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Development of engineering cost models for integrated design optimization of onshore and offshore wind farms 1-gen-2022 Yilmazlar, KutayCacciola, StefanoCroce, Alessandro +
Effectiveness of dynamic induction control strategies on the wake of a wind turbine 1-gen-2022 Montenegro Montero, MCacciola, SCroce, A +
Sensitivity analysis of a Ground-Gen Airborne Wind Energy System design 1-gen-2022 Trevisi, FilippoRiboldi, Carlo Emanuele DionigiCroce, Alessandro
Evaluation of the impact of active wake control techniques on ultimate loads for a 10 MW wind turbine 1-gen-2022 Croce, AlessandroCacciola, Stefano +
Engineering Cost Models for Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms: Towards the Integrated Design of Turbines and Farm Layout for Minimum LCoE 1-gen-2021 Croce, A.Sartori, L.Cacciola, S.Yilmazlar, K. +
Exploiting Vortex Roll-Up Mechanism to Promote Wake Recovery Through a Periodic and Asymmetric Collective Pitch Motion 1-gen-2021 Croce, A.Cacciola, S.Montenegro Montero, M. +
IEA Wind TCP Task 29, Phase IV: Detailed Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines 1-gen-2021 A. CroceS. Cacciola +
Flight Stability of Rigid Wing Airborne Wind Energy Systems 1-gen-2021 Trevisi, F.Croce, A.
Flight Stability of Rigid Wing Airborne Wind Energy Systems 1-gen-2021 Trevisi, FilippoCroce, AlessandroRiboldi, Carlo E. D.
Periodic dynamic induction control of wind farms: proving the potential in simulations and wind tunnel experiments 1-gen-2020 Cacciola, StefanoCampagnolo, FilippoCroce, AlessandroBottasso, Carlo +
A Research Framework for the Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization of Wind Turbines 1-gen-2020 Sartori, L.Cacciola, S.Croce, A.Riboldi, C. E. D.
Wind tunnel testing of a wind turbine in complex terrain 1-gen-2020 Yilmazlar, KutayZanotti, AlexCroce, Alessandro +
Blade Design with Passive Flow Control Technologies 1-gen-2020 Croce, Alessandro +
A Research Project for the Multidisciplinary Design, Optimization and Manufacturing of Wind Turbine Rotor 1-gen-2020 A. Croce
Wind turbine rotor design under wind farm control laws 1-gen-2020 Sartori, LCacciola, SCroce, A +
On the dynamic response of a pitch/torque controlled wind turbine in a pulsating dynamic wake 1-gen-2020 Cacciola, SSartori, LCroce, A +
Integration of multiple passive load mitigation technologies by automated design optimization—The case study of a medium-size onshore wind turbine 1-gen-2019 Bottasso, Carlo L.Croce, AlessandroSartori, Luca +
Wind tunnel measurements of single and multiple wakes for a wide range of inflow conditions and wind turbines yaw misalignment/power de-rating 1-gen-2019 P. SchitoS. CacciolaA. CroceA. Zasso +
An ongoing research activity on the effects of wind farm controls on the design of wind turbines 1-gen-2019 Cacciola, S.Croce, A.Sartori, L.
Effects of Wind Farm Controls on the Wind Turbine Design 1-gen-2019 Croce, A.Cacciola, S.Sartori, L.
Future emerging technologies in the wind power sector: A European perspective 1-gen-2019 Croce, AlessandroFagiano, Lorenzo +
Integration of airfoil design within a system-level optimization framework 1-gen-2019 Sartori, L.Sucameli, C. R.Croce, A. +
Ultimate and fatigue load mitigation by an inertial-driven passive flap, using a geometrically exact multibody formulation 1-gen-2018 Montinari, PierluigiGualdoni, FedericoCroce, AlessandroBottasso, Carlo L.
