-gen-2018 Tommasini R.Dell'Aglio D.Balduini M.Della Valle E. +
On the semantics of tpf-qs towards publishing and querying rdf streams at web-scale 1-gen-2018 Tommasini R.Della Valle E. +
Engineering of web stream processing applications 1-gen-2018 Della Valle E.Tommasini R.Balduini M.
Stream Processing Languages in the Big Data Era 1-gen-2018 Della Valle, Emanuele +
Stream reasoning: A survey and outlook 1-gen-2017 Dell’Aglio, DanieleDella Valle, Emanuele +
SLD revolution: A cheaper, faster yet more accurate streaming linked data framework 1-gen-2017 Balduini, MarcoDella Valle, EmanueleTommasini, Riccardo
Stressless RSP Benchmarking With RSPLab 1-gen-2017 Andrea MauriRiccardo TommasiniEmanuele Della ValleMarco Brambilla
Extracting Emerging Knowledge from Social Media 1-gen-2017 Brambilla, MarcoCeri, StefanoDella Valle, EmanueleVolonterio, RiccardoACERO SALAZAR, FELIX JAVIER
Towards a Benchmark for Expressive Stream Reasoning 1-gen-2017 Riccardo TommasiniMarco BalduiniEmanuele Della Valle
RSPLab: RDF stream processing benchmarking made easy 1-gen-2017 Tommasini, RiccardoDella Valle, EmanueleMauri, AndreaBrambilla, Marco
SLD Revolution: A Cheaper, Faster yet More Accurate Streaming Linked Data Framework 1-gen-2017 Marco BalduiniEmanuele Della ValleRiccardo Tommasini
Using rank aggregation in continuously answering SPARQL queries on streaming and quasi-static linked data 1-gen-2017 Zahmatkesh, ShimaDella Valle, EmanueleDell Aglio, Daniele
Defining the execution semantics of stream processing engines 1-gen-2017 AFFETTI, LORENZOTOMMASINI, RICCARDOMARGARA, ALESSANDROCUGOLA, GIANPAOLODELLA VALLE, EMANUELE
Heaven: A framework for systematic comparative research approach for RSP engines 1-gen-2016 TOMMASINI, RICCARDODELLA VALLE, EMANUELEBALDUINI, MARCODELL'AGLIO, DANIELE
Triplewave: Spreading RDF streams on the web 1-gen-2016 Mauri, AndreaDell’Aglio, DanieleBalduini, MarcoBrambilla, MarcoDella Valle, Emanuele +
Tutorial: Taming velocity and variety simultaneously in big data with stream reasoning 1-gen-2016 DELLA VALLE, EMANUELEDELL'AGLIO, DANIELEMARGARA, ALESSANDRO
When a FILTER makes the difference in continuously answering SPARQL queries on streaming and quasi-static linked data 1-gen-2016 Zahmatkesh, ShimaDella Valle, EmanueleDell Aglio, Daniele
Applying Semantic Interoperability Principles to Data Stream Management 1-gen-2015 Daniele Dell'AglioMarco BalduiniEmanuele Della Valle
Towards a unified language for RDF stream query processing 1-gen-2015 DELL'AGLIO, DANIELEDELLA VALLE, EMANUELE +
Listening to and Visualising the Pulse of Our Cities Using Social Media and Call Data Records. 1-gen-2015 DELLA VALLE, EMANUELEBALDUINI, MARCO
FraPPE: A Vocabulary to Represent Heterogeneous Spatio-temporal Data to Support Visual Analytics 1-gen-2015 BALDUINI, MARCODELLA VALLE, EMANUELE
Approximate Continuous Query Answering over Streams and Dynamic Linked Data Sets 1-gen-2015 DELL'AGLIO, DANIELEDELLA VALLE, EMANUELE +
CitySensing: Fusing City Data for Visual Storytelling 1-gen-2015 BALDUINI, MARCODELLA VALLE, EMANUELEAZZI, MATTEOCIUCCARELLI, PAOLO +
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