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Characterization and modelling of FRP-reinforced masonry triplets 1-gen-2022 R. FedeleN. CefisC. TedeschiG. FavaM. Cucchi
Deformation induced coupling of the generalized external actions in third-gradient materials 1-gen-2022 Roberto Fedele
Advanced methods of computational mechanics and simulation oriented to civil and industrial engineering 1-gen-2022 R. FedeleN. CefisG. Milani
Numerical modelling in comsol multiphysics of a multispecies diffusion reaction problem for concrete elements 1-gen-2022 G. FarronatoN. CefisR. Fedele
A numerical study on a modified Arcan test for additive manufacturing 1-gen-2022 R. Fedele +
Approach à la Piola for the equilibrium problem of bodies with second gradient energies. Part II: Variational derivation of second gradient equations and their transport 1-gen-2022 Roberto Fedele
A Bayesian formulation for the optical monitoring of deformation process by digital image correlation 1-gen-2022 Roberto Fedele
Piola transformations in second-gradient continua 1-gen-2022 Roberto Fedele +
Second-gradient continua: From Lagrangian to Eulerian and back 1-gen-2022 Roberto Fedele +
Third gradient continua: nonstandard equilibrium equations and selection of work conjugate variables 1-gen-2022 Roberto Fedele
Permeable Asphalt Hydraulic Conductivity and Particulate Matter Separation With XRT 1-gen-2022 Mariana MarchioniRoberto FedeleAnita RaimondiJohn SansaloneGianfranco Becciu
Piola’s approach to the equilibrium problem for bodies with second gradient energies. Part I: First gradient theory and differential geometry 1-gen-2022 Fedele R.
Preface to the MiniSymposium: "Experimental and Computational Assessment of the Nonlinear Response of Heterogeneous Structures and Multiphase Systems, at Different Scales". ICCMSE 2020. 1-gen-2021 Roberto FedeleNicola CefisGabriele Milani
Analysis of a SiCf/SiC sample under in situ loading by synchrotron X-ray radiation 1-gen-2021 Fareeha HameedRoberto Fedele +
A novel implementation of surface tension and adhesion for smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) 1-gen-2021 Roberto Fedele
Assessment of advanced joint Hfb2/Nib/Hfb2 by nanoindentation 1-gen-2021 Roberto FedeleDario Gastaldi +
Analysis, Design and Realization of a Furnace for In Situ Wettability Experiments at High Temperatures under X-ray Microtomography 1-gen-2021 Fedele, R.Hameed, F.Cefis, N.Vergani, G.
A framework for computational fluid dynamic analyses of patient-specific stented coronary arteries from optical coherence tomography images 1-gen-2017 MIGLIORI, SUSANNACHIASTRA, CLAUDIOBOLOGNA, MARCOMONTIN, EROSDUBINI, GABRIELE ANGELOFEDELE, ROBERTOMAINARDI, LUCAMIGLIAVACCA, FRANCESCO +
Meccanismi di filtrazione in conglomerato bituminoso drenante 1-gen-2016 Mariana MarchioniJohn SansaloneRoberto FedeleGianfranco Becciu
A method for coronary bifurcation centerline reconstruction from angiographic images based on focalization optimization 1-gen-2016 MONTIN, EROSMIGLIORI, SUSANNACHIASTRA, CLAUDIOCREDI, CATERINAFEDELE, ROBERTOLEVI, MARINELLAMIGLIAVACCA, FRANCESCOMAINARDI, LUCA +
Fast and reliable non-linear heterogeneous FE approach for the analysis of FRP-reinforced masonry arches 1-gen-2016 BERTOLESI, ELISAMILANI, GABRIELEFEDELE, ROBERTO
Integrated experimental/computational approach of the nuclear pore complex 1-gen-2016 A. Garcia GonzalezM. TunesiR. FedeleE. JacchettiJ. F. Rodriguez MatasM. T. Raimondi +
Experimental/computational approach of the nuclear pore complex mechanics 1-gen-2016 TUNESI, MARTANAVA, MICHELEFEDELE, ROBERTOJACCHETTI, EMANUELARODRIGUEZ MATAS, JOSE FELIXRAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA +
Filtration Mechanisms on Porous Asphalt 1-gen-2016 Mariana MarchioniJohn SansaloneRoberto FedeleGianfranco Becciu
Computational prediction of strain-dependent diffusion of transcription factors through the cell nucleus 1-gen-2016 NAVA, MICHELEFEDELE, ROBERTORAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA
