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SafeCREW: a holistic project to reduce NOM and DBPs in drinking water and minimize the human health risk under climate change scenarios 1-gen-2023 Beatrice CantoniLaura RivaCarola RomaniIlenia EpifaniFrancesco TrovoCarlo PuntaManuela Antonelli
Exploring the water–food nexus reveals the interlinkages with urban human conflicts in Central America 1-gen-2023 M. SardoI. EpifaniP. D'OdoricoN. GalliM. C. Rulli
Bayesian analysis of PM10 concentration by spatio-temporal ARIMA and STS models 1-gen-2023 M. FrigeriI. Epifani
How to face PFAS challenge in drinking water treatment plants: an holistic approach for plant upgrade and management 1-gen-2022 Cantoni B.Epifani I.Antonelli M. +
Meta-analysis approach to generalize chlorine decay first-order kinetic model along drinking water distribution networks 1-gen-2022 Pani G.Turolla A.Epifani I.Antonelli M. +
Datasets on Energy Simulations of Standard and Optimized Buildings under Current and Future Weather Conditions across Europe 1-gen-2022 Epifani, I +
How will future climate impact the design and performance of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs)? 1-gen-2022 Epifani I. +
Socio-hydrological features of armed conflicts in the Lake Chad Basin 1-gen-2022 N. GalliI. EpifaniD. D. ChiarelliM. C. Rulli +
Esercizi di probabilità per l'ingegneria, le scienze e l'economia 1-gen-2021 Epifani, IleniaLadelli, Lucia
Characterization of the competing role of surface-contact and shear stress on platelet activation in the setting of blood contacting devices 1-gen-2021 Bozzi S.Mencarini T.Vercellino F.Epifani I.Consolo F.Slepian M. J.Redaelli A. +
A statistical assessment of micropollutants occurrence, time trend, fate and human health risk using left-censored water quality data 1-gen-2020 Cantoni B.Delli Compagni R.Turolla A.Epifani I.Antonelli M.
Population distribution over time: modelling local spatial dependence with a CAR process 1-gen-2020 Epifani, Ilenia +
A Novel Multiparametric Score for the Detection and Grading of Prosthetic Mitral Valve Obstruction in Cases With Different Disc Motion Abnormalities 1-gen-2019 Meskin M.Dimasi A.Votta E.Jaworek M.Zappa E.Epifani I.Redaelli A. +
The importance of historical linkages in shaping population density across space 1-gen-2018 I. Epifani +
Esercizi di statistica per l'ingegneria, le scienze e l'economia 1-gen-2017 EPIFANI, ILENIALADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
Modelling Population Density Over Time: How Spatial Distance Matters 1-gen-2017 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Cox Markov models for estimating single cell growth 1-gen-2017 Federico BassettiIlenia EpifaniLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA
BankSealer: A decision support system for online banking fraud analysis and investigation 1-gen-2015 CARMINATI, MICHELEMAGGI, FEDERICOEPIFANI, ILENIAZANERO, STEFANO +
BankSealer: An Online Banking Fraud Analysis and Decision Support System 1-gen-2014 CARMINATI, MICHELEMAGGI, FEDERICOEPIFANI, ILENIAZANERO, STEFANO +
Bayesian estimation for a parametric Markov renewal model applied to seismic data. 1-gen-2014 EPIFANI, ILENIALADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
On the population density distribution across space: a probabilistic approach. 1-gen-2013 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Nonparametric priors for vectors of survival functions 1-gen-2010 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Change-point detection for black-box services 1-gen-2010 EPIFANI, ILENIAGHEZZI, CARLOTAMBURRELLI, GIORDANO
Esercizi di Statistica (2L) cod. 072900 Per gli allievi ING INF e TEL Anno accademico 2008-20091 1-gen-2009 EPIFANI, ILENIA
Moment-based approximations for the law of functionals of Dirichlet processes 1-gen-2009 EPIFANI, ILENIAGUGLIELMI, ALESSANDRA +
Esercizi di Calcolo delle Probabilità cod. 061195 Per gli allievi ING AUT, ELN, INF e TEL Anno accademico 2008-2009 1-gen-2008 EPIFANI, ILENIA
Case-deletion importance sampling estimators: central limit theorems and related results 1-gen-2008 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
A stochastic equation for the law of the random Dirichlet variance 1-gen-2006 EPIFANI, ILENIAGUGLIELMI, ALESSANDRA +
Appunti per il corso di Calcolo delle Probabilita' 1-gen-2005 EPIFANI, ILENIALADELLI, LUCIA MARIAPOSTA, GUSTAVO
Bayesian Nonparametrics 1-gen-2004 EPIFANI, ILENIA
A Note on the Simulation of Levy Processes with a View towards Applications 1-gen-2003 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Exponential functionals and means of neutral to the right priors 1-gen-2003 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Means of nonparametric priors based on Increasing Additive Processes 1-gen-2002 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Means of nonparametric priors based on Increasing Additive Processes 1-gen-2002 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
A characterization for mixtures of semi-markov processes 1-gen-2002 EPIFANI, ILENIALADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
A finitely additive version of the law of the iterated logarithm 1-gen-2000 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
Some considerations on a version of the law of the iterated logarithm due to F. P. Cantelli 1-gen-1997 EPIFANI, ILENIA +
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