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Characterization of hv-Convex Sequences 1-gen-2022 Dulio P. +
Generalization of Heron’s and Brahmagupta’s equalities to any cyclic polygon 1-gen-2021 Dulio P.Laeng E.
Further steps on the reconstruction of convex polyominoes from orthogonal projections 1-gen-2021 Dulio P. +
On Some Geometric Aspects of the Class of hv-Convex Switching Components 1-gen-2021 Dulio P.Frosini A.
A Graphlet-Based Topological Characterization of the Resting-State Network in Healthy People 1-gen-2021 Finotelli, PPiccardi, CMiglio, EDulio, P
Preface 1-gen-2020 Dulio, Paolo +
On some geometric aspects of the class of hv-convex switching components. 1-gen-2020 Dulio, PaoloFrosini, Andrea
Ambiguous reconstructions of hv-convex polyominoes 1-gen-2020 Dulio, Paolo +
Uniqueness Results for Grey Scale Digital Images 1-gen-2020 Dulio, Paolo +
New Graph-Theoretical-Multimodal Approach Using Temporal and Structural Correlations Reveals Disruption in the Thalamo-Cortical Network in Patients with Schizophrenia 1-gen-2019 FINOTELLI, PAOLOPini A.Dulio P. +
A rounding theorem for unique binary tomographic reconstruction 1-gen-2019 Dulio P. +
A "right" path to cyclic polygons 1-gen-2019 Paolo DulioEnrico Laeng
Comparison between a pure functional connectivity and a mixed functional-topological model in functional connectivity. An application on parahippocampal gyrus-anterior division data 1-gen-2019 Finotelli P.Dulio P. +
Graph Model Simulation of Human Brain's Functional Activity at Resting State by Means of the FD Model 1-gen-2018 Dulio, PaoloFinotelli, Paolo +
Exploring resting-state functional connectivity invariants across the lifespan in healthy people by means of a recently proposed graph theoretical model 1-gen-2018 Finotelli, PaoloBaselli, GiuseppeDulio, Paolo +
Computational Aspects of Tomographic and Neuroscientific Problems 1-gen-2018 Dulio, Paolo +
An overview of Tomography and Applications: Preface 1-gen-2017 DULIO, PAOLO +
Ambiguity Results in the Characterization of hv-convex Polyominoes from Projections 1-gen-2017 DULIO, PAOLO +
First steps in the algorithmic reconstruction of digital convex sets 1-gen-2017 DULIO, PAOLO +
Regions of Uniqueness Quickly Reconstructed by Three Directions in Discrete Tomography 1-gen-2017 DULIO, PAOLOPAGANI, SILVIA MARIA CARLA +
Exploring Resting-State Functional Connectivity Invariants Across the Life Span Using a Novel Graph Model 1-gen-2016 DIPASQUALE, OTTAVIAFINOTELLI, PAOLOCOSTANTINI, ISABASELLI, GIUSEPPEDULIO, PAOLOCERCIGNANI, MARA +
Stability results for sets of uniqueness in binary tomography 1-gen-2016 DULIO, PAOLOPAGANI, SILVIA MARIA CARLA
Reconstruction of convex polyominoes with a blocking component 1-gen-2016 DULIO, PAOLOPAGANI, SILVIA MARIA CARLA +
A Statistical Proposal for Selecting a Data-depending Threshold in Neurobiology 1-gen-2016 FINOTELLI, PAOLODULIO, PAOLO +
On bounded additivity in discrete tomography 1-gen-2016 DULIO, PAOLO +
Characterizing the Dual Mixed Volume via Additive Functionals 1-gen-2016 DULIO, PAOLO +
Tomography and applications-Preface 1-gen-2016 DULIO, PAOLO +
Ghosts in Discrete Tomography 1-gen-2015 DULIO, PAOLO +
Graph Theoretical Analysis of the Brain. An Overview. 1-gen-2015 FINOTELLI, PAOLODULIO, PAOLO
Extension to fat X-rays of uniqueness results for the grid model in discrete tomography 1-gen-2015 DULIO, PAOLOPAGANI, SILVIA MARIA CARLA +
Discrete Tomography determination of bounded sets in ℤn 1-gen-2015 DULIO, PAOLO +
A Mathematical Model for Evaluating the Functional Connectivity Strongness in Healthy People 1-gen-2015 FINOTELLI, PAOLODULIO, PAOLO
A geometrical characterization of regions of uniqueness and applications to discrete tomography 1-gen-2015 DULIO, PAOLOPAGANI, SILVIA MARIA CARLA +
Preface 1-gen-2015 DULIO, PAOLO +
Preface 1-gen-2014 DULIO, PAOLO +
Uniqueness regions under sets of generic projections in discrete tomography 1-gen-2014 DULIO, PAOLOPAGANI, SILVIA MARIA CARLA +
Non-additive Bounded Sets of Uniqueness in $Z^n$ 1-gen-2014 DULIO, PAOLO +
Explicit determination of bounded non-additive sets of uniqueness for four X-rays 1-gen-2014 DULIO, PAOLO +
Discrete tomography determination of bounded lattice sets from four X-rays 1-gen-2013 DULIO, PAOLO +
Strategies for Tomography-Preface 1-gen-2013 DULIO, PAOLO +
Iterated Joining of Rooted Trees 1-gen-2013 DULIO, PAOLO +
Discrete tomography for inscribable lattice sets 1-gen-2013 DULIO, PAOLO +
On the non-additive sets of uniqueness in a finite grid 1-gen-2013 DULIO, PAOLO +
Discrete Tomography and Plane Partitions 1-gen-2013 DULIO, PAOLO +
Characterization of -1,0,+1 valued functions in discrete tomography under sets of four directions 1-gen-2011 DULIO, PAOLO +
Preface [TAIR 2009] 1-gen-2009 DULIO, PAOLO +
Sharp affine stability estimates for Hammer's problem 1-gen-2008 DULIO, PAOLO +
Joining caterpillars and stability of the tree center 1-gen-2008 DULIO, PAOLO +
Convex decomposition of U-polygons 1-gen-2008 DULIO, PAOLO
On the geometric structure of lattice U-polygons 1-gen-2007 DULIO, PAOLO +
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