Numerical and experimental analysis of full scale arches reinforced with GFRP materials 1-gen-2015 FEDELE, ROBERTOMILANI, GABRIELE +
Non-linear heterogeneous FE approach for FRP strengthened masonry arches 1-gen-2015 BERTOLESI, ELISAMILANI, GABRIELEFEDELE, ROBERTO
Caratterizzazione di giunzioni metallo-ceramiche mediante correlazione digitale di immagini 1-gen-2015 FEDELE, ROBERTO +
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Masonry Structures 1-gen-2015 MILANI, GABRIELEFEDELE, ROBERTOROSATI, GIANPAOLO
Simultaneous Assessment of Mechanical Properties and Boundary Conditions Based on Digital Image Correlation 1-gen-2015 FEDELE, ROBERTO
Un modello accoppiato di trasporto passivo di fattori trascrizionali nella cellula eucariota 1-gen-2015 NAVA, MICHELERAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESAFEDELE, ROBERTO
A Finite Element non-linear heterogeneous approach for the analysis of Fibre Reinforced Polymer masonry arches 1-gen-2015 BERTOLESI, ELISAMILANI, GABRIELEFEDELE, ROBERTO
A strain-dependent diffusivity model to study the nuclear import of mechanobiological transcription factors 1-gen-2015 NAVA, MICHELEFEDELE, ROBERTORAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA
Assessment of curved FRP-reinforced masonry prisms: Experiments and modeling 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOMILANI, GABRIELE +
Characterization of innovative CFC/Cu joints by full-field measurements and finite elements 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOCIANI, ANTONIAGALANTUCCI, LUCA +
Preface of the "Symposium on advances in experiments and modelling of masonry elements" 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOMILANI, GABRIELEROSATI, GIANPAOLO
Assessment of historical masonry pillars reinforced by CFRP strips 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOROSATI, GIANPAOLOBIOLZI, LUIGICATTANEO, SARA
Experimental and numerical FE analyses of curved masonry prisms and arches reinforced with FRP materials 1-gen-2014 MILANI, GABRIELEFEDELE, ROBERTO +
Limit Analysis Assessment of Experimental Behavior of Arches Reinforced with GFRP Materials 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOMILANI, GABRIELE +
X-ray Microtomography under Loading and 3D-Volume Digital Image Correlation. A Review 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOCIANI, ANTONIA +
Delamination tests on CFRP-reinforced masonry pillars: Optical monitoring and mechanical modeling 1-gen-2014 FEDELE, ROBERTOSCAIONI, MARCOBARAZZETTI, LUIGIROSATI, GIANPAOLOBIOLZI, LUIGI
Global 2D digital image correlation for motion estimation in a finite element framework: a variational formulation and a regularized, pyramidal, multi-grid implementation 1-gen-2013 FEDELE, ROBERTOGALANTUCCI, LUCACIANI, ANTONIA
Experimental and theoretical issues in FRP-concrete bonding 1-gen-2013 BIOLZI, LUIGIGHITTONI, CESAREFEDELE, ROBERTOROSATI, GIANPAOLO
Motion estimation by X-ray tomography: a variational formulation for 3D-Volume DIC and a finite element implementation 1-gen-2013 FEDELE, ROBERTOGALANTUCCI, LUCACIANI, ANTONIA
A Regularized, Pyramidal Multi-grid Approach to Global 3D-Volume Digital Image Correlation Based on X-ray Micro-tomography 1-gen-2013 FEDELE, ROBERTOCIANI, ANTONIAGALANTUCCI, LUCAANDENA, LUCA +
Characterization and Modelling of the Mechanical and Acoustical Properties of a Pvc Rigid Foam 1-gen-2013 ANDENA, LUCABRIATICO VANGOSA, FRANCESCOBENANTI, MICHELEMOSCHINI, SIMONAMANZONI, STEFANOFEDELE, ROBERTO
Experimental and numerical insights into FRP-reinforced samples subjected to shear tests: curvature effects and optical monitoring. 1-gen-2013 FEDELE, ROBERTOMILANI, GABRIELE
A robust implementation for 2D Digital Image Correlation 1-gen-2013 GALANTUCCI, LUCACIANI, ANTONIAFEDELE, ROBERTO
Prova di micro-tomografia a raggi X di provini sotto carico analizzata mediante un algoritmo a Correlazione Digitale di Volume 1-gen-2013 CIANI, ANTONIAGALANTUCCI, LUCAFEDELE, ROBERTO
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