Final results from the EU project AVATAR: Aerodynamic modelling of 10 MW wind turbines 1-gen-2018 Croce, A. +
Design of a two-bladed 10 MW rotor with teetering hub 1-gen-2018 Sartori, LCroce, A +
Integrated design optimization of wind turbines with noise emission constraints 1-gen-2018 Sucameli, C. R.Croce, A.Bottasso, C. L. +
High-resolution periodic mode shapes identification for wind turbines 1-gen-2018 Cacciola, SCroce, A +
Stability analysis of wind turbines with bend-twist coupled blades 1-gen-2018 Riva, RSartori, LCacciola, SCroce, A +
Comparison of some wind turbine noise emission models coupled to BEM aerodynamics 1-gen-2018 SUCAMELI, CARLO ROSARIOCroce, ABottasso, CL +
Compressible Navier-Stokes analysis of floating wind turbine rotor aerodynamics 1-gen-2018 Croce, Alessandro +
Preliminary design and optimization of a 20MW reference wind turbine 1-gen-2018 Sartori, LCroce, ABottasso, CL +
The Science of Making Torque from Wind (TORQUE 2018) 1-gen-2018 Croce A.Cacciola S.Riboldi C. E. D.Sartori L.
Monitoring rotor aerodynamic and mass imbalances through a self-balancing control 1-gen-2018 Cacciola, S.Riboldi, C. E. D.Croce, A.
A New Decentralized Pitch Control Scheme for Wind Turbines 1-gen-2017 Cacciola, StefanoRiboldi, Carlo E. D.Croce, Alessandro
Stereo particle image velocimetry set up for measurements in the wake of scaled wind turbines 1-gen-2017 CAMPANARDI, GABRIELE GIUSEPPEGRASSI, DONATOZANOTTI, ALEXCAMPAGNOLO, FILIPPOCROCE, ALESSANDROBOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGI +
Lightweight Rotor Design of Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbines 1-gen-2017 Croce, A.Sartori, L.Bottasso, C. L. +
An Algorithmic Framework for the Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization of Wind Turbines 1-gen-2017 C. L. BottassoA. Croce +
Load Alleviation and Upscaling of the Innwind.eu and Avatar Rotors Using Automated Design Procedures 1-gen-2017 Croce, A.Sartori, L.Bottasso, C. L.
Basic Aeroelastic Stability Studies of Hingeless Rotor Blades in Hover Using Geometrically Exact Beam and Finite-State Inflow 1-gen-2017 CROCE, ALESSANDRORIBOLDI, CARLOTRAINELLI, LORENZO +
Numerical and Experimental Study of Wake Redirection Techniques in a Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel 1-gen-2017 CAMPAGNOLO, FILIPPOBOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGIZANOTTI, ALEXCROCE, ALESSANDRO +
Integrated aero-structural optimization of wind turbines 1-gen-2016 BOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICROCE, ALESSANDROGUALDONI, FEDERICO +
Wind tunnel testing of wake control strategies 1-gen-2016 CAMPAGNOLO, FILIPPOBOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICROCE, ALESSANDRO +
Demonstration of synchronised scanning Lidar measurements of 2D velocity fields in a boundary-layer wind tunnel 1-gen-2016 BOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICAMPAGNOLO, FILIPPOCROCE, ALESSANDROZASSO, ALBERTO +
Inertial and aerodynamic tuning of passive devices for load alleviation on wind turbines 1-gen-2016 CROCE, ALESSANDROGUALDONI, FEDERICOMONTINARI, PIERLUIGIRIBOLDI, CARLOBOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGI
Integration of prebend optimization in a holistic wind turbine design tool 1-gen-2016 SARTORI, LUCACROCE, ALESSANDROBOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGI +
Combined preliminary–detailed design of wind turbines 1-gen-2016 BOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICROCE, ALESSANDRO +
Stall-Induced Vibrations of the AVATAR Rotor Blade 1-gen-2016 CROCE, ALESSANDROSARTORI, LUCARIVA, RICCARDO +
Latest results from the EU project AVATAR: Aerodynamic modelling of 10 MW wind turbines 1-gen-2016 CROCE, ALESSANDRO +
Load mitigation for wind turbines by a passive aeroelastic device 1-gen-2016 BOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICROCE, ALESSANDROGUALDONI, FEDERICOMONTINARI, PIERLUIGI
Articulated blade tip devices for load alleviation on wind turbines 1-gen-2016 BOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGICROCE, ALESSANDROGUALDONI, FEDERICOMONTINARI, PIERLUIGIRIBOLDI, CARLO